The Towering of Planes (Oathbreaker Character Creation contest)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, I am inspired by something I just learned about a week ago and the recommendation of @Red_Tower for a character driven contest. So I thought what better than to show our love for an upcoming format, Oathbreaker!

This is going to be a contest for developing your own planeswalker and signature spell (Instant or Sorcery) for that planeswalker, but with a twist. What is this twist you say!

Alongside the cards we will post a brief or longer character description/lore.

Here is the description and rules for the Oathbreaker format we are referring to...

Because this contest is a community effort, I would like to have cardsmiths provide feedback on each other's cards and/or lore. As well as, just have casual chat!

Due Date:
The due date for this contest is the 23rd of May. Late entries will be accepted as long as we haven't finished judging. If you want a time extension, just post a message in the contest with how long you need that @'s myself, @murkletins.

The top three posted entries' creators will each win the following...
- 1 month of premium subscription.
- A follow.
- 3 favorites on cards of yours you choose.

1) You must post a planeswalker and signature spell (Instant or Sorcery).
2) You must post at least a short story piece.
2) 3 characters entry limit.
3) Characters can be new or old.
4) Make sure to credit the creator of the artwork on your cards.

Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)

Happy smithing! :)


  • Well I mean, I guess I have to participate in this one haha. Expect my first entry tomorrow as I'll be submitting a character I already have, but expect at least one more that's new for this too.
  • If you're new to the forums or just interested in chatting and earning prizes, please check out this friendly meet and greet.
    Just a thing I'm doing to meet fellow new forum members (All welcome!)
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    Finally, time to properly introduce my character Rebekah! Rebekah is an agent of the "mysterious" organization known as The Red Tower. Their mission is to maintain a balance of all things in the world/universe/multiverse (I guess?) and will seek to achieve this by any means necessary. Rebekah most often served them as an assassin, where her quick aggression and killer instinct served her well. But her arrogance and carelessness nearly killed her, igniting her spark.
    In the immediate aftermath, she was often dazed and confused; directionless. Her sense of duty and self-preservation often clash, leading her to continue acting blindly on the mission of the Tower without instruction. She often ends up involved in other people's problems, and ends up cleaning up most of them too. As time goes on she begins to feel further and further over her head in all of the scheming, but she leaves that to higher-ups, even if it means being in the middle of a warzone.
    Artist for the planeswalker is Kerem Beyit -

    I'll be continuing to expand on the character and her story for some time, you can feel free to follow along through my collection of cards relating to her story here
    EDIT: Changed the signature spell.
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    image image

    - Trondor Ronachjwiz, Captain of the Malamuerte, former Royal Chief of Naval Security.
    - He loves the Queen, the Queen doesn't loves him, but still, extramarital encounters.
    - The King figures out, sends Trondor and the Queen on a diplomatic mission to the other side of the world, sneaks some assassins on the crew.
    - The Queen dies, Trondor is left for dead and thrown overboard, the Malamuerte is set aflame and sinks, the spark ignites.
    - Founds the Pearl of the Gate at the bottom of an underwater temple, a gem that can take the soul essence of a recently killed living beign and contain it inside for further shamanic and necromantic uses.
    - Takes revenge against The King and all the Royal Family, takes their souls.
    - Recovers the body of The Queen from the Royal Crypt and tries to revive it using their souls.
    - She cames back decomposed as she was and with her mental faculties diminished because the rot, dies a minute later. Since her soul wasn't there, he can't recover it.
    - Planeswalk away and starts a new life as a fisherman on post-Immortal Sun Ixalan.
    - Uses the War of the Spark to empower the Pearl of the Gate.
    - Planeswalk again to Ixalan.
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    Farona is a planeswalker native to the plane of Dronain, a once dreary plane covered in dense fog that was obliterated by the Alukm’dal. In the losing battle against the otherworldly horrors, Farona was a Mulchbraider, tasked with keeping farm soil rich and summoning the land to bolster defenses. One day, Demetrius and Farona met each other during a siege and became good friends. Eventually they fell in love, fighting side by side. Unfortunately, the inhabitants were unable to drive off the Alukm’dal and were utterly destroyed, except for Demetrius and Farona, who were sent flying to different planes. While Demetrius fought for his sparkright on the plane of Clancarius, Farona traveled the multiverse, wandering without any purpose other than to survive.
  • Introducing Zlo, a Stromkirk vampire from Innistrad. His spark ignited during Emrakul's invasion, when he planeswalked to Ravnica. There he quickly found a home in House Dimir, working primarily as a spy, while taking time to learn as much as he could about the plane.
    If I continue to flesh him out, it will likely take place during the events of war of the spark, because at least he would have more personality than Tayo (sorry kid).
    I think a deck built around library and graveyard manipulation with him would be fun to work on, and that's what I focused on with the signature spell.
  • When is the due date? because I have finals this week, and could see myself writing a story, but not as easily making a card
  • @DoctorFro
    To quote murkletins:
    Due Date:
    The due date for this contest is the 23rd of May. Late entries will be accepted as long as we haven't finished judging. If you want a time extension, just post a message in the contest with how long you need that @'s myself, @murkletins.
  • @DoctorFro
    Would you like a time extension? Until when would work for you?
  • I think I can get something in I will let you know closer to the due date? Also I had a further question if this is legal, could I partner up: I write the story someone makes the cards?
  • @DoctorFro
    Sure, why not. Just make sure they're posted in the same comment and mention each participant.

