Rarity Matters!

Hello, fellow cardsmiths! How're you doing? Today we have a very unusual fun little contest. As you can probably tell by the title, your task is to create a card, that checks for other card rarities or otherwise interacts with them. That's all! Unlimited entries, old cards allowed, no deadline, winners announced when I feel it's time. For now, happy smithing, ya all!


  • I have two questions. The first is "Is this an un-set contest?". The second is "What ruling are we using on cards that have been printed at multiple different rarities?"

    The second one's pretty minor, but hey. It could matter.
  • @MemoryHead Un-set contest - not nesescarilly. If you feel this is an un-thing, you're allowed to make it that way.
    With things that have been printed at different rarities - you use what is printed on that specific card you have.
  • @ThePhantomJoker The reason for the question about un-sets was because the only card in the game that cares about rarity is an extremely un-set-y un-set card called Rare-B-Gone. The main reason for that is that it would be ridiculous if you had to track down a specific printing of a card to get a specific rarity on it to interact with certain cards, in this case.

    Here's that card I mentioned:
  • Come on, people, don't be shy! Make some cards!
  • One card coming right up!
  • If that had been a common itself it would have been awesome in pauper.
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    Here's my entry :D
  • @Red_Tower
    It would have been quite reckless, though. If it was common, every single pauper deck would use that card.
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