Tome of TheMechanix: Questions and discussions

So I finally made this!
Tome of TheMechanix:
I organized mechanics from Mechanics Encyclopedia For All. You can see them in this order: Authors(alphabetical)- Mechanics(Static, triggered, activated, action, ability word, other.)

But there are some mechanics that I decided not to include in there (for these reasons: Too complex, too narrow, OP, flavor fail, only downside, "What's the concept of this?".)
I also found many mistakes and/or rooms for improvement, so I sometimes changed wordings and functions. I tried not to change the original concept so drastically, but I might have misunderstood what you want to do. Or I might have made mistakes too.

So if your mechanic is missing from Tome of TheMechanix, or don't like the way your mechanics were modified, please comment on this thread or send me PM.



  • If someone puts new mechanix in, do they get added to the Tome?
  • @KorandAngels
    Yes, but I don't know how soon.
  • Fantastic work @Tomigon
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    Oh this is pretty neat. I haven't come up with many, nor probably very balanced mechanics, but maybe one day ill make something worthy of it lmao. Also i love this, makes it a lot easier to find cool new things to use without scouring through pages of the other discussion.
  • I will bump this.
  • Does this still work with the new method of editing comments?
  • @KorandAngels
    Yes it does. Sorry for the delay!

    Do you have any mechanics you want me to take a look?

  • Not right now.
  • @Tomigon, quick question for the far future:

    Are we doing another mechanic themed month, sometime soon? If so, I imagine with the influx of users and ideas, there'd be yet more for me to tackle, should I try the same stupid project. I'd like to get a jump on it if I can be expected to do something idiotic again.
  • @Ranshi I reckon that not every user has actually made a custom mechanic (X?). Also, While I'm @-ing you, My reply to your comment on my card The Thought Spore is that its frame is gold because the site doesn't have purple.
  • @Ranshi
    Currently that's not on our idea book, but I'll add it.
    If you can't wait to make cards with custom mechanics again, maybe you can start a thread where people can post those cards. I think it's going to be a popular thread because many people will be @-ed.

  • Can you add my mechanics, there on the new side of the posts
  • Sorry everyone. I know I'm super late. I haven't been updating the tome for months. 
    There are some very interesting and cool mechanics I want to add to the tome, but I'll be honest, most of the mechanics in the encyclopedia, are not so good. I need to edit them for many reasons, and there are some that I can't even decipher. And those mechanics always exhausts my spirit.

    So I made this checker that might help you make good mechanics. Answer to these questions and add up points you got. 6 or more points, go for it! 0 or less, there might be some room for improvement.

    Q1: Can you use that mechanic on at least two different colors, without breaking the color pie? (Yes: +1 / No: -1)
    NOTE: Repeatability is important for mechanics. WotC doesn't make a mechanic for only one color.

    Q2: What card type(or subtype) that mechanic is for? (Any permanent: +1 / Creature: +1 / Instant and sorcery: +1 / Enchantment: 0 / Artifact: 0 / Narrower than those: -1)
    Note: This is also something to do with repeatability.

    Q3: How many lines of text does it have?
    (Three or less: +1 / Four: 0 / Five or more: -1)

    Q4: Can you make a balanced uncommon card with that mechanic?
    (Yes: +1 / No: 0)
    Example for "No": Experience counters

    Q5: Can other people get the flavor behind the mechanic?  (Yes: +1 / I dunno: 0 / No: -1)

    Q6: Does that mechanic have upside? (Yes: +1 / No: 0)
    Examples for "No": Fading, echo, cumulative upkeep

    Q7: Does it work itself, without any help of other minor mechanics or types?
    (Yes: 0 / No: -1)
    Example for "No": Splice onto Arcane

    Q8: Is that mechanic a weaker version of existing mechanic? (Yes: 0 / No: +1)

    Q9: Would the name fit and make sense in any sets?
    (Yes: +1 / No: 0)
    NOTE: Bushido, Ninjutsu are only used in Kamigawa related sets, because they are named like that.

    Q10: Are there any ways to abuse that mechanic?
    (Yes: -1 / No: 0) 
    Example for "Yes": Storm

    Q11: Do you enjoy making cards with that mechanic? (Yes: +1 / No: 0) 

    Q12: Does that mechanic really work? (Yes: +0 / No: -10)
    NOTE: If you are unsure about this, don't be afraid to ask for feedback, you can use this thread, or custom mechanic discussion channel on CS Discord:

    *Remember that this was made based on my own perspective and validation.

  • On the topic of rules(I think), could you perhaps make some sort of guide/step/crud/system thingy for coming up with new keywords @Tomigon?
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    Q13: Does the name of my Mechanic make sense for what it does? (Yes: +1 / No: -100)
    NOTE: If you are unsure about this, don't be afraid to ask for feedback, you can use this thread, or custom mechanic discussion channel on CS Discord:
  • Whoah, umm.... @Corwinnn, does this mean as long as my keyword has a good name and one other point, even if it doesn't work, I'm good?
  • It's an addendum to the previous 12... and I just saw the typo!
  • @Corwinnn, we can't use your rule, it's number 13.
  • Sure we can. It's not like we're in a Hotel... and Hotels still have rooms with the number 13, just no 13th floor.

    You're not Triskadekaphobic are you?
  • edited May 2020
    No, just afraid of this unset card in black border:

  • Oooooo
    So exciting! I got goosies!
  • Speaking of exp counters @Tomigon, that would be an interesting idea for some sort of thing...
  • The artist did well on that card...
  • @LordTachanka123
    "Experience counters" is a real mechanic. It was only printed on mythic rare cards of commander sets.

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