• I thought you all figured this out ages ago!
    Did you also notice it says "I'm Sad"
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    We haven't, but I was given a clue.
  • I was told this was 3 mysteries, the main one being the identity. The other, I might assume is what is happening with a girl, maybe girl problems? And the third is probably right here, I just have to find it.
  • Sophia Becker must be spurning his advances
  • Okay, does anyone know if DoctorFro has any alternate accounts?
  • Twice I called. Twice you failed.

    Only upon a third reading have you begun to crack the case.

    Now, you only need 1187.
    I have given you the pieces, two you have unearthed.
    Go forth, discover the truth.
    How outlandish can your theories be?
    To win this, you're going to need to draw some conclusions.

    I want the Real 1187, not the model. 

    Will you prevail?
    All of you are getting close.
    No one has said anything... Definitive. 
    Too finish this, take all of the evidence I have given you so far and make a theory.

    Too little detail will not suffice.
    Only a little effort will end this.

    Everyone can pool their collective effort, if you must.
    No big deal, but you need a master post.
    Don't worry much about she who is my elder... I shouldn't have mentioned her here.

    To be honest, I probably never should have said any of this.
    Hilariously, I thought the first coded message could let you solve everything.
    I wanted to leave then, last year.
    So let's finish this. Find the real 1187, and speak my true name with all of your evidence.

  • Okay, first message, either the Lets talk about this original complaint post, or the original post here with a z? Theres a model train, the RDG/SRC A4b Camelback, but not the model. We gotta speak their true name. There is a she, who is an elder. but she doesn't matter. We need a master post
  • @Letstalkaboutthis, literally everyone is sick of this. Figure out a tone you want to land on, because personally I am sick of this mixed tone nonsense.
  • Let dead things die.
  • @Ranshi Don't mind my commitment to this, I'm extremely curious. I'll try and end it
  • @pjbear2005, just get him to be quiet.
  • pjbear2005 notice the phrasing...

    Don't worry much about she who is my elder... I shouldn't have mentioned her here.

    I think they're trying to tell us that she's older than them. Who she is, I'm not sure yet. But obviously she's not that important because they "shouldn't have mentioned her here."

    @Ranshi  I get that it's kind of frustrating that this dumb post has gotten so much attention, but I'd not be so salty about it. This obviously isn't a real ARG. There appears to be no ciphers here other than reading the first letter of each line sentence in a post and clicking on those Gifs. If you read the first post in this thread, it seems as though this was supposed to be a sort of "final post," but no one got the meaning, so she just kept going. What his ultimate goal with bringing up other random crap is, I'm not sure, but obviously it's still trying to lead back there. I think if someone comes up with something definitive (that isn't just a line or two of anemic guessing), they'll stop. 

  • @MTGCardsmithDetective, I just looked at your activity. It's clear that you're an alt to @Letstalkaboutthis. Cut the crap and stop trolling.
  • @Ranshi it's neither crap nor a troll. If it bothers you, ignore it. None of this actually matters. 
  • @MTGCardsmithDetective, how do you know that it isn't crap? For all we know this fool is wasting our time. He seemed rather butthurt over what is essentially nothing. He isn't even willing to pick a tone for this little "game". All indication shows that it is in fact a troll.
  • It'll just be disappointing if it's nothing
  • @Ranshi

    I doubt this fool would have kept it up for so long if they were trying to just troll. I'm not really sure what you mean by "pick a tone," but I don't think it really matters. There's obviously something here, even if it does turn out to be a rather dull reveal. Like I said, this seems as though it was supposed to be a sort of "final post" originally and I think this person just wants closure. 
  • Went back a page, to sorinjaces old message, instead of reading the first letter, I read the last of each line, it read 'with the wolves". 
  • "This person"

    What do you want closure for and why is it our problem?
  • I was given this message

    "Look, you can solve everything with just the post with the Z. Much of what follows, specifically the linked cards, can be used to pinpoint what the original post was trying to say. They all have someone in common, but you'll need to do a little digging to make the connections."

    From what I can assume, we can finish this tonight, lets just go back to the first page
  • We have also guessed already, we just need to back it up.
  • I had a wild guess of @Damnation or @Lujikul just because Point A. Their stances on the original post were in some way aligning with our friend here, Damnation agreeing that the favorite system has been broken, Lujikul talking about the bloating of certain cardsmiths. and Point B. They are both long time users, like letstalkaboutthis said they themselves were. 

    This doesn't tie into much here, so sadly it might not be the evidence wanted.
  • @Ranshi if you want to be done with this, you can stop paying attention to it at any time, there's no need to try to drag other people away just because you're annoyed.
  • Z
    I MAN
    (Bowlers first Message first letters into a potty word)
    First Letter
    Bowlers New Message spells out FORK
    JK I'm Corwinnn that's why I haven't deleted anything... Or not.
    A new message from bowler (real?) WILL FAIL

    Message to Corwinnn
    1ST YOU - I haven't been back in a while...
    Maybe I shouldn't have returned.
    Letstalkaboutthis is back I see... That's weird.

    ME - Is it? I think it's just a co-inky-dink. Besides I feel like you've popped in here and there every so often. No?

    1ST YOU - Pretty much just to harass @faiths_guide :P

    ME - I'm fairly certain that's why ALL of us come here!

    39.9831° N, 76.1593° W (First reference to Strasburg Railroad)
    Another Ephemeral Departure, leading to IDubbz video
    4:45, Referring to the Idubbz video? "Ronald Reagan shot in the head, but had a lot of charisma, B tier"
    You've put the pieces together, now interpret the data. Corwinnn got it right already... Go to my home, find 1187.
    Chanhassen, Minnesota (City/Town)
    44°50′37″N 93°34′47″W (A Goodwill location in Chaska, Minnesota)
    Swim and Dive (??)
    AQJT (Maybe Aqua Jets, as said before? These are letters, I was told letters were important)
    Link to MODOK saying "I'm in love with Maria Hill"
    Tommia's Message YOU ARE CLOSE
    Just telling us who Eggdad was
    IM SAD

    Theres plenty more but thats plenty of evidence.
  • Honestly, there is so much pointing to @KrampisZman . The original first letter stuff that spelled out the name. He never denied it when we asked, just kind of threw it at him. And the Ikoria post going to a comment asking who he is.

    Did I get it?
  • @pjbear2005, You realize that a while back @TigerFang8 came to that answer and then when they announced they were leaving the forums, the received a message saying that they were correct. I don't understand why this is still open.
  • So, you have made progress.
    Omnipotence has it's benefits, but foresight for how long this would take is not one.
    Only a little longer and all will be revealed.
    Nothing left now except for the final goodbyes.

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