Gear Up

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Hello, and welcome to my 14th contest.

Light your fires and stoke the forges. You have been contracted by the High King to create a set of armor for one of his royal guards. Each week, there will be a new item to create.

So you can prepare here are the types of armor you will be creating (They may or may not be in this order):
Helmet: Complete
Chest plate: Complete

For each week, prizes will be as follows:
1st: 3 Faves
2nd: 2 Faves
3rd: 1 Fave
Revan's Pick: 2 Faves
Royal Smith: 1 Fave, and a weapon created for you by His Majesties Royal Smith, Rey Vann.

Submissions will be accepted until a week from the start of a section.
Limit of one card per section.
Old creations will be accepted.

May the fires of creativity fuel your imagination.

I normally do this, but so you know, I will be favoriting every card that is entered.


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