Oubliette update

One of the jokes in modern magic design is how much text it takes to make the card Oubliette work. There's a generation of white demi-Oubliette effects that simply exile the card. But, by doing so, they destroy the state and associations of the target (which Oubliette painstakingly preserves).

I think I've found a way to achieve this effect with a template that fits in a standard card frame. But I keep going back and forth between how some of the details need to be handled and am interested in other thoughts;
Celestial Imprisonment


  • Its more like:

    "When [X] enters the battlefield, exile target permanent and all permanents attached to it.

    When [X] leaves the battlefield, return the exiled permanent to it's controller and attach all exiled permanents to it."
  • What you're describing is the wording on Hieromancer's Cage being expanded to include attached artifacts and equipment. To see how that actually has to play out I'd suggest reading the current oracle text for oubliette...

    There simply isn't an elegant way to use exile. If you exile anything you lose all its status; counters are dropped, tokens annihilated, target/association between enchantments and equipment are lost, etc. This is why the oubliette oracle text is so massive- to perform that bookkeeping.

    This is why I went with "phased out." While phased out was at one point a "zone" (like exile, which destroyed states and tokens alike), it's since been changed to be a status (like being tapped, preserving everything).

    The question is how to maintain the phased out status as elegantly and with as few words as possible.
    If someone has a way to maintain status through exile, that would be very interesting, but it's going to take substantially more than that.
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