Stitia, Plane of 13 Deaths (RPG Style Saga/My First Saga)



  • // Good timing! I'm working on the world map as we speak, so I'll get to your character in a bit.
  • Spells please.
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    // SURPRISE!

    I have three new announcements to make!

    1. There is now a district map! It's absolutely massive, so it's a data eater. I highly recommend viewing on PC.
    2. After the 13th, anyone that hasn't already claimed a spot and wants to enter... still can. That's right. Until we reach the climax, people can enter after the 13th (or even before!) by hijacking an NPC, or... create an original villain. Whether you're a Triskaidian, a sheer sower of chaos, or a planeswalker, you'll be able to join in as a villain, with the main purpose of stopping others. Whether you stop them from finding the truth, stop them from defeating the big bad, or... just stop them from living.

    On the coast of Etsane, a rumble can be heard. Etsane is caught in the middle of an earthquake, as a plot of land arises... onlookers gasp. Not a mere island or rogue land mass, but a civilized nation. Upon it, seemingly nothing. Until...

    A ferry parts course as it collides with the new obstacle. A beautiful nation, the first symbol of beauty in the world. Pink leaves fall from cherry blossoms. Grandly decorated buildings line the nation. How long has it been here? Suddenly, small, flying beings are visible in the distance. Faeries. What beauty had hid from the world for so long, and why did it wait until now to reveal itself?

    3. If looked at the map, you probably saw it, and was like "Owu? What's that?" First off, I may or may not of done that as an intentional pun/troll 2-in-1. Second, it's a NEW REGION! With it, Faeries are now allowed as your character species.

    Owu (Residents: Humans, Faeries, Angels): The smallest region in Stitia is also its most beautiful. Secluded, and recently surfaced, Not much is known about it, except that it has not a single corrupted being in it... yet.
  • So I guess Aranis is where my created faction is situated?
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    @EnvyReaper Well, it's kinda the Coven of Aranis...

  • Why does Allschurch have a * next to it?
  • @Bowler218 In Major Civilized Districts, territories marked with a * are the capital.
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    With the creation of the district map... we need to figure out where everyone is situated, don't we? Here's where everyone is.


    - Ystheria
    - - ???: The Horn
    - - Gothael: Byro
    - Nasita
    - - Dultery: Norana (Eternally trapped)
    - Woewedt: Bloodwood Clan
    - The Changing Arcanum: Niyan, Rafael, Arne
    - Racrion: Dawnwood Clan, Ishka, Kia
    - Hitcherald
    - - The Center of Prayer: Ishka's Temple
    - Delvad: Duskwood Clan, Verth, Vryx, Uvras, Layre Werewolf Clan
    - Etsane
    - - Nutheport: Teegar (Tiel)
    - - Nowhere: K'Trinop
    - - Nfrs: Pathos, Wosy Crot, Wosy Crot's Pub
    - Leighart: Reliqid Vampire Clan
    - Padetra
    - - Jedama: Xataxji's Ziggurat
    - - Klee: Mastiffa, Oklein Manor, Xataxji
    - - Aranis: Draundr
    - - Slavport: Treyble
    - Yrntrn
    - - Digyol: Pathos's Shop, Oklein Outreach and Inn
  • I flew back to Delvad during this? I thought I was still in Ystheria.
  • @Bowler218 You were in Allschurch. But right now, you're being chased into the forest.
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    Action Phase - Challenge 2

    You fly with Kia to the fields of Racrion to teach her some of the most basic spells angels must know. Things could get destructive if they go wrong, so you need to make sure you're away from civilization.

    The sun reflects off the golden grass as you descend into a small valley, away from any signs of life. The first thing you'll have to introduce Kia to is mana. Angels like you don't need to do this, but until she becomes better with magic, she will need to absorb her power manually. You demonstrate how, and she follows the motions, before... accidentally throwing a ball of white mana in your face. Thankfully, there's no way such an unintended spell could be dangerous, and it dissipates on impact. It sends both of you into a fit of laughter. "I guess that's not how it's supposed to work."

    Eventually, Kia gets the hang of absorbing mana, and even manages to make an orb of light before you even teach her how to cast any spells. She sure is a fast learner. Now... since she has that orb in her hand, you create one yourself, and demonstrate a spell. An explosion of light that only hurts the impure. You cast out the ball, and it explodes in a blinding light. Now, it's Kia's turn. She closes her eyes for a moment, trying to follow the motions, when the ball suddenly glows incredibly bright. She throws the ball into the distance, and it explodes in a powerful enough blast to blind you.


