I Win, You Lose! Alt-Win and Alt-Lose Cons [The Contest]

Hello fellow cardsmiths!

You know what I really love? Winning. You know what's really cool? Winning in extraordinarily cool ways. We've all had games that have ended because we knocked our opponent down to 0 life, or we've all been milled to death, etc. But have you ever taken the time to look at some of Magic's fun strange ways to win (or force your opponent[s] to lose) that's outside of the ordinary? Things like:


Your task for this challenge is to make some great cards that have alternate win or loss cons! They can be of any colors, so to boost your cardsmithing minds, here are two I've made to showcase just the sheer extent of cards that you can make!

Both of these cards display the two main axes that I will judge the challenge on: originality and power-fairness.
Originality- For originality, I'm looking at the originality of the concept. Basically, I want cards that do things that you probably won't find in most magic games. You'll be kind of hard pressed to find a game with four demons just floating around. Basically, this is just the coolness factor. How cool is the card and does it seem like it's a card that someone would genuinely build a deck around.
Power-Fairness- We're dealing with alt-win cons and alt-loss cons here. Safe to say, balance is an important part of the contest. I didn't name this balance, because you're literally winning the game with these cards. What I care about is that when you win the game it feels like a win. You have to put an adequate amount into these cards to pull them off. These shouldn't be cards that you just throw into decks, you build decks around them to pull them off.

As always, there's some other things you should take care for when making your cards:
1. Formatting; nice cards are nice cards
2. Artwork; good artwork is fire, and even more fire is crediting the artists who made it
3. Be Respectful
4. Have Fun!

Now, for Prizes!!!
First Place: 5 favorites of your choice, a follow, and a favorite on submitted cards
Second Place: 3 favorites of your choice, a follow, and a favorite on submitted cards
Third Place: 1 favorite of your choice, a follow, and a favorite on submitted cards
Honorable Mentions (any card I like that doesn't place): Favorite on submitted card

Other things:
5 entries, up to 2 can be old entries.
Oh yeah! End date is tentatively December 16th. I need over a full month cause I'm quite busy, so you've got plenty of time.
Have fun and let's win some games!!!!



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