An Offering to Be Made **Circuit Challenge**

Hello, and welcome to whatever number contest this is I've made. (I don't know, I don't keep track.) I've just recently discovered a mechanic that I really, really liked, known as offering.

Here's the page on offering and how it works.


Printed on only five cards in the kamigawa block, offering is similar to emerge, except in three regards:

1) The sacrificed creature's mana cost is subtracted, including colored mana.
2) The creature with offering can be played at flash speed if the offering was made.
3) Offerings require a tribal based sacrifice.

With this in mind, the rules of this challenge are simple.

1) Make a card with offering. The only requirement here is that the offering must be a tribal creature type. The card with offering does not have to be a creature.
2) Please keep the cards new, though I'll allow anything made since June 1st of 2019.
3) No official MTG art, and please credit the artist. (They worked hard on that image!)
4) The card must have an MTGCS version I can find. It's fine if you want to present it with a spiffy or MGE version or whatever, but I must be able to find it on MTGCS.

The first place winner will receive three favorites, one circuit point and a choice of honorable mention.
Second place will receive two favorites, three quarters of a circuit point and a choice of honorable mention.
Third place will receive a favorite, one half of a circuit point and a choice of honorable mention.
Honorable mentions will receive a favorite and one quarter of a circuit point.

The due date is the final day of June.



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