    While the spell, by nature, didn't damage its surroundings, it definitely left an impact. Both you and Kia were shocked. Such raw power... if it was true this was her first spell, then how did she cast it so masterfully? More masterfully than you, in fact?

    The Challenge: Spell after spell you demonstrate, Kia pulls them off with remarkable finesse. Even with Arne's amulet, her magic seems to be more powerful. All these little spells don't seem to phase her. You'll need to give her a challenge, a spell even you have a hard time casting.

    Create an instant or sorcery that fits in Mythic rarity. As last time, you can submit up to three cards this way, with the average being used to determine effectiveness. Each card will be judged mainly by how balanced the card is. This is a noncombat scenario, so the main factor here is just making sure the card is realistic.

    • 3 points for complexity/effect compared to rarity
    • 7 points for proper flavor, card feel, and staying within the color pie
    • 10 points for card effect and balancing, excluding rarity
    • Remember. You can’t submit a card you’ve already submitted, and you’ll lose five points if your card is not new.

    Once again, as the maximum score is 20, you will miss if your score is less than 13. Misses will not cause significant harm to you at this point in the Saga. However, it could mean missed growth for your ally.
  • @Tommia I'm gonna go with Grab/Attack/Grab. I'm literally so nervous haha! I hope luck is on my side because I can't write my way to victory!
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    @EpicBoss99 You wings flap so hard the wind shakes the trees. You know this man can’t control himself, and yet, as if by instinct, he’s making a beeline for the Duskwood territory. You have to stop him...

    As you attempt to take the least violent approach possible, you make your way over top of Vryx and try to drop onto him, but instead of landing on top of him, you hit your beak on a branch, and you plummet to the ground. The werecrow Vryx noticed this, and begins to fly away faster. No matter what it takes, as long as he’s alive, you have to catch him.

    Out of desperation, you fly with haste you’ve never had before. Your beak is bleeding, but the damage to your beak is a minor cost compared to the cost of this man getting away. You don’t want to hurt him again, but you don’t want to take any more chances of him getting away. Hoping this doesn’t go like last time, you fly above the trees, and then swoop down, headfirst. As you strike Vryx, he falls uncontrollably to the ground, and with a few last flaps, you land beside him. Before he can get back up, you wrap your arms around him and restrain him. You use a trick you learned to safely incapacitate him, and you take him to your home. Hopefully you can negotiate in the morning, but first, you’ll need to tend to your wound.

    You now have a chance to talk to Vryx in private. Plan what you would like to do.

    @Bowler218 You are being taken to Verth’s house. Plan what you would like to do in the morning.
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    @Tommia @ASubtleGhost

    Let them all in, we are not going to be bad hosts, find some food and wine. Keep the blades sharp and ready, let's try to not get a bloodbath today.

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    @EpicBoss99 @Bowler218


    Location: Verth’s House in Delvad

    The sun is as high is it’s going to get, which is on the edge of the horizon. It’s noon, and Vryx finally wakes up, back in his human form. He doesn’t remember what happened, and he doesn’t know where he is. Since he only saw Verth as a wereraven, he also doesn’t know who the stranger is as they approach. All they see is another ranger, with a Duskwood Insignia on his right hand.
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    "By the insignia on your hand, I'm back in Duskwood territory. Look, I don't know you, but I know that if I leave, there's probably a couple guards outside of this building if I was tracked down that easily."
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    Verth was starting to grow weary from the number of risky decisions he has been forced to make. Luck was the only thing that made the difference between a broken nose and a murderous wereraven on the loose. He thanked whatever god was out there for his victory, but now he had to figure out what to do with this unconscious wereraven at his feet. He decided to take him to his hideout, but he would do so with utmost care. Carrying the body of his opponent as to not cause any further injuries, Verth finally arrived at his home in Delvad, deep in the heart of Duskwood territory. After making a makeshift splint for his nose to heal, Verth hid all of his sensitive documents on Lycanthropes as well as any pieces of research he was conducting himself, including the vials of blood and feathers he collected. It didn't take long for the sun to rise once again, changing the wereraven back into the archer that Verth knew all too well.

    "By the insignia on your hand, I'm back in Duskwood territory," the man mumbled with a sort of annoyance. So this was the archer that was such a huge threat to the Duskwood elves. "Look, I don't know you, but I know that if I leave, there's probably a couple guards outside of this building if I was tracked down that easily."

    "You'd be correct," Verth calmly spoke to him. He chose his words carefully as to not antagonize the archer. "It's only a safety precaution after what I have done to you..." Verth's words trailed off. He quickly began to come up with what to say before things got tense. Verth wanted to come up with some elaborate lie to ease the tension, but he knew deep down that telling the truth is what would make things better. It might lead to a powerful enemy, but it could also lead to a powerful friend as well.

    "Before I go any further, I must first offer you an apology. I don't know what kind of history you have with the Duskwood, but I needed to work with them to end the Lycanthrope threat here in Delvad," Verth paused. "As a result, I was the one who paralyzed you last night."

    "I am the wereraven that you fought." Verth revealed, fully aware of the consequences of admitting this.

    "I never meant to do any more than incapacitate you, but the Moon of Catastrophes had other plans for me. What was supposed to be a meticulous, well-practiced way to knock you out turned into a spine-breaking kick. And based on what happened at Allschurch last night, it seems as though we have much more in common now," Verth said, taking out one of Vryx's feathers that he collected at Allschurch. "I know you must be very upset with me, which is completely understandable. But I beg of you, let me make it up to you. I can help you get through this. I know someone, someone far more magically capable than I am, who can grant you the power to keep your humanity. Join me, and we can work together to bring peace to all of Stitia." Verth hoped that his rallying speech and offer to help would be enough for the stranger to join him.

  • @EpicBoss99

    Vryx picks up the feather, "Look, two years in Descour have taught me this: you won't find many people on the road you walk, but when you do, stay close. If this is what you did to me," says Vryx as he shakes the feather "I won't ever be able to forgive you, but I will follow you to your friend. Anything after that will be decided as we get there."
  • @Bowler218 @Tommia

    Vryx stood up, approaching Verth with anger in his eyes. He snatched the feather from Verth's hand, staring at it as he spoke. "Look, two years in Descour have taught me this: you won't find many people on the road you walk, but when you do, stay close." It seemed as though Verth had a new ally. He breathed a sigh of relief as the stranger continued. "If this is what you did to me," Vryx warned, pointing the feather at Verth, "I won't ever be able to forgive you, but I will follow you to your friend. Anything after that will be decided as we get there."

    Verth hoped for a more light-hearted response from the stranger, but he would take what he could get. However, Vryx's warning was definitely something to be wary of, but the situation was too dire to just abandon Vryx while he didn't have control of himself. Because of how shaky their alliance was, Verth refused to reveal his name or the name of his friend to Vryx. "Then follow me." Verth solemnly spoke. Both men left the house as Verth walked the path to the last known location of his friend Uvras. Verth wasn't even sure if his friend could help, but he had to at least try.

  • @EpicBoss99 @Bowler218

    - QUEST — Feathered Frenemies -

    As Verth guides Vryx out of the house, two Duskwood elves appear to be scared, looking at Vryx’s bow with wide eyes. The casualties from the ambush had decimated the Duskwood, reducing their population by almost a fifth. Without Verth’s interference, he could of singlehandingly turned them into nothing more than a memory. Vryx wished for a sign, but if this Arne was correct, he would receive no more fortunes to work with.

    To ensure they make it to Uvras’s hut in time, Verth offers to fly Vryx there. If this means protection from his fate, it was worth it.

    An Hour Later...

    This should be the place. Verth lands with Vryx, transforming back into his human form, and then he knocks on the door...

    “Who is it? I’m really busy now and I really don’t have time to-“ Uvras realizes it’s Verth. “Dear Gods...” Uvras unbolting the door and opens it. “If you went through the trouble of finding me, than it must be serious. Before I let you in, who is the gentleman?” Verth gives a short explanation of what’s going on. “*sigh* So it happened, like I said it would. You infected another, and must deal with the consequences. Look... I have... something I can use to help you, Vryx ( @Bowler218 ). A way to control your condition, to turn it into a boon. But... you must make five promises with me. You shall not use it to do harm upon another, except with good intentions. You must not use it to do harm upon the innocent. You must always keep the artifact close to you. You must never let anyone know its secret. And lastly, unless the artifact ceases to function, we are to never meet again. Do you accept this?”
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    I agree.
  • @Tommia can I join as a villain? I have some ideas, however I don't know much about this plane other than what's on the first page.
  • @Mantis17 I’ll catch you up to speed when I get on here tomorrow. Feel free to DM me your dastardly plans. Muahahahah...
  • @Bowler218 @EpicBoss99

    “Very well. Verth. Do you trust this man with your secret? With your power? With your life?”
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    Thank you for reminding me.

