Something Foul



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    @korandangles @derain2

    Both of you are at the constabulary at the moment. Would you like to join up?
  • Sagaz would like an ally, even if he doesn't completely trust him.
  • @korandangels You are both men of faith. You can at least agree on that!
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    Sounds good to me. Just got called away from my computer, but I'll post later tonight.
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    The entrance to the Lord Sheriffs office was guarded, and Mestro needed a way in fast. Fortunately fate provided in the form of Mestro Sagaz who was approaching the entrance as well. Mestro knew him by reputation if by nothing else. Smart, hard working, supposedly incorruptible. He was no ones patsy to be sure, but perhaps he was smart enough to recognize a good play when he saw one. Mestro scrambled forward as the guard barred Sagazs way.

    "Please forgive him, my master." Mestro offered Sagaz a deep bow. "His failure is my own." Mestro threw the constable a look that said This is the most terrifying man I know. If you want to weather this catastrophe please follow my lead. "This is Sagaz, representative of Serra herself. Behold the Holy Seal." Mestro produced one of his masterpieces he kept on himself for such occasions. It was suitably gaudy and impressive, if not directly related to Serra worship in any way. "The church has heard rumors of trouble in Festrin. We are here to investigate. The Lord Sheriff will want to make a good impression."

    All the while Mestro stained his ears to hear any conversation between the Sheriff and the tax collector, and prayed Sagaz would play along.

  • (Sorry for the crap artwork)

    I go searching the privy!
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    Probably too much to hope for, but is there still a place open in this? I can't guarantee that I'll join up if there is, but there's a pretty good chance.
  • @memoryhead We are near chapter II. If you would like to join, we will work you in there.
  • @Derain2 I will give @korandangels a moment to add to the scene before updating.
  • @bowler218 Crap artwork is very appropriate. ^_^


    The elf closes the priv to inspect it with some privacy. Upon closer inspection, the priv seems to have some kind of hidden mechanism -- a trap door that allows the waste to pass down one pipe and a person to slide down another separate chute! (2 XP)
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    @pstmdrn So should I wait until then to do anything or make something straight away?
  • Upon discovering the hidden door, Lakin looks behind him to see if the tax collector saw it too. But the man was too busy counting the silver ingots stacked in a corner to mind anything. Magic was not Lakin's forte, but he didn't need to be an expert to see that the poor devil was under some charm. He jumped on the opportunity to inspect the door freely, in search of an opening mechanism, prying with his tools.
  • @memoryhead Start thinking of a concept, I will give you some details in PM.
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    Sagaz is both startled and frustrated by Mestro's exaggeration.
    "I am no representative, merely a priest." he says, somewhat embarrassed.
    Sagaz prepares to cast his charm. The officer walks away and grabs the speaking tube
    "We have a friend in the church who needs help."
    Sagaz starts to leave the room/
    "Sometimes, the honest version can be easier."
    (Sorry @Derain2.)
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    (No reason to apologize.)

    Mestro shrugged. "And what is a priest if not the representative of their god? And this," Mestro flourished the masterpiece before returning it to his cloak, "Is a holy seal, just of my church, not yours. Mestro, is my name, and it is pleasure to meet your acquaintance."

    As he talked Mestro casually leaned against the door and continued straining to hear whatever the tax collector and sheriff were discussing.
  • I pull out a knife, plug my nose, and go down the pipe.
  • @derain2 @Bowler218 @korandangels @asubtleghost

    Would you all prefer a more structured (crunchy) leveling system or something more freeform?

    Updates to come.
  • I'm happy with either.
  • Theyul

    The chute takes you rapidly underground, the smell getting worse as you go. You eventually exit, falling onto the floor of a filthy cell. It is empty, save for a pool of something foul.


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    Mestro & Sagaz @derain2 @korandangels

    The Sheriff and Tax collector share a few brief words before the Sheriff ushers him into his office. Mestro hears the words "plan" and "imp" very distinctly. The Sheriff then steps out to speak to the priests, "Good day. What do I owe the pleasure of holy visitors this day?"

  • Lakin

    You fiddle with the door as the tax collector is preoccupied with a book of old accounts. You get the latch to click softly, but just as you are about to open it, you catch a brief pulse of magic illuminate a magical symbol on the door and you feel an almost shocking tingle. Opening it without taking care of it will probably be painful.


  • I look at the pool.
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    Mestro decided to leave the opening impressions to his new acquaintance and instead focused on another means of investigation.

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    "Hello, sir. I am Sagaz the acolyte of her supremacy Serra." Sagaz is honest, ststing only the exact truth. "This is Mestro, preist of the deity of politics."
    Sagaz has prepared a gift for the sheriff.
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    As for the level style, I would prefer the free-form approach.
  • @pstmdrn Change of plan, I've got a lot of exams over the next few weeks so I won't be able to join for the time being.
  • @memoryhead no worries! Maybe we'll see you in the next adventure.
  • Theyul @bowler218

    When you approach the pool, it rises up menacingly, ready to strike out hungrily. Filthy slime swirls and on its surface. The stench of it is almost overpowering.

  • Sagaz & Mestro @derain2 @korandangels

    The sheriff lifts his brows when handed the gift. He smiles, "Gifts from the church are not offered lightly. I assume the faithful need a little something extra? Well, that's what I am here for, to keep the city moving smoothly." While he chats up Sagaz, Mestro does a little arcane investigation. The sheriff stings of infernal magics, identical to what you sniffed on the tax collector.

  • I’d like to to join next chapter if that’s possible
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