Planeswalker's Journey 2.5: The Return of the Return



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    Alright, here we are! After over a month of waiting for everyone to get their cards in and me procrastinating, here are the results for this challenge!


    Lord Drakemor ( @Spookoops ) and Vardrus, Scion of Wrath ( @Vardrus ) have been eliminated. For Vardrus, you didn't participate in the top 5 challenge, so that's probably why you were eliminated. For Spookoops, it was really close, but @HeroKP beat you out by one point.

    Anyways, on to the standings!


    Ok, so we have our final 3, and it is really close! While @ThatOneCat has been leading the race thus far, it's still anyone's game!

    1st: @ThatOneCat - Nai, Lost Artificer - 153 Points - No Slots Open
    2nd: @EmolgAn - Mayora, Vigorous Blaze - 152 Points - No Slots Open
    3rd: @HeroKP - Bagej, Ever Nearing - 149 Points - No Slots Open
    4th: @Spookoops - Lord Drakemor - 148 Points - No Slots OpenELIMINATED
    5th: @Vardrus - Vardrus, Scion of Wrath - 106 Points - 1 Common, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Mythic Slot Open - ELIMINATED

    Last Week's Scores

    1st: @ThatOneCat - Nai, Lost Artificer - 141 Points
    2nd: @EmolgAn - Mayora, Vigorous Blaze - 140 Points
    3rd: @Spookoops - Lord Drakemor - 137 Points
    4th: @HeroKP - Bagej, Ever Nearing - 128 Points
    5th: @Vardrus - Vardrus, Scion of Wrath - 106 Points

    Well, sorry to cut it off, but it's late and I need to get some sleep. You'll have to wait just a bit longer for the next challenge. That'll be up tomorrow.

  • Ok, @Spookoops and @Vardrus I almost forgot, as you two got in the top 5, you both get a favorite and a follow.
  • Alright, it’s final challenge time! But first, it’s time for PLOT!

    After the guardians, you are given no trouble by the remaining rings. The second rings not protected by a guardian of any kind, it’s just mist and floating strings of light. However, when you reach the second ring’s barrier, it forces you to leave your companions behind. Only those with a planeswalker spark can pass through this gate.
    The final ring is a huge, beautiful garden, growing all kinds of fruit, and flowers in any color you can imagine. It is tended by beautiful, almost divine looking beings, with white hair and silver eyes. They give you no heed as you pass, continuing with their work. Soon, you reach a large gate, and can see the tower beyond. You also see the other two finalists coming towards the gate, and only once you are all there does a caretaker open the gate, and allow you into the Tower Ring.
    You go to the tower, where the door apis opened for you by another caretaker. You come to a huge circular hall with a pillar in the middle large enough to be its own tower. It stretches up inside the tower so tall that you can’t see the top. A spiral stair is located at the corner that leads up. The middle pillar reaches into an opening in the floor with metal fences preventing anyone from falling down. The opening leads down into a hollow space filled with moving mechanisms and cog wheels. Far far deep down something is glowing brightly almost like an inner sun. It appears to be located as deep as the tower was tall and is only visible because of the bright light it emitted.
    More caretakers appear, and lead you to a banquet hall, where an immense feast with food of all kinds has been prepared in your honor. After eating, you are each led to your own sleeping room. You are told to rest up, as the next day will be your biggest test.
    The next morning, a caretaker brings you up the tower through a large lift system. Along the way, you see many rooms pass by, each with the name of a plane on it’s walls. Soon, you reach the highest place that the lift takes you. It is a room not unlike the one on the bottom, only much smaller. In the center, there is a magical map of Clancularius with the tower at it’s center. You walk past the map, up one final flight of stairs, and finally reach the top. In the center of the room, there is an orb of mana. In front of it stands a large elemental.
    “Greetings, finalists! My name is Aggrol. Welcome to the tower. I’m sure you have many questions, probably most of all, why? Why have you been forced to do this strange challenge? I asked myself the same thing, when I went through the journey. But now, this question will be answered.”
    He reached into the orb of mana and brought out a ball of a fire-like substance.
    “Planeswalkers are given a chance by destiny to break free of the worldly bonds that bind them, and visit new worlds. However, you were not made to do these things. No, it is not by destiny that your spark ignited, but it is by destiny that you are here now. It is the purpose of this journey to test you, to see if you are good enough to be adopted by destiny as a true planeswalker.”
    He holds out the flame, and it changes to a bright yellow color.
    “Your journey is near it’s end, but you still have one last test. Reach into the flames, and show lady destiny who you truly are.”
  • Challenge 8: Adopted by Destiny
    Your challenge is to create one card that truly embodies your character and what they do. Also, if you want to update your planeswalker card, now would be a good time, as planeswalker cards are worth double for your final scores.

