Elder/Primeval Dragon Planeswalker Challenge

So we know how powerful Nicol-Bolas and Ugin are as planeswalkers. Assuming the Elder Dragon war didn't kill off all their siblings and the Primeval dragons didn't kill themselves off, maybe there would be even more Elder or Primeval Dragon Planeswalkers running around the multiverse causing chaos. Maybe something like:

image image image image

So your challenge is thus:

Re-imagine an elder or primeval dragon (besides Bolas and Ugin) as a planeswalker. It's that simple.

So then Rules:

1. New cards only (created on or after December 1, 2019).
2. Must be based on an elder or primeval dragon that exists in the MTG lore (see list at end of the post for options).
3. Card must be a planeswalker card based on an elder or primeval dragon from MTG lore.
-Flip cards like Nicol-Bolas, the Ravager will be allowed.
4. You must use the tri colors associated with that elder or primeval dragon in the mana cost for the card (ie. a silumgar planeswalker should have blue, green, and black mana in the mana cost).
5. YOU MUST CREDIT THE ARTIST (or your entry will be disqualified). What does crediting the artist mean?:
- You must make a good faith effort to find the original artist's name or username (for sites like pintrest/deviantart/flickr etc.) and use that name in the box in cardsmith crafter labeled "Artwork artist".
- If you cannot find the artist after a good faith effort, please note this somewhere in your entry post.
- You will not be penalized if you failed after making a good faith effort.
6. No entry limit, but please be reasonable. I have to take time to judge each entry.
7. Contest closes on December 31, 2019. Judging will happen in the days following.

And Judging Criteria (in order of importance):

1. Flavor: How well does your card represent the elder dragon you chose overall via art, abilities, flavor text (if any), etc.?
2. Balance: How balanced is the cost for the card, it's abilities, and the costs for those abilities? Keep in mind effects like doubling season when deciding costs for planeswalker abilities.
3. Creativity: How were you able to incorporate elements of that dragon's personality or story in it's mechanical abilities?

Points will be awarded 1-5 for each category. The card with the highest points will win first place, the next highest points will win second, etc.

Other minor things to keep in mind are formatting, semantics, and wording. Where possible please use and refer to official MTG cards for proper guidelines. I will be lenient, but particularly egregious formatting, semantics, or wording errors will result in docked points.

Please also keep the color-pie in mind. Bending the colors is ok, Breaking them is not. Again, I will be lenient, but particularