So, you're telling me it does.... less.... than nothing! RESULTS!

Following a good turnout for my last cavalcade of nonsense, I would like to invite you all to my latest contest. As I've said many times, I love MTG but I particularly love joke cards. Your task is to produce cards of intense amounts of intentional worthlessness! If you make cards that have actions but achieve nothing, actively harm their owners or they exist simply to reflect on life matters and day-to-day topics, then all the better!

This is a contest for joke cards and I'd like them to be as completely mad as they come. The more pointless and silly they are, the more I'll appreciate them :D

Examples for your delectation include:

image image image image image


1st Place - A Follow + 3 Favourited cards of your choice + 1 Month of Premium Subscription to MTGCardsmith!
2nd Place - 2 Favourited cards of your choice
3rd and 4th Place - A Favourite card of your choice

All cards named by me as Honourable Mentions or as prize winners also get a favourite immediately.


1. Please enter up to 3 cards for this contest.
2. Any cards old or new are fine for your entry; although I would prefer newer cards for this contest.
3. All decisions on the winners are final.

Have fun and get your entries in for Monday, 8th July!


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