Rashura (Action/Adventure Hybrid; LAST DAY TO JOIN IS NOVEMBER 22ND!)

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A collapsing plane, ravaged by natural and supernatural phenomenon. A distortion in spacetime has brought you here, be it in groups, or alone. You may not choose your allies, but it's your choice if you want to survive, seeking out the Portal of Asava to escape the plane before it becomes completely uninhabitable. Threats could be other survivors, or they could be enemies to the survival of the world. You can make allies or fight for yourself. But in the end, only one can escape alive...

- Each round consists of challenges submitted to players or groups.
- If at any time you encounter a survivor, both of you can call a truce, joining forces. But you'll have to fight eventually...
- Yes, you can betray your teammates, but not without a fight to the death!
- You will receive criteria for the challenges as they come.
- All players who wish to participate must be caught up by November 22nd or be disqualified.
- Don't worry if you die. No one said supernatural excluded raising the dead.

If entering before the 22nd, create the following:
- A Legendary Creature with an identity of up to three colors and a CMC of no more than six.
- An enchantment, artifact, or land, other than an aura or equipment, that fits within that identity. This represents where your character wakes up after falling into the plane. That card's CMC must be no more than 4.

- Any non-planeswalker card capable of dealing with a 2/2 creature that's attacking, even if it relies on other cards, that fits in that identity. CMC max 5.
- PM me these three, and you're locked in! I'll give you your challenge after that.


  • Hell yeah. Count me in!
  • @Blazin_Biscuit Got it! Real quick, I just updated the rule set. The only change is to give me at least 3 color identities you would be interested in taking. I'll use this to determine certain things, such as starting teams and what not.
  • @Tommia easy. Red, Blue, Black
  • I'll join

  • Sounds noice!

    Make me a Dimir, Simic, Sultai, or Esper
  • Ooh, nice!
    I'd like Mardu, Dimir, or Abzan, please.
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    Damn, this sounds a lot like Tarmaris. I’ll be Esper, Dimir, or Abzan.
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    I'll do this. Naya, Abzan or Bant.
  • count me in: grixis, esper or jund
  • Sign me up, Izzet, Azban, Dimir
  • Rakdos, Mardu, Grixis for me.
  • We have 9 contestants so far. The collapse will begin sometime between tomorrow and Thursday...
  • I’ll join!

    My colors: Izzet, Selesnya, Dimir
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    Alrighty then! It's time to get settled in. Think I'll start this a little early.

    Round Zero - Heat One

    You are asleep. Your dreams are filled with nightmarish echoes. Screams. Visions of rapture. You mind is shattered. You have to recall who you are...

    I took everyone's color choices, and split them down into colors, two people per color. Sorry if you may or may not have gotten the primary color you want, but I am doing this to ensure a balanced competition, instead of 9 million black Spellslingers.

    Find your name below, and make a character card using your designated color and up to two other colors of your choice, following the criteria below. You will not be eliminated unless you fail to submit an entry in a reasonable amount of time (Max two weeks, but if everyone else is done, I may call it early. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause).

    Note that the colors you choose will be the only colors you can use in the contest, unless you choose less than three. If you do, you can splash in colors later until you have chosen three total colors.

    - @ouser94501 - White
    - @TezzeretofCarmot21 - White
    - @HeroKP - Blue
    - @shadow123 - Blue
    - @Credius - Black
    - @IzItTru - Black
    - @Blazin_Biscuit - Red
    - @Mantis17 - Red
    - @Bowler218 - Green
    - @KorandAngels - Green

    - Must be a Legendary Creature with CMC 6 or less
    - Must at least have the mentioned color in its identity.
    - Cannot have an identity of more than three colors.
    - No entries that can transform into other card types, but transforming creatures are allowed, even if they transform into other creature types/color identities

    Even though it won't really matter, here's the ranking criteria. I will rank your entries, but during round zero, you cannot be eliminated.

    - 6 points for overall card balance
    - 5 points for realism, proper grammar and syntax, and the like
    - 4 points for following the color pie and the ideals of your color (combo)
    - 3 points for proper rarity and difficulty (Basic cards will lose a point. Blatantly simple cards, such as vanilla creatures or dull effects on instants/sorcerers will lose two,)
    - 2 points for fitting flavor and overall card feel
    - You can't resubmit cards you've already submitted in this contest
    - You'll lose two points if the card was not made within two weeks of this contest beginning
  • Is it to late to join?
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    Late entry, but jumping in with @Tommia 's permission.


    Edited to add some story:

    Ando was once the favored bodyguard of a powerful lord. After losing his lord's favor by failing to stop his heir's assassination, Ando vowed to grow stronger by any means necessary. Cashing in a career's-worth of favors and good will, he underwent experimental augmentation at the hands of his lord's most skilled arcane craftsmen. The decades have dulled his passion, yet still Ando seeks redemption. With every strike of his sword, he strains against the limitations of his mortal frame.
  • @Scmoohawk I'm still accepting entries. Read the full post at the top for details.
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    Got my entry here.
    Vaukan is a paladin of a faraway kingdom that seeks knowledge and glory. He’s a master at tooling with equipment of all sorts and he wears armor made of purest gold. Vaukan makes cunning moves to try to further his goals. Although he’s white-blue and lawful neutral, he’s still willing to smite his enemies or anyone who opposes him.
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    Well, here is Aditi! She is a teleportation mage and a talented thief who has a pet cat that likes to adventure with her.


    Edit: Card edited thanks to @Tomigon!
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    Brion is a hunter who specialzes in killing undead and horrors. She is a trained archer and tracker.

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    I thought we would be given a colour combination and I wanted white and green and something else, rather than being given the wrong single colour.
  • @KorandAngels you can do any 3 colors as long as green is in it so White Green is perfectly fine
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    "Oh gods, my head. What did I hit this time... Wait! I better get back to my research!"
    Solomon is a arcane crafter, who prefers to use slightly unorthodox - but definitely not dangerous in any way - methods of quickly progressing with his works.
  • image

    Myrhos is a minotaur whose lifelong passion is to forge weapons for the great armies of the minotaurs. He combos really well with fires of intervention (hence the eldraine symbol) and is also my 150th card!
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    Myrca was once the promising student of a powerful dragon, yet in her curiosity, she consumed the dragon's blood and ended up transformed into a hybrid, not fully a dragon, no longer fully human, but with a lust for power greater than that of both.

    fixed at behest of @shadow123
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    There are a few wording mistakes on your card:

    Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, choose one-

    -Target player loses 1 life.
    - Target player discards a card.
    - Target creature gains hexproof until the beginning of your next end step.

    I’m not sure, but Human Dragon just sounds more pleasing to me :) Nice card!
  • I hope this follows the rules


    The manaflux monster is the withered husk of a defeated ancient god who used to embody all life. It has shape shifted so many times in order to survive that it has forgotten it's past. It now wanders the universe assimilating knowledge through acquiring alien forms in an attempt to rediscover it's true purpose.
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    Arcur comes from the plane of Thurein, a plane Similar to (And Nearby to) Eldrain, only with religion. The Scabbard is one of the branches of the church of Acyn (Who is Avacyn with a slightly changed name[Who is present on this plane, since most civilisation on the plane was founded by a pair of Planeswalkers from Innistrad]). Arcur is the lord of a small castle. only he was warped by the Grand Vortex*.

    * I hope you like that name.

    (He has green.)
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