• Chances are they cant stand the site now
    They wasn't ready for new smiths like you or I
    Another way to look at their text
    Is it's annoying and there for a good laugh

    When all these clues are obviously semblant
    this individual thinks they get the last laugh
    They dont know you know if you don't share

    They act as though no one can know
    Or that this was difficult too
    When you dont fall in line with the patriarchal
    And your smithing is unprepared like improv
    When your expected to fall in line
    Thats ridiculous to expect this from all smiths
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    I am done with this topic personally.
  • I, unfortunately, believe I have worked something out. But I'm hopefully wrong. Remember the mention of potatoes at the end of the last comment? I thought I had seen that sometime before, and I was right. Potatoes were a faction in the non-infamous Faction War of mtg cardsmith. And who was fighting the potatoes? (Will place answer at the end of this comment). As well as a confession of sorts by @letstalkaboutthis, we also have the remark "I am someone who has been around here a long time". And as I was going to say, the enemy of the potatoes are
    the squirrels.
    (Dramatic music cue)
  • Or it could just be someone who watched a lot of ASDF. It's not necessarily... do I say his name?

  • It's definitely not me, if that's what you're asking... If you asking me to tell you who it is... where's the fun in that?

  • OwO what's this? This a puzzle?
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    Why would @Corwinnn be @Letstalkaboutthis? As a mod, Corwinnn has some degree of power over the site. Why would he need to make a specific account to call out a trend that he could have worked behind the scenes to stop?

    In addition, the locations @Letstalkaboutthis is trying to send us to make no sense from a geographical perspective. From my understanding of it, the Squirrel we know as Corwinnn is from the west coast. Why would they be sending us to a Girl in Minnesota and a rusted out Steam Locomotive in Pennsylvania?

    As for the faction war as evidence, there were multiple other factions run by multiple other cardsmiths in that event. Obviously some people were playing Squirrels, but there were others as well. In fact, the account that originally triggered the arrival of @Letstalkaboutthis had skin in the faction war.

    Literally none of this points to Corwinnn. For all we know, that whole "Die Potato" line really was just an ASDFmovie reference as proposed by @twighlight8.

    Let's talk about this last message (pun intended).

    The first letter of the posts spell out the phrase "Logiecrokie Was Eggdad." The gif link is to a random old @Faiths_Guide card from early 2016 called Earthen Insight.

    Does anyone know the potential significance of that card? The only thing of interest I see about it is it's fateseal mechanic. @Faiths_Guide, was this for a contest or something?

    I did not see the Eggdad was Logiecrokie reveal coming. The content of this message, however, largely appears to be meaningless save for the actual firstletter phrase. I think the "Really, you all are having such a hard time with this. One-eyed men truly do rule the blind..." can be read as "why have you not solved this yet." This indicates that our mystery man believes that their identity should have been figured out all ready.

    I think looking at the linked cards might be the key to solving this mystery. Every card showcased other than the @Gelectrode card seem a little too specific to be completely random- but I don't know what their connection truly entails. I think Bear Bard specifically is a really weird card to showcase here.
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    @Faiths_Guide That's really helpful! Thank you!

    I think this particular comment section raises more questions than answers, though...
  • As I said, I am wrong.
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    Who are you anyway?
  • @Faiths_Guide I'm Theodore1237. I saw my name mentioned in a previous page, so I made this account to comment. I thought it would be funny to be a detective instead of my usual self.
  • @TAHMURAS I have a feeling you don't want to know. Plus it may not even be relevant.

    The Detective Could be another person sent to give us more info XD . They joined the same day they posted their first message here.

    Anyways, since I'm low on brain power, once again, I won't be doing anything with this.
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    You just make me wanna look into it more ;3
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    Personally I couldn't find this whole "mystery" thing more pointless. I never wanted to be involved and I still don't.

    Can we just pretend it was solved and go back to not having any of these useless/silly/boring things ongoing?
  • Not gonna lie, I'm still a little salty that my ARG didn't get anywhere near this much attention.
  • This would make more sense if we knew the question.
    Wait, are we just trying to work out the question, which has an easy answer?
  • I grow sorrowful.
    Did I deserve all of this attention?
    Everyone is so frustrated...
    Never in a million years did I mean to send you so far off the trail.
    Too little time, too little focus.
    Intrinsic value aside...
    Too late for me to fix it now, I suppose.
    You have been so close, yet you all are so far...

    SorinJace has a message which should put anything else to rest...

    A foregone conclusion?
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    So, the Firstletter of this spells out "IDENTITY," and there's a message in the whited out area that says " @SorinJace has a message which should put anything else to rest..."

    The gif is linked to a card called Disestablish.
  • Antidisestablishmentarianism
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    I'm beginning to question the logic behind any of this.
    My machinations have lead nowhere.

    She doesn't seem to like me.
    All of my exploits in Strasburg have failed. 
    Do you want to solve this and for me to leave or not?

  • This would be easier if you said what is actually happening.

    (The Image leads to a thing where someone mentions the Ikoria ability counters.)
  • I am clueless here...
  • @Abu_Jafar mystery from a few months back, no one ever solved it
  • The link leads an Ikoria thread, that is obvious, but the specific comment it leads to is someone quoting and responding "Who are you?" to one named Krampiszman on the forum. @KrampisZman any comment?
  • It's hard to get engrossed in the "Mystery" when there is no intrigue, and you focus so much on memes.
  • I am well aware... I just don't understand why this exists in general.
  • Ranshi There's just a lot of stuff talking about krampiszman so I thought the link on the gif was intriguing because it went there
  • "She doesn't seem to like me."
    Lmao simp
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