The Cardsmith Dinner

Hi, cardsmiths. Today we finally got the first visual spoilers from Throne of Eldraine and with that came two new mechanics. And since we can't really do with the Adventure mechanic as we don't have the card frames availible and we really don't know how it works on top of that, today's "challange" will be about the second new mechanic. Food.

Food is an artifact subtype, that appears mostly on food tokens, but can be also found on cards like Golden Egg.

And how does it work? Well, at firs there are some examples, that we got:
image image image

So, tokens have this ability by default: {2}, {t}, Sacrifice this artifact: You gain 3 life.

And I want you to come up with interesting ideas to use Food on cards, before you become too influenced by the real cards that Wizards have created. Good luck!

BONUS: While writing this, I realised something. That Food is the first token type, that also appeared on a normal card! Treasures, Gold or Clues didn't get that. So, the bonus challange is to create an normal castable artifact of a type, that appeared only as a token (I'm sure that the three I named aren't the only ones).

There's no deadline, prizes or reall rules, just have fun.



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