Artist Spotlight Challenge: Pete Mohrbacher-RESULTS

In my endless quest to find cool art for my cards, I stumbled upon a certain mister Pete Mohrbacher on deviant art. He has created countless incredible works depicting strange god-like beings. I have founding that creating cards inspired by his art is a lot of fun. So, I figured why not allow my fellow Cardsmithers to do the same!

The challenge is to create a creature card with art from Pete Mohrbacher's deviant art account, which I will link to. The rules are short and simple

-It must be a creature card
-You are allowed infinite entrees
-I will be judging on around July 18th
-You must use art from this account:

I will be awarding prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. They are as follows:

1st- 5 favorites
2nd- 3 favorites
3rd- 2 favorites

Anywho, I'll be checking this daily for if anyone has questions. Good luck!


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