    @Aggroman15 since another player is awaiting your response, you currently have three days to submit one before they are advanced to their next event. (If this happens, you will still be able to submit a card for the challenge, but you won’t advance with them. You’ll be advanced separately.)
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    @EnvyReaper You lie there at the corpse of your fallen ally, lost in your thoughts. What happened to them? Why can’t you resurrect them? And most importantly... who did this? While your allegiance to the Coven is still held close, you now have a duty that rises above it...

    Challenge 1

    You tell your comrades you are going to be out for the day. The sun rises on the horizon. Just like everyone else, you’ve noticed the phenomenon hanging in the sky. The moon, growing bigger and brighter, and the sun retreating with every passing day. You set your mind back to the task at hand. You decide to search for clues. You start by taking a bone from Drana’s skeleton; with the right magic, one can tell what spell was used to kill a being, and who cast it.

    A voice rings in your head. Echoes of a divine being. “Draundr. Before I begin, I... apologize I can’t be of more assistance. My name is Arne. I’m a former Light Diviner. With the events that have transpired, you are in need of a sign. Of a fortune. However, with my recent betrayal, I no longer bear the power to fully read one’s fortune. However, I do hold my power of premonition ever still. As I rest on the battlefield, fallen, I shall tell you what I see...”

    “...I see... a human. A lost human. He wanders the streets, looking for ones he knew. I can feel it within him. He has just been reborn. The Cursed Rebirth has done him spite, and now, he wonders if anyone will understand him...”

    “That is all I have for you. Think about it personally. What does it mean to you? The Cursed Rebirth? I’ll be in touch if anything changes...”

    A few hours later...

    As you walk through Padetra, looking for clues, you finally find a set of footprints. Hoping they may be a sign, you follow them to where they might lead...

    “Did you see that guy back there?”
    “Yeah. That was pretty messed up. There isn’t even a drop of blood on the bones. It’s like they never had flesh to begin with!”
    These people are just as confused as you are. You decide it’s a good idea not to approach them, when one suddenly stands up and turns towards your direction. You hide.
    “Hey. I heard something weird, so I’m gonna look real quick, alright?”
    “Got it.”
    Uh oh. You don’t know what to do about this newfound threat, but they’re within Coven territory, so you are authorized to-


    “Ah! What is that thing?” You realize he hasn’t seen you, so you turn to see what he’s looking at, and realize you are being followed.


    The man pulls out a bow and tries to shoot the giant spider, but it doesn’t work. His buddies rush in to help, but to no avail. In the end, it’s just you and the spider. You wouldn’t die to a spider, would you? Make a card that depicts the weapon, spell, technique, etc. that you will use to defend yourself!

    Points will given based on how well your response works against the enemy, as well as the realism of the card and how it suits your character’s colors and ideals (I’m looking for balance here, but don’t fret the details)

    You entry will be scored from 0-30. Any score below a fifteen will count as a miss, but don’t worry. I’m not killing anyone yet...

    • 5 points for fittingness
    • 10 points for card effect and balancing
    • 15 points for response to threat
    • You will lose five points if the entry is not new
    • You cannot submit any card you’ve submitted so far for this contest
  • @Pepperoni “Ah! I see you’ve got quite a lotta money on ya today! Looking to buy out the shop? Please do. This thing is really heavy right now.”

    Really heavy... yes. You could use some really heavy armor. But you want something that won’t hinder you as significantly in battle.

    “Well, have I just the thing, made in just the right size for a beast like you. Let me just- grrr.....” You can really tell he’s having a hard time getting the armor out. You haven’t really done any heavy work to see just how strong this vessel is, but you decide to give it a try. With one hand, you grab the armor by the neckplate and pull it out of the cart with relative ease. “W-w-well, um... that solves that. Anyways, this armor is designed with someone like you in mind. It has flails, you gotta keep ‘em spinning. But once you start goin’, man! As long as you don’t stop, you could probably tear apart this whole damn city by yourself!”