    You'll have to split the total prize differently in the case you win, which I'll help you with if the time comes.
  • I am incredibly sorry
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    The backstory behind this, in short, is that Fblthp got hired by the Izzet after the war, and learned artificery, but then an experiment went wrong and hit him with an energy bolt, which ignited his planeswalker spark. He travelled the worlds and learned serenity (giving him white splashings). Eventually, he grew more and more powerful, and he can now create small, extremely unstable sub-planes to trap his enemies in.

    The guy in the picture is an oujitai wizard who destroyed one of Fblthp's inventions.
  • @DoctorFro do you still want someone to do the cards with?
  • Due to a limited amount of entries, I'm extending this contest to last until the 1st of June. Unless we hear quite a bit of feedback that people don't want this.
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    Yea Ill do it with you, just run the card by me. So, that if there is an error I can check it then Ill work on a story
  • image image image

    A little about the Archivist:
    Orinthene blinked, trying to clear her vision; it didn't help. The blurriness had nothing to do with her eyesight, rather, it was due to the heavy rain on the window pane through which she now squinted. "Torches?" she thought, "Could those little faint red glows out there be torches?" As she lived on the border of Avabruck, strange sounds and sights weren't really foreign, more intriguing then anything else. As the bright spots vanished from view, either because they were too far away or because the rain had swelled to a downpour, Orinthene decided she better turn in for the night.

    Orinthene was fourteen years old and lived alone in a small run down cottage, what many would call a hut. Not much to look at from outside or in. Her parents were loving wonderful teachers and guardians that had been... misplaced, somehow. Orinthene had carried on alone with a touch of grief and a longing to know just what had befallen her beloved father and mother.

    She awoke with a start only a few hours later to the sound of howls. "Mondronen" she surmised. Living this close to Avabruck meant that Orinthene knew enough that she wasn't easily startled or surprised. She drifted off to sleep.


    Orinthene's discovered that she can planeswalk. During the werewolf attack after the wards around Avabruck's central cathedral, the Temple of Saint Raban, failed. She returned to Innistrad shortly after. She doesn't wish to be anywhere else, she'd begun to archive. Her hut had become a storehouse of documents and research. Mostly in an effort to determine the fate of her parents, she'd now delved into the mysteries of every race on the plane and documented her findings. She's recently learned of Arlinn Kord, she'd witnessed Avacyn cursemuting or killing hundreds of werewolves, and knows of the angel's church launching a new inquisition more terrifying than anything they've done before against the lycanthropes. Not much of it matters as long as she's left to continue her vigil and learn the full extent of what there is to be learned on Innistrad.
    Orinthene's sole goal is to be left alone and undisturbed. She has no desire to assist the coming Gatewatch or engage in the struggle of the native races. Her inherent powers are few, but empower her to keep her archive safe an obscured while simultaneously allowing her to go places others cannot as she collects little known facts.

    (Sorry for my "novel" style and any mistakes I may have made. I know almost nothing of MTG lore, I just scabbed pieces off of wiki and MTG stories.)

    If you, or anyone else, would like to know how cache has changed, check these comments out:
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    I present Malsuxe Blexl:

    His signature spell:

    Malsuxe lived in a sizable frontier trading town on the border of the kingdom of Czereck, on the plane of Voskir. He was a quiet boy, and kept to himself mostly. He was often shunned by the others of his age for his quiet and solitary demeanor.

    The town traded goods with the indigenous tribes living in the forests just beyond Czereck's borders. However, peace with the tribes was tenuous at best. They began to despise the expansion of Czereck.

    One fog shrouded morning, these people attacked the town without warning. The town militia quickly organized against the attackers, but they were caught off guard just long enough for the enemy tribe to gain a solid foothold.

    Malsuxe, only 15 at the time, had been considered too young to join the militia, and so was kept out of the worst of the fighting. However, with his father having served in the militia, Malsuxe demanded he be allowed to go join the fighting. So he grabbed one of his father's swords and ran off to join the fray.

    It took no time to find the battle, but many of the others, including his own father, refused to let him join. They assumed he couldn't take care of himself, let alone his brothers-in-arms.

    But before Malsuxe could be turned away, the barricade he was at collapsed, and the enemy spilled in. One by one, he watched his fellow soldiers be cut down. The slaughter was unimaginable. Malsuxe had never witnessed such savagery.

    But before the invaders could kill Malsuxe, they were stopped by those they had just slain. The fallen warriors rose up and began killing the outsiders, and as they fell, they in turn began attacking their former comrades.

    Spark ignited, and new power found, Malsuxe swept through the city, gathering more and more of the fallen as he went. The horde if the fallen didn't harm a single innocent soul, but tore fiercely at their enemies. Waves and mobs if corpses made light work of the now routed enemy.

    Afterwards, however, there was still a dead silence over the city. Power such as this was unheard of in Voskir. The power to reanimated the dead? Surely this was heresy. Dark and terrible power could not bring anything but misery down upon those who used it, and those who dared associate themselves with them.

    And so, Malsuxe was exiled from Czereck. Even his own family refused to look at him as he was cast out, scorned by his own people, and feared by those who lived outside the kingdom's borders.

    Malsuxe now travels the multiverse, never settling in one place, always on the move lest he be chased from his new home because of what he was. Because of something he had no control over.

    In the past 16 years, he returned to his home plane of Voskir three times. Each time fending off a great and terrible threat. Each time being met by his own with hatred and fear. However, he always tries to walk the path of righteousness, no matter how steeped in darkness he may seem.

    (Well that was a mouthful. I've had this character in my head for awhile, in case you couldn't tell lol.

    An oath, made for Malsuxe after meeting the Gatewatch:

    And my first card for this particular character:

    Hope you all enjoy. Jeepers that took awhile to write!)
  • @HeroKP
    Technically, Puzzle can't be Fblthp's signature spell. It has to match color identity.
  • @DoctorFro Do you wanna message me with what you might have in mind?
  • No I will go off ur idea
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    Name: Malachai

    Title: The Dark Ascendant

    Age: Presumably over 10.000

    Before the Great Mending, Malachai was known as a cunning and resourceful archmagus in a small kingdom in the plane of Equilor. Unlike many other magus who were content with their current state, Malachai was a wizard with the obsession of obtaining immortality and control over the reality. Over the years of his research, one day he discovered the truth about the people who have immense magical powers who also could traverse the planes known as the planeswalkers while a certain planeswalker visited his kingdom. A rare occasion he couldn't simply miss.

    In hope to obtain the source of that power, or the planeswalker spark, Malachai and that planeswalker were secretly working together after Malachai offered the planeswalker a secret about immortalizing one's own soul into an object and the power to separate the body and soul while one's still maintaining control.

    In the end, after the completion of the device that could harvest the spark from a planeswalker, and the beacon to lure them, Malachai and his work-partner departed ways. And many of the young planeswalkers that came to that kingdom afterwards were killed and their sparks harvested in the process, despite of their godlike powers and due to the lack of the knowledge as many young planeswalkers didn't bother to learn outside of their specific and overspecialized powers.

    But shortly a few years after he obtained his goal and ascended into a planeswalker, the Great Mending happened. After losing a large portion of his powers, Malachai finally just decided to wait and hidden in a place called the Infinite Library, a hidden pocket plane he stumbled upon that was also housing an observation device that could be used to pry the activities of planeswalkers across the planes.

    Nowadays, after the event that transpired in Ravnica and to Nicol Bolas, he could only warily watching what would happen if someone like Bolas rose to power again.

    After all, Malachai still has plenty amount of time to wait.
  • @DoctorFro do you want to work with this?
  • Looks good I sent u the correction I think is appropriate

    I’ll work on a story
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  • @murkletins *Cough cough*

    When will you start judging? (It's been 9 days since the contest was supposed to be over)
  • @MonkeyPirate2002
    Sorry, I extended it to today. So I'll judge tomorrow! Must've forgot to update the main post.
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