Stitia, Plane of 13 Deaths (RPG Style Saga/My First Saga)



  • Ok. Retrying. Might go with a bounce. Can I save that entry for later then?
    I can't work on it tonight. Have too much to do. Maybe Later. Legendary...
  • @DrakeGladis Sadly, that would go against the rule of not submitting cards you've already submitted. Sorry.
  • Darn. I spent too long on it to just waste it. Need to fix it... As of tonight, I cannot do that. I am down with the flue and need to sleeep
    Vryx is going to claw at the Leonin, aiming for the gut/floating rib area.

    Do I also need to do something for Arlin?
  • @Bowler218 If you want. After all, Tahmuras has allies. Note that damage and HP will be tracked separately. Arlin's color identity is Naya.

    @TAHMURAS Feel free to do the same for your allies. Their color identity is Jund.
  • I'm going to post my card shortly. I just have a bit of writer's block right now and the situation is too dire for there not to be eyes on Timothy. @Tommia
  • Same here @Tommia, I will post my card, but I can't find proper art for it
  • @EnvyReaper If you can't find reasonable art, just let me know when you submit the card (with or without the art). I'm mainly just looking for a good faith effort.
  • Now I shall await the @Pepperoni
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    @MonkeyPirate2002 They haven't been active. Last time they got on was the 4th and they said they've been busy with college. If they don't respond by Monday I'll find a way to resolve the situation in a way that will allow you to advance.
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    Oh ok

    Guess I’ll just have cheese then
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    Here is the card for when Draund incapacitates everyone except Schoren and Zanletesh
  • @EnvyReaper Writing the story bit now!
  • @Bowler218 We're just waiting for @TAHMURAS At this point.
  • @Tommia
    One bit is done. Working on the second.
  • @EnvyReaper @BudGetTheCam Scarf looks at the blood dripping from his shoulder. Lilith is frozen in shock. Even Zanletesh is somewhat surprised.

    "What' are you doing?! Why are you fighting?!"

    A bright voice breaks through the yelling. Everyone turns to see Angela. For a moment, everyone had forgotten about her. Gallagher is nowhere to be found.

    "Don't ask me!" Scarf yells. "Why are we fighting, Rusty? And why the hell do I have an axe in my shoulder?" Scarf tries to pull the axe out, but it's imbedded deep into his shoulder, a testament to Rusty's skill.

    "Ever since Lilith brought you along you've been nothin' but trouble," Rusty says as he pulls out a pair of knuckle dusters, "but this time you've crossed the line!"

    "Chill out! It's my life! What have I done to make you this p***ed?" Finally, Scarf removes the axe from the gaping wound in his shoulder.

    "Deborah... "

    "Both of you need to calm down." Lilith draws her other sword. "In the end, it's my say that matters here. I have zero tolerance for backstabbing. We might not get along sometimes, but that is no reason to be violent-"

    "What if it was your husband? Your father?"

    "Then I would take it with a grain of salt. Scarf, you need to watch your mouth sometimes, but in the end, you're in the wrong here Rusty."

    "Oh, no. This s**t ain't happening!" Rusty gets back into a fighting stance. "This ordeal with Jessica, I don't like it one damn bit..."

    Rusty is apparently doing everything he can to keep himself from lashing out again.

    "Rusty... look..." Scarf comes over to him with the axe. "I'm sorry I'm a stupid freaking idiot with a sick, twisted sense of humor, but remember, I'm your stupid freaking idiot with a sick, twisted sense of humor."

    "I... think I should apologize too..." Rusty takes the axe from Scarf. "...for doing my job." Suddenly, Rusty swings the axe as hard as he can, and it veers straight towards Lilith. However, all along, Draundr had been holding a powerful spell in case things got serious. With a blinding light and a wisp of life essence, the surrounding area is blasted by a pulse of sheer force. Everyone collapses. The force is enough to render even Zanletesh, Schoren and Draundr momentarily stunned. Once they gather their bearings, they look up, and see the job done. The entire group had been rendered unconscious.

    What are you going to do now, and/or will you wait until the group wakes back up?
  • @Tommia

    (Also forgot Angela was here, she is also not supposed to be targeted)

    "Strip them of their weapons and bind them, it is time to go back to Hitcherald."

    *Draundr turns to Zanletesh and Angela*

    "I bid you good tidings."
  • // @EnvyReaper Real quick, what are you going back to Hitcherald to do?
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    We are going to meet up with Kerial to discuss the pressing matters involving which of the currently known agents of the Six to target and how are we going to uncover the others
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    // @EnvyReaper My memory is a potato. It'd be safe to assume that Kerial hasn't left the area. They did come with you.
  • @Tommia
    We are going back to Hitcherald to discuss the pressing matters involving which of the currently known agents of the Six to target and how are we going to uncover the others, also how to find Danny.
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    Planewide Phenomenon

    The planar population is beginning to go insane, another sign that the end days are coming...

  • // Also, I'm going to apologize if things are slow on here for a bit. Right now I'm sort of hitting writer's block, and I'm kind of losing inspiration to do much of anything. Things are tough around here, but I'll try to keep things updated.
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    I'm back! They say that almost every genius in the world was verifiably insane, so I guess that's what it took for me to get inspired... Anyways!

    (Note: I have not actually gone insane. [Yet.])
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  • @Bowler218 Talked to Tahmuras. He should be on soon to submit his entry.
  • @Tommia

    Oh noes people are going to be going insane in Hitcherald when we get there
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