Dragons vs Krakens, Contest (closed)

1st place gets 1 favorite and 1 follow
2nd place gets 1 follow (if already following 1 favorite)
3rd place gets 1 follow (if already following 1 favorite
4th place gets 1 favorite
5th place gets 1 favorite
The most Excessive card gets 1 favorite

1. your card must have the creature subtype 'Dragon' or 'Kraken' (you can make a planeswalker if your want but it has to be a dragon or kraken planeswalker)
2. you card must have converted mana cost 4 or greater
3. your card must have power 10 or less
4. deadline is {October 5 2019 8:30 AM}

my dragons and krakens(I only have one)


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