Something Foul



  • @Derain2 can Mestro tell Sagaz about the brand?
  • I am sure he will when sheriff is out of earshot or maybe he’ll use some kind of mental speech spell. He is blue!
  • @monkeypirate2002 Sure. We are also at a great spot to join now in Bowler218’s thread if you want to join sooner.
  • Can you give me the link
  • @monkeypirate2002 it’s Not a separate post entirely, I just meant his storyline. Scroll up and read all of Theyul’s quest (Bowler218). I will give you some additional info via pm.
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    Mestro waved his hand subtly, and crafted an illusion behind the sheriff, spelling out the words, "This man is not in control of his actions. I suspect devilry."

  • Sagaz knows about the brand now. He is going to try to identify where it came from and what type of devil made it.

    (sorry I couldn't find good art)
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    Sagaz and Mestro @korandangels @derain2

    Sagaz examines the nature of the infernal magic, surmising that it is a very weak charm, probably cast by a lesser devil, or even an imp. It has a particularly foul stench for magic, but what doesn't in recent days? The Sheriff has a bit of a glassy look in his eyes, waiting there for your answer.
  • I back off.
  • Theyul @bowler218

    You back away from the ooze, but it is already roused... and hungry. It pursues you slowly as you move away.
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    Drekal is a novice mage aspiring to be a master wizard of entropy. For now, he causes as much entropy as conceivably possible, making sure not to get caught during his schemes.

  • Theyul & Drekal @bowler218 @MonkeyPirate2002

    The ooze lunges forward with a squishing sound, but the elf is prepared for it. He dashes aside, revealing a drain in the floor. The ooze cannot stop its momentum and flows down into the depths (2 xp). You are now alone in the cell. Through the bars, you can see another cell across the way, it seems to be occupied as well.
  • @bowler218 I move towards the bars and call out to the elf who just narrowly escaped a slimy death. “Oi, wha’ got you int’ this dump?”
  • As I hear the voice, I turn and sheath my knife. "Just a fight with a guard and a tunnel in a priv."
  • “Heh, ah got in here ‘cause I blew up a few stalls, nothin’ major. Ah would’ve gotten away, but them guards were faster ‘an any man could possibly achieve. An’ their eyes were weird too, all glossed over or somethin’. However, a good wizard is always prepared.”
  • "Well that'd be some kind of bad magic on the guards. You said you blew up a few stalls? Ya mind blowing up these bars as well?"
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    "No problem"

    I destroy the bars of the cell I was in and the cell Theyul was in.

  • Drekal, that spell is a little out of your ability level. You are limited to spells of your CMC, unless you have an item.
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    The spell fizzles, and I get befuddled. "That should've worked..." I mutter to myself. "Let me try something else." I say to Theyul.
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    "Aight, this should work."


    I invoke entropic powers once again to blast the dungeon doors, however this time I lessen the power in hopes of the spell not fizzling again.
  • "Thanks. Now let's find a way out of here"
  • “Let’s go search for a door. Ya can’t be thrown into the dungeon if there’s no way to get in the first place!”
  • Mestro noted the vacant gaze of his hopeful ally and decided to step in. "Thank you for receiving us on such short notice. Our parishioners have been expressing... Increased concern over the welfare of our fine city. I've offered assurances that these new policies are in everyone's best interest but... It might be best for everyone if we knew how these new levies are being spent."
  • "True! There's probably one around here somewhere."
  • Mestro & Sagaz @Derain2 @korandangels

    The sheriff scoffs, "I assure you that the majority of the proceeds are going to a state of the art sewage system, minus a few fees and coin for palms that need greasing. You know how it is. I can show you the plans."
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    Theyul & Drekal @bowler218 @MonkeyPirate2002

    Drekal's spell easily blows open the doors, leaving little but molten metal smoldering wood. The hallway is long, lined with other cells on both sides. You can see a door at the far end. (2 XP each)
  • How much experience is needed to level up?
  • From Level 1 ---> 2 is 10 XP.
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