Ruins of Kolgreath's Keep

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Kolgreath's Keep is a gargantuan mountain that floats above the Therussan Sea, where high-priority criminals are sent to rot away forever. Many villains would rather kill themselves than go to Kolgreath's Keep.

Recently a giant ball of unholy flame has appeared on the point of the mountain, along with the sudden disappearance of the keep's reclusive and xenophobic guards. Therussa and its neighbor Oklathro have decided to send two search parties to find out what happened, and to make sure none of the prisoners escape.


Welcome to the official mtgcs forum discussion for Ruins of Kolgreath's Keep! It is a dungeon crawl like saga where two groups search the prison complex for answers and encounter various enemies along the way. This discussion is a reboot of New Idea for a Contest - Dungeon Crawl!:

This contest will frequently use to emulate bosses. Make sure you have access to it before you request to join.

Discord Server:

For all who want to join, please post a creature that'll act as your commander and at three custom cards to go with it. Make sure the cards fit the rules below. Please note that I'll only be accepting eight players and it's first come, first serve.


  • Also I'm new to server creation so if some people who have practice with server moderation want to volunteer, I'd be willing to make them a moderator
  • For the sake of saying it over here, I'll sign myself up.
  • It may be a good idea to start fleshing out the rules and such.
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    Creating a deck

    - A mono/dual colored commander with max cmc 4. (Colorless is allowed. Partner is allowed, but both cards cannot equal more than 4 cmc together.)
    - A 30 card deck is required, with at least 10 cards being custom made (excluding the commander). However, there doesn't have to be 10 unique custom cards. You may use multiple copies of a custom card to meet the requirements.
    - 2 copies max per card except for basic lands.
    - No alternate win conditions what so ever (including Commander Damage.)
    - No infinite combos. Value combos are fine though.
    - Max cmc for all cards in your deck is 4, just like commanders.
    - Start of game effects are not allowed.
    - Planeswalkers are not allowed unless an upgrade allows you to have one of them.
    - You may only have 1 custom legendary card in your deck (your adventurer notwithstanding)
    - Most cards will be allowed, but cards that are considered hyper-competitive may be rejected (i.e. dual lands, power nine, etc.)
    - When adding cards to your decks, please use RKK for the set identifier.
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    Playing the game

    - Players start the first boss fight with 10 health, and increase their starting health by 5 for each boss afterward. This can be affected by treasures and the like.
    - Some bosses start with certain cards in their hand or in any zone.
    - Bosses drop a variety of treasures and/or upgrades once they're defeated. They come in sets of three.
    - Players can use their creatures to block the opponent's creatures regardless of whom the opponent's creatures are attacking, unless the opponent's creatures have bulldoze.
  • There boss fights and card challenges. They will alternate every week.
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    Hey, anybody have any ideas for keeping track of decklists?'s Import URL function doesn't make any sense to me.
  • Deckstats is always good, as is untapped.
  • Do they allow you to post custom cards?
  • That part, not so much I think.
  • If you run out of bosses, please use this guy:
    Not an entry to anything at all in this whole thread.
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    You forgot p/t @KorandAngels

    Also I'm no longer accepting boss ideas here. If you have a good boss idea, pm me directly. Also make sure you have a deck list prepared to go with the boss. Make it as large as you'd like.
  • Are planeswalkers with "Can be your commander" allowed?
  • Planeswalkers are tricky, so I'm gonna say no to them in general, even official ones.
  • For all who want to join, please look at the top of the page.
  • commander 1
  • Going to start posting cards, starting with my commander:

    First card:

    Second card:

    Third card:

    The general theme is black/white weenies.
  • Commander 2
    Custom 1:
    Other customs (old)
    Assuming that you can have 2 of all non-legendary cards in the deck, I have 10 custom cards.
  • I will have to respectfully reject your deck, as it does not meet the current rules. I'm sorry if some of the cards are not allowed because there are new rules.
  • Ah I see. I forgot the card CMC limit, and the Conspiracy is probably a start of game effect. I wasn't really paying attention.
  • @KorandAngels Also no planeswalkers
  • @Red_Tower yes, I never read that at all.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 Should we try and get some sort of test game going? I know that @Red_Tower and @ThatOneCat have decks (well, the cards for them) more-or-less ready and I've only got a few finishing touches to put onto mine.
  • I’ve still got some work to do. I’m on vacation and will do them once i return.
  • I have a prototype of the deck built, so I can run a test game if you want
  • I can do testing after Sunday
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