| Nonbasic Lands - Creative Design Contest |

----------------- Challenge: Create an interesting and unique nonbasic land! -----------------


1. Card type must include Land
2. No basic land subtypes are allowed
3. 3 entries per cardsmith (I'll only consider the one I believe the best from a unique smith)
4. Up to one old card (Otherwise, only cards made this December will count)
5. Any rarity
6. No joke cards, realistic only
7. Remake whatever whenever (Just let me know)
8. Cards must be published on MTGCardsmith

_______________________________________Quick Q&A_______________________________________

Q: Do we have rules?
A: Of course we have rules!

Q: Are rules made to be broken?
A: Feel free--your submission won't be considered.

Q: Can we submit old cards?
A: Up to one old card out of your three submissions.

Q: Should we use custom mechanics?
A: I'd prefer you didn't, but it's not a rule.

Q: Can we submit cards created on other sites?
A: You can submit an image from another site, but the card must also be published here.

1st-3rd and Honorable Mentions will have their submissions favorited.

1st-3rd will get A MONTH OF PREMIUM TO KEEP OR GIVE AWAY courtesy of @murkletins and will be added to the Hall of Fame -

1st: 1 favorite of his or her choice (at my discretion), and a token of them in this set - http://mtgcardsmith.com/user/Faiths_Guide/sets/5502

Some of you may not have been informed (or noticed), but I favorite only the cards that have
won contests I've (co)hosted, this makes "Faiths_Guide Faves" very rare... I do make
supplemental faves with my @jd_artwork account though.

THE END DATE is Midnight on the 31st of December (PST). Happy Smithing!


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