Lend White a Helping Hand **Circuit Challenge**

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Recently, WOTC has pledged to improve white’s viability in older formats and Commander with symmetrical card draw, first seen in Happily Ever After in ELD.


For this challenge, I want you to design cards to showcase other ways to help white gain card advantage. Each card you submit should either push into new mechanical space for white or creatively use existing or little-used design space with novel execution.

That being said, neither severe color pie bends nor color pie breaks should be submitted

Put more simply, any cards that fundamentally undermine white’s characteristic weakness (cannot get raw card advantage) are not acceptable.

1) Maximum of 3 entries.
2) Old and new cards are allowed.
3) Power level and complexity must be appropriate for a standard legal set.
4) ’Symmetrical draw’ may not be used.
5) Cantrips may be used but the other effect must push into new space for white in accordance with the contest prompt.
6) No joke cards or un-cards.
7) The flavor of the card should match white’s philosophy.
8) All entries must be mono-white.


Entries will be evaluated on:
— Individual card design and power level.
— Novelty / Innovation of the new / repurposed mechanical space.
— Applicability to white’s core problems (lack of longevity as the game progresses, commander, lack of card advantage potential to name a few)


1st Place: 5 Faves of your choice & 1 Circuit Point.
2nd Place: 4 Faves of your choice & 3/4 Circuit Point.
3rd Place: 3 Faves of your choice & 1/2 Circuit Point.
4th Place: 2 Faves of your choice & 1/4 Circuit Point.
5th Place: 1 Faves of your choice & 1/4 Circuit Point.

This contest will close for judging at 12AM EST on 12/20/19.

Good luck! Feel free to ask any questions in the thread below.


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    A new one for white card advantage:

    Enchantment from grave to hand is primary in white, while both artifacts and creatures are secondary.
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    - BANISHED -
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    @TenebrisNemo & @bnew07
    I debated a "justice/balance" solution, but isn't it still the raw card advantage we were advised not to design?
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    Another new one:
  • @Faiths_Guide @TenebrisNemo

    In my opinion it does provide raw card advantage in a way that white shouldn’t.

    Also, Faith_Guide’s last entry is missing a P/T
  • @bnew07 - Understood. I've removed my entry.
  • @bnew07
    Ok, cool.

    I was just informed about the missing P/T and I'm working on it. Thank you!
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    Updated the Pious one:
    Wording is now similar to Backdraft Hellkite thanks to @kkarn's suggestion!
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  • Now a circuit challenge!
  • Life gain for card draw bleeds into blue a little... oh!

  • @bnew07
    Question: How do we (and WotC) look at investigate? It's practically raw card advantage, right?
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    I know I've designed all rares, but since we're worried about older formats and EDH I'm not concerning myself with limited scenarios. I'm trying to push white's longevity, commander relevance, and card advantage potential in a way that's appropriate for the rarity--without designing crazy mythics. Hope everyone likes my submissions!
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    The Pious submission has wording updates thanks to help from @DomriKade! It'll probably continue to evolve since what I'm attempting is so complex. Wish us luck!
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    Yup, more changes to the Pious one. Phew!
  • @Faiths_Guide

    Investigate is considered the same as card draw. The ability of a card to investigate once is essentially a cantrip but investigating multiple times is raw card advantage that white cannot have
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    Gotcha. Cards like Bygone Bishop (and my Shamus) are off the table then, right?
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    "The ability of a card to investigate once is essentially a cantrip but investigating multiple times is raw card advantage that white cannot have"

    As a player who plays TONS of white, I strongly disagree with this. (Bygone bishop was awesome when it was in standard.) They aren't printing good enough white cards to hold that stance. They have steadily nerfed things white does, and given it back nothing to offset it. Board wipes are too cheap....make them cost 5-6 mana. Removal is too good...make cost 3-4 mana. (and be potentially reversible) Mass land destruction isn't fun... (despite being a great counter to field of the dead and all this unhindered ramp flying around.) you don't get it anymore and get nothing to replace it. Protections are too good, get hexproof from a color instead.

    Where have they buffed white? White has gotten the worst versions of things in cycles as of late.(Just look at the white cards in Eldraine and modern horizons compared to the rest.) I'm not sure why they feel compelled treat it as the redheaded step child of magic. They keep buffing green and giving it awesome stuff and reward it for doing green things. I don't see why white can't draw cards from enchantments via enchantress effects or clues as those are perfectly fair mechanics.(I include monarch cards in all my commander decks since it's white card draw.) What uber white card has been printed recently? There's a reason players often consider white and red the worst colors for commander....it's mostly due to the lack of card draw. When they start printing white cards that win games mostly on their own(Such as Elspeth Sun's champion and Gideon, Ally of Zenikar), then white can afford to draw fewer answers. That is definitely not the case currently.

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    *Data expelled*
  • image
    Final Entry
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    Here. Dunno about this tbh.

    image image image
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    nontoken copies are mainly seen in blue nowadays, but they have been made in white before, and I think having nontoken copies return to white as a secondary mechanic would be really neat


    (sorry that it's so cramped, didnt know how to summarise the text)
  • @Xero0
    I believe it should be
    "...Enters the battlefield as a copy of *target* creature or planeswlaker *in* a graveyard or *in* exile..."
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