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    Lol imagine if we made a Warforged planeswalker.....

    Hold on
  • boys I think we have something going for Urbos
  • @EnvyReaper Is Urbos literally going to be a faction of the Warforged?
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    No, Urbos is just a technologically advanced nation that likes construct soldiers, but I still think the concept of warforged isn't too far off.

    Basically, if you don't know how warforged work in DnD they are basically constructs made to be soldiers, yet they can still feel pain, the thing is though for Urbos is that they have perfected making smart construct soldiers without them having the pain sense, so these warforged-like creatures were cast aside, this was the only one made that didn't go mentally insane though
  • At least that is the backstory I can come up with /\
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    @EnvyReaper So constructs and then one single card for the warforged that I plan to stay the heck away from making. Is it going to be a prominent character in any real way or is it just something that happens to exist? In other words, should I make any serious number of cards referring to it?
  • A thing that exists for now but will be used later
  • @MemoryHead do you think that is a good backstory or should we come up with something else
  • @the16thsquidcorp
    Alright, now that you are registered on the forums what group do you want to be in?
  • @EnvyReaper At current, it's as good as anything else. I'd say that we should refine it once we've got some of the main, overarching story going and have actually invented the super-basis of some more factions.
  • @MemoryHead we should come up with a name for this bucket o' bolts though
  • @EnvyReaper Yeah. Will we be using the traditional DnD method of calling it something like "Basher" or "Painter" or something like that or will we just give it a name that sounds warforged-y?
  • @EnvyReaper
    what do you mean by groups?
  • look on the forums, the groups are Card Creator, Mechanic Creator, Story Creator, Art Creator, which one do you want to be?
  • I am now using War Anvil for this, here is the description

    A story set in the MTG universe, Dumaran is a budding world filled with 25 nations, each representing a specific color combination, all the way up to tri-colors.

    Once, many millenia ago, the goddess of the Sun, Kraya, created the dragons to purge out the unholy, needless to say the dragons were too unstable, so Kraya created six divine artifacts to bestow to mortals she deemed worthy to fight the dragon threat, humanity prevailed, and the dragons retreated, never to be seen again.

    (This is the current block that is happening, there will be many more...)

    Until recently, the Lordship of Feld, a nation born off of the belief of nature's dominance, has decided to have married Lothar of Feld and Sarencia, the Maiden of Corrizan, a cult that worships the dragons that disappeared long ago, but Sarencia denounced the wedding while in the presence of a Great Elder tree, which is considered a cardinal sin, this sets off a chain reaction involving Feld's already angered neighbors.
  • Now if only I could be able to attract people to this thread...

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    If you look up you will see the recent story for this block
  • @EnvyReaper I'll check it out.
  • so we basically making the chronicles of nchuleft now?

  • @MemoryHead could you possibly try to attract people to this thread

    @HeroKP can you do the same?
  • @EnvyReaper

    Sure, who wouldn't want to make an MTG version of the Chronicles of Nchuleft?
  • @HeroKP This is not the Chronicles of Nchuleft this is the same whole block that we have been going on about for the past n pages, I just went and provided a feasible backstory lloll
  • @EnvyReaper I can try to get people on board, but being told "We're making a cube with 1500 cards" is a pretty worrying thing to hear.
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    kch, ugh, yeah you can tell them that
  • @EnvyReaper

    I read all the backstory, I'm just messing around
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    Alright, so I would like to help, and I am willing to make ideas for whatever you need. Would it be okay if I joined for real?
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    (I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself and created a creature that tries to take advantage of devotion/fealty)


    Forgot to add this in the text: (You have fealty to this color combination for as long as the most amount of permanents you control are exactly green, white, and blue.)

    (Yes, I know it's not exact. I hope that's okay with you)
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    I'm not sure if "exactly" refers to only the permanents that are all three colors, or if it refers to any permanent that has green, white, and/or blue colors of any combination.
  • @EnvyReaper As @MonkeyPirate2002 just asked, a rule clarification on how fealty works would be nice.

    For the sake of looking like I'm doing something, here are some more random concepts that probably have glaring balance issues. I'm posting them in text because there are a decent number of them and imaging them all would be a visual pain.

    Bosk, Treespeaker Adept:
    Kraya's Shelter:
    Willowseer's Wisdom: (I'm not totally sure what faction this would be for.)
    Cythia Blackbreath:
    Corizian Calling:
    Leeching Latchvines: (Made for the Dryad Colonies.)
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