Duel Decks: Demons vs. Dragons.

Demons are masters of the underworld and like the heat and fire under the surface. But dragons are from the surface and some breathe fire out their mouths and nostrils. I just thought it would be cool to make a duel deck out of it. Any cards okay, but mostly demons and dragons are wanted for this set.

Here are some basic rules to making dragons:
1 -- Any Colors are Okay with Me
2 -- They Must have Flying or be Able to Gain Flying
3 -- Make most of them have Reasonable Abilities
4 -- You can Make up Custom Abilities if you Want
5 -- No Overpowering them

Here are some basic rules to making demons:
1 -- Most of them Should have Flying
2 -- Mostly Black and Red Creatures
3 -- Make Reasonable Abilities
4 -- You are Aloud to Make your Own Abilities
5 -- No Overpowering them

This is an example: http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/skull-crusher-7?list=user#.VbF9l_9RGM8. Only up to 20 cards per person please.


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