    You will get: 1 rare slot

    Once everyone has posted their card and feels satisfied with their planeswalker card, we will move on to final results.
  • La'ayiv technically didn't die, he went to help the White Council remember. He Doesn't need a spark anymore since he can travel between planes usingThe Parallel.
  • @Aggroman15 Would you ever consider creating something like this again? Though I missed this one by quite some time, I would participate if there is ever a PW's Journey 3.
  • @TheWanderer I'm not sure, I might but only if nobody else wants to. And even then, it may be a while, as I would want to be more prepared for that one than I was for this one. But like I said, somebody else may take over, as I did from @Jonteman93, and make one, and if that doesn't happen I may eventually do it again.

    Also, on a completely unrelated note, @HeroKP, @EmolgAn, and @ThatOneCat, the challenge is up now, so you can start making your cards!
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    There has been a secret under Nai all of this time.

    He is stronger than he’s letting off. As all of you may remember, he had an invention, his greatest work. He knew what would happen if he managed to show it to the the flame. He needed the spark. He needed to go back to Kaladesh. He knew the good he could do with the power. Over the course or the journey, he had read books of transportation runes. He knew if he was near enough power, he could siphon it into a spell, a transportation rune strong enough to bring his invention to the new plane. All that mattered to him now was victory. He needed this. He thought that the universe (*multiverse) needed this.
  • Alright, @HeroKP, @ThatOneCat, @EmolgAn, We are this close to finishing this, there's just one more challenge. If you could please make your sumbissions so we can close this contest out, that would be great. If you need more time, I understand. But whenever you can, please do your submissions.
  • I’m making mine, just making sure to think it through.
  • @ThatOneCat Cool! Take your time, I just want to ensure we don't have a repeat of the last few weeks where we have unresponsive people left and right.
  • So.
    Will this contest continue?
  • @Jonteman93 Yeah, I want it to, but people have not responded. Thanks for reminding me to remind everyone.

    @ThatOneCat @EmolgAn @HeroKP Please create your submissions for the final challenge! Just because I'm not imposing a deadline on this, as I don't want to leave any of the final 3 behind, doesn't mean that you shouldn't get your cards done. Thanks!
  • @ThatOneCat @EmolgAn @HeroKP We're so close to the end, and it would be a shame to not finish it. Can you guys please enter your submissions?
  • @Aggroman15 I want to apologise for myself and others, we just really want to think our entry through. I however, have mine, and would like to encourage everyone else to post as well.


    A fusion of Bagej new and Bagej old, to show the perfect vision of the world.
  • @HeroKP It's fine, I can understand you wanting to really make this entry as good as can be. But it has been over a month since I gave the challenge, so you can see why I may have been wondering why there were no entries yet.
  • Okay, here’s the new Nai. He’s mastered rune-casting.

  • image

    (Lore card.)

    Nai had brought an energy siphon. He planned to suck energy from everywhere for his rune. If done successfully, it would bring upon his greatest invention (the next submission.) He was almost there.
  • image

    (Lore card)

    Nai was determined to have a spark. Did the thought of consequence cross his mind? Mayhaps. But for now, all he would do was work, work to be victorious. After all, artifice could be used for such good. He hoped he had moved fast enough to save the only one he cared about.
  • Nai sat before the orb, his ritual finished. In his hand, a ship the size of the penny, but that could be much larger.

    This ship, which Nai dubbed “The Manipualtor” made time and space putty in his hands. Nai used the ship to shrink himself, then got in. He showed it’s control over the two realms of reality, then climbed out and reverted to normal size.

    “Please accept this as a show of strength...”

  • I am so sorry this took so long, but my offering is ready. Since @HeroKP has entered, only @EmolgAn is left.
  • Ok. So I will make my entry in couples of days. Sorry I have quit Cardsmith for a long.
  • Mayora run into the flames. Of course she's manipulating flames but those flames was different and she was absorbed by this mystery. Inside of the furnace, she's feel .... pleasently good, ans that surprise her. She close her eyes and...

    She see a old woman with a red habit fixing at her. But those hair was white, white as the clouds. The woman smile and Mayora look behind her.... A castle burn.

    The old woman moves her lips but any sound came. Instead, just a voice....
    "I don't finish my job, but I'm sure flames are let in good hands with you two."

    Then, her body turn off to flames. Mayora want to cry, for any reason but can't. She fall into an ocean of flames... At start she can't control those incorruptibles embers but after a moment, flames let her pass on her fall.

    After that, she open her eyes. She don't why but she feel... different.
  • So all of us has created his card ?
  • Just need your judgment @Aggroman15
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