Do you think non-MTG oriented cards made on this site should be prohibited? |POLL|

In order to clarify, I mean cards like this, that don't even have anything to do with MTG but yet they keep popping up, in order to vote type either YES or NO, only type your answer once, after that if you change your mind PM me, but if you want to also put a reason why put it in this format:

Answer: (YES/NO)
Why you think that way: (GIVE REASON HERE)


  • That example is for a D&D spell, and I've seen ones like it. So I vote YES because D&D spells can be very hard to memorize IRL and buying first- or third-party spell decks is really expensive. So if we had something on the site just dedicated to non-MTG cards then it would be fine.
  • Answer:

    1) They are harmless
    2) They might be MtG cards that work within the rules of a custom set.
  • Answer: NO

    Reason: While most purists would love to see just Magic cards, and the elitist among those would love to see only perfect Magic cards... we have a variety of people at different levels of card making skill who get to interact and create together, plus we get folks making variants (cube, commander, custom, introductory, monarch, etc...) including school projects, D&D inspired, mystery cards and just plain straight up random cards. These people range in age from 6th and 7th grade on up to folks in their 30's, 40's and up. That alone makes Cardsmith incredibly diverse and one of the best places to go to make cards, and I wouldn't want to change that. Cardsmith is about being inclusive rather than being exclusive
  • Answer: No

    Reason: Why do you care? The site is a tool to design things using a MTG card template. That doesn't mean you can only use it for a specific reason. Even if people somehow wanted this, it would require a ton of manual moderation.

    Genuinely, this isn't very well thought out.
  • @strongbelieves I made this as a poll to see what OTHER people think, so there is no reason for you to attack me
  • @EnvyReaper, I am sometimes annoyed by cards like that, but I do think that it needs to be said that it was a bad idea to make this poll. You now look like the intolerant guy who is too impatient.

    No, they shouldn't be banned. I don't want to reiterate everyone else's points so here is it from a slightly different angle:
    It would be stupid to make policy from a logistics perspective. Some of the people that make cards like that get premium memberships. They aren't hurting anyone and they fund the site. Then there is the matter of upholding such a policy. There are too many cards like that to be easily dealt with. Corwinnn would either be driven to the bone with reported cards that are just not MTG relevant or there'd be new moderators. Having too many with moderator privileges is dangerous because there are far too many people who could ruin something on accident or on purpose.
  • NO
    I read other people's posts, and I am convinced that a ban is unnecessary.
    I do think it might be good to label all discussions related to non-MTG cards so our purists can avoid them. I don't really know though.
  • @EnvyReaper
    It's normal to dislike the Non MTG cards, because we're all about trying to make better MTG Cards, but on the whole, we don't know what brings people to the site, and the site is meant to be a safe place for everyone, so for that reason we'll never banish people for making non-mtg cards.

    I think @strongbelieves wasn't attacking you directly, he was merely expressing his opinion on the topic you put forth. We may need to work on @Ranshi922's approach though...


    We love discussions, and we don't mind heated discussions, just as long as people remember to attack the ideas and not the person, should they disagree with that opinion.
  • @Corwinnn, what do you mean? What approach needs work?
  • I say welcome them all! Its nice to see different cards out of the norm from time to time, while most of the time we work to make (awesome) dreamed up magic cards, you have to admit, derp cards are fun. For the nonderp, nonmagic cards, they are a learning experience for some, like I know I don't know every other game out there or reference these cards tend to cover, but that don't make them bad or a nuisance. If you don't like the cards, just don't look at them. :)
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    I feel that we might end up with a "Pureblood" (Wanters of only MTG cards) vs "Mixedblooded" (People okay with everything) debate. Lol, this is a joke, I just like a good old debate/
  • Answer: YES.

    Reason: I mean NO.
  • Well, after this poll has been conducted, the public resounding opinion is NO, alright @Corwinnn you can close this now
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