Derp it for the Vine

This is RIP vine MTGCS style!
For laughs, please nominate/submit any card that is named after a vine or quotes a meme-tastic popular vid. (Example: 'ahh that's hot' from youtube rewind 2018; 'it's time to stop' from filthy frank; 'yeah i sure hope it does'; 'story time' from thomas sanders, 'dropped my croissant; etc.)
Keep these points in mind:
* Relevance of the video
* Appropriate for this site, as much as i want a "I wont hesitate, B-" card
* Card usefulness and balance
Submit any number of cards and have fun
Challenge ends September 1st
Glorious Prizes:
-All participants get a follow from me
-Top 5 cards get favorited by me
-Top 3 get featured on my discord and other media
- I will sell my soul to Belzen- I meanFblthp and Mklthd so the winner gets 100+ new followers.
Get forging!
Angie aka lostcause626


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