    Good. That’s exactly the kind of armor you want, but with just flails, you way be a tad exposed to any ranged weapons or spells that get slung at you. You also want something... functional. A nasty looking harpoon gun catches your eye, and it seems like the perfect thing. You ask the man how powerful this thing is. “Well, I don’t think congress will miss that pretty little poster boy over there, do you?” A statue of the governor, made of metal. “Go ahead. Try it, but I’ll warn you. I’m not strong enough to load that thing.” You can easily tell how powerful the harpoon gun is by its sheer draw tension. A good 500 lbs at least. You wonder... was this thing ever meant to be used by anyone other than a colossal behemoth like Teegar? Anyways, you aim the weapon and fire, and it goes straight trough the statue and breaks through the wall behind it, putting a hole in an abandoned government library. “Eh. They won’t miss it.” You walk over and pull the harpoon out of the bookshelf it got stuck in, and somehow, the harpoon itself hasn’t bent. This thing is ridiculous.

    Now that you’re done with that, it’s time to arm your crew. Even with your superior abilities, your crew will be the fastest. You’ll have to rely on them if the caravan attempts to escape. “So, you wanna throw a boarding party? Well, I’ve got something even an idiot like you can wield.” You give him a dirty look. You can tell he clearly didn’t mean anything by it, but deep inside, you still feel offended. “I kid, I kid. Anyways, these hooks dig deeper than a grudge, that’s for sure. Anything your crew can throw these at, they’ll catch. Plus, I think you might want one for yourself. Wouldn’t be surprised if you could flip one of those wagons with that thing.” Now that’s an idea. You buy one for every member of the crew, including yourself, and now you’re broke. At least you can stay assured you can take the heat. “Looks like my boy loves his new toys. Take care of yourself. I should assume I’ll be seeing you again.”

    The cart is significantly lighter now, as the shopkeeper pulls the cart away. You’re honestly not sure what kind of living being would be able to pull it off, but you carry your new gear all the way back to the boat, then go to the Slamming Door, where Teegar’s friends await...
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    @spookoops You can feel it. You access to magic is drained. Your severe lack of sleep is finally catching up to you, as you are unable to naturally replenish your mana supply. Thankfully, you have a special tool that should be able to deal with this pesky spirit without concern.


    You pull out a special “tool” you’ve been saving for this kind of occasion, and prepare to attack. The spirit sees the blade, and pulls out her own, and you go defensive. With a polearm, she can easily counter a mere knife. You’ll have to wait for the right moment to strike. She continues to carry Reggie’s spirit along, and you are forced to follow as neither of you seem to be ready to strike. This is getting ridiculous. You can’t just let het get away, so you draw a small amount of black mana from Gothael, imbuing the blade with an aura of darkness, and you lunge in to strike...

    With one fell swoop, the spirit parries the attack, and your knife falls to the ground. The polearm makes a devastating cut as it embeds itself in your right trap, nearly making it to your neck. Bleeding profusely, you know that this battle now runs on a strict timer. If you can’t make it back home in time to heal, then all of this will have been for nothing. You need an answer, and you need it now. But then, you remember... somewhere in your studies, you remember...

    “When a chainer sends a spirit to damnation, they still retain a bond with it. If one wished to do so, they could easily use their chaining magic to bring back these spirits as slaves, until they are no longer required...”

    You never thought of using such a diabolical power, but now’s the time to try. You absorb what little white mana you can grasp for, and completely run your magic supply dry. You skin turns pale, and you exert your soul. Reaching an ephemeral arm into the ground, you grab a chain of light from within the confines of damnation, and draw forth the spirit of a priest that may be able to do away with this being...


    You whip the chain out of the ground and strike the spirit with it, and the lash paints the air white as the being you summoned rips the spirit in two. “What is this madness?! How could a mortal like you defeat an envoy of the six...” The spirit withers away as the one you summoned takes its place. It understands why you brought it here. It brings the spirit of Reggie back to you, and you are glad you were able to save Reggie from this terrible fate. You head home, and brew one last potion for the night, a healing one, before going to bed, this time for sure.
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