It's Heist Time!



  • @Pstmdrn What version of heist is this card using?
  • Dang it. I would have to remake him to change it. It will have to do for now.
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    @derain2 It is most similar to the two Huroon cards. Does it not read that way or make sense?
  • @Derain2 Thanks for the reply!
    I wana say in advance I'm not trying to argue with you, that's not my intention, just trying to explain some of my reasoning

    I thought I would point out, "converted mana cost" it used in magic, it's just become less common in the newer sets. My guess is because "You may play mana as if it were any color to cast this spell" is easier to understand for new players. But I went with "converted mana cost" to save some space on the cards and give me some extra room for the flavor text.
    Another reason I used it was because you can only "Play" cards for their converted mana cost. You cant put it on the battlefield under your control. While the two effects are similar in how they act, to put a card on the battlefield is the action of the effect meaning that it essentially cant be easily countered, and certain effects won't activate. While playing the card is not an effect but an action that the effect allows for, meaning that the cards can be countered and activate effects like normal. Which in turn just makes it more like you stole the card.
    As for The two heist, I did that purposefully to make it powerful because it's a legendary creature. I've seen some legendary creatures with even more powerful effects. And I did try to balance the effect a little. It has to be paid with one black and one red, the specific casting coast makes it that much harder to cast it. And the creature it's self is a five drop that coasts two black and two red, at it's best it's a late game play. By the time you get it out it's probably already game over so powerful effects are a must have, not to mention you still have to pay the casting cost of your opponents cards so it's not like you can just drop a 12/12 in one turn without some serious repercussions. That is unless your opponent so graciously gives you a "Ghalta, Primal Hunger" or something ;). Plus for the same cost you could cast "thief" for 4 heists, then bounce him and cast him again. Actually now that I think about it his ability is a little unfair, you could block with him then activate his ability and return him to your hand, since a blocker was declared you'd take no damage unless your opponent has trample... Maybe I should fix it to say "Use this ability only any time your could cast a sorcery."

    Anyway I went on a tangent sorry I'll quit before it gets even more out of hand.
    Again not trying to argue, I sincerely thank you for the advice, just wanted to point out my reasoning for the card effects.
  • @pstmdrn, It's the right colors for that mechanic, its just that that it's a creature ability that is triggered by dealing damage to a player. So your card is like printing a lightning bolt that has haste.

    @Catfish21sm Huh, I didn't know that. I'm relativly new to magic so the only time I've seen a card allow you to cast another players card recardless of mana, I've only seen the wording you get on the likes of Hostage Taker. Thanks for letting me know.
  • Oh, that reminds me of this!
  • A lightning bolt with haste...and you forgot an "n"
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