Looking to play! {Round 1}

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My deck: Forest + Island
Requested Deck: Swamp + Island
Features: Pirates, Merfolk, Fliers.
Special Cards: Make 2 legendary sorceries and interrupts, one of each for each land type. They must be immune to countering for this to work.
Creature Specials Advised:
Teamster +X/+Y {for each other teamster in play, this card gains +X/+Y}
Underwater Breath {ignores the oxygen counter penalties from swimming and diving}
Athletics {may block trample}
Extras: The plot revolves around them using their corruption to make things worse. They control almost all the resources, and thus, the more expensive cards, but my technologies are considerably better than usual. They don't know about the oxygen counter situation, however... but they definitely know of the imerians.

Deck size should, with repeats, be about 60 cards... 10 of each land should do the trick for that.


  • Mate, just stop. At this point we're all just assuming you're either a troll or a little kid. No one knows what you're talking about, and you keep refusing to answer our questions. I am sorry for coming off harsh, but you truly need to learn how to communicate with and respect other people on the internet.
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    I've been a good boy, you just have to look... sheesh. Your judging the book by the cover. How much longer must this disrespect continue?

    … but on the dark side, why is that the fools always think their right even when their dead wrong?
  • Before you continue reading, what I wrote below can be taken as a very mean comment when read in the wrong tone. To be clear, I am not in any way upset or angry with you. I, personally, am very bad at word choice, and sometimes words come across more rude than intended. Honestly, I would like to get along with you and help you out with your designs. Please keep this in mind as you read the following. : )

    I am not judging you by your profile picture nor your username, which I assume is what you meant by “cover,” since that saying is commonly used for a physical appearance.

    The reason you are annoying me, and frankly everyone else here, is that you write in pointless and unnecessary riddles. You also appear to be very new to the game, and not truly know what’s going on. I don’t have any problem with helping beginners, but it’s disrespectful to clog up the forums of this site when you don’t know how to play the game. All I am asking of you is to write in clear, concise, English, and start respecting other people on this site by responding to their feedback and questions.

    I really don’t want to come off as rude, but you seriously need to learn to communicate through the written word. At the moment, I can’t understand your writing because it’s rather messy and vague. Perhaps read over what you write, and make certain it all makes sense.

    Anyway, I’m really bad at dealing with people, and I’m REALLY trying not to be mean. I hope we can all be on friendly terms soon.
  • @Reizon
    It's more good boy if you don't ignore advice and questions:)
    No one disrespects you. We just can't understand you.

    Anyways, how do we play this game? To me, your first comment looks like you want us to make some cards for UB faction of your set. Maybe you should make a thread for that before starting a gameplay chat?
    @Corwinnn did faction challenges before. You should check them out:
    My advice is to look some of the popular threads and see how they are doing.
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    We begin with 2 forms of basic manna, and unlock not just the other basics, but special combined land lands to gain new kinds of manna. Careful, however, it usually means facing such special forms of manna in a very difficult trial.

    So, just pick your 2, and I will create your first advanced land schemes. Beware, it WONT be easy as it's better plus higher. Further, there's plot elements too.

    The goal is to get all 5 lands merged, not an easy feat, by adventuring ALL the planes in order to do so.

    Otherwise, I've stated the situation with this Themed battle now. Just read the first post for details, but that's the Startup thing that properly enters my chosen 2 manna deck.
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    Advice and questions--
    -If you want to say deck's colors, you can say like GU(green+blue) instead of Forest+Island. Otherwise people might think all cards in the deck are lands.
    -Which deck features Pirates, Merfolk, and Fliers? Yours or requested deck?
    -"Interrupts" should be "Instant cards"
    -What is "immune to countering"?
    -Teamster N (This creature gets +N/+N for each creature with teamster on the battlefield.) would be better.
    -What does "oxygen counter penalties" do?
    -Basically all creatures can block creatures with trample, unless something says they can't. So athletics mechanic is pointless.
    -There are so many questions in that Extra text.. Do you want us to make mechanics themed around corruptions, resources and stuff? What is "oxygen counter situation"? Who are "they"? Who are Imerians? What are their colors/types/mechanics?

    People can't read your mind, so you need to explain these.
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    1. The requested deck. But I'm making it now...
    2. There's a card known as negate, that kind of countering.
    3. It's meant to be selective.... that +X/+Y...
    4. Some of the cards have specials attached to the use of oxygen counters. It doesn't eliminate the specials, just the ones directly dealing with oxygen counters, and thus, the blocking condition involving swimming and diving would remain.
    5. What IS trample then?
    6. The penalties on cards with those oxygen counters, for example, there's a card that penalizes attacking/blocking.

    Imerians> Speculations. Their goal is simply to develop the ultimate element. The backstory involves simply the pirates holding an iron fist on the people, contaminating the lands, and forcing most to be slaves. The new Imerian base, however, isn't known to the pirates, along with the Plainswalker druid. The druids search in secrecy, thus, for a solution to the pirate problem.
  • @Tomigon … kor, should do better than that.
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    … READY. I've even made the deck you can use for this duel, if that suits you.
  • 1. Ok, so what are we supposed to do then?
    2. "This spell can't be countered" is what you meant. Got it.
    3. If you make a keyword ability, it means that mechanic will be put on many creatures. Checking what X is and what Y is for each of those creatures is complicated. That's why I suggested to simplify it.
    4. What is "specials", "swimming" and "diving"?
    5. Trample (This creature can deal excess combat damage to player or planeswalker it's attacking.)
    Your 1/1 creature can block a 6/6 creature with trample, but you still take 5 damage.
    6. Still very unclear to me. When you explain your custom mechanic, you should just copy the reminder text.

    So are you going to use Untap.in or something?
    I looked your set. Sorry to say this, but I think it's too early for you to invite someone to play your cards. Your designs need a lot more work. You don't even seem to understand the rules of MtG.

    These are steps that I advice you to take..
    1) Learn a little more about MtG. Playing is the best way. (There are free sites/games like Untap.in, MtG Arena.)
    2) Use Gatherer and/or Scryfall's advanced search, and try to word MtG texts better.
    3) Leave comments and favorites on other cardsmiths cards, so that they can find you and your cards. Some of them will leave feedbacks on your cards in return, and you can learn from them.
  • 4. It's explained with a certain card I own, look at Underwater Access. Specials are just abilities, otherwise. {I tend to mix Yugioh...}
    1. Either make a deck with the suggestions, or use this one:
  • This one duel keeps me from awakening the advanced lands... that's it.
    Should be easy to make a deck based on pirates, fliers, and mermaids, but I have one.
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    Terminated because few even care no matter how well planned this may be.
    … and I've roleplayed OUT of this battle anyhow.
  • @Reizon

    Want to know something? It isn't, it never was, there is no plan
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    @EnvyReaper Just let it die, dude. Your beating a dead horse.
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