2 + 2 = 10 (Combinations That Don’t Add Up) [Cardsmith Party!]

edited June 2019 in Just for Fun Contests
I think everyone else will have better luck with this...

The goal is simple. Combine random words and things to produce, well, something! How serious it is will obviously vary.

My original concept was a dumb idea I got at work: Aeropossum. But then I realized that flying opossums do exist...

- Take two or more words, concepts, things, etc, and then combine them to make a card! (ex: Sharknado, Aeropossum, Catdog, Lightning Skelemental, etc.)
- You can submit a strange combination without submitting a card, and you can submit cards for other people's combo ideas
- If you can, be original.
- Limit three cards a week (Monday-Sunday).
- Unglued Cards are allowed!


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