Let's tell a story using only cards 2: the Mish-Mash

First one: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/4454/let-s-tell-a-story-together-using-only-cards/p1
As I have basically taken over the first LTASUOC, I thought I would open a new one that happens to be not entirely consisting of tea.
The Guidlines(only the first is an actual rule)
1. Let the cards speak for themselves. If their is important context for the cards,find a way to fit it into the flavor text.

2. Submit as many cards as you like. The more the better!

3. Please don't make it about hot drinks.
4. Your cards don't have to be powerful, simply interesting.
5. I would like you to make cards inspired by books and movies you like, in order to see how they fit into the same world.


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