murkletins - Asymmetric/Reverse Challenge (Closing)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, myself thought of a twist on the reverse challenge genre and my uncertainty of it all challenges. So without further adieu...

So what is this two dimensional challenge? We will be doing a combination of two very popular challenge genres. One popularized by Faiths_Guide and the other by myself, murkletins. Below are the contest details!

The popular challenges intertwined are the following...
1) The reverse challenge genre.
2) Asymmetric challenge genre.

1) You request a personal challenge, up to once each three days.
2) Myself give you a personal challenge.
3) Make a card for that challenge, if you like the premise.
4) If your card is the best fitting entry for thosethree days, myself will award you three favorites on cards of yours you choose, then myself will ask you for a challenge.
4B) Your challenge for myself must be within 20 words or less.
5) Myself create a card for your challenge within two days.
6) Feel free to score my card out of 5 stars, under your criteria.
6B) This helps myself improve my consistency in making well done cards.

Notes on Judging:
Judging will take place the day after the last day in the cycle, for reason of having the most chances for cardsmiths to enter each day.

Crediting the Artist:
1) You must credit the creator of the artwork on your card.

Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)

Time to challenge one another's cardsmith views, with a new idea!



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