Face Your Fears - Challenge

I've been having terrible nightmares recently. Put that together with me wanting to create a challenge real badly and voila! Welcome fellow cardsmiths...

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Art by: nocturne on Deviantart

The Challenge
Create a card that disclosures one of your biggest fears.

In order:
Creativity, flavour, art, balance and spelling.

- No old cards. Any cards created prior to 19 April are considered old.
- Up to 6 cards per user.
- No joke cards.
- Due date: May 12th.
- Cards can be of any type.
- Fears can be as abstract as you want, I won't evaluate the fear itself. Don't be afraid of opening up.

For participating: 1 favorite of your choice. Make sure you specify the card you want me to favorite on your comment or on a PM.

1st Place: 5 favorites and a follow (unless already following).
2nd Place: 4 favorites.
3rd Place: 3 favorites.

Have fun! Make sure to comment if you have any doubts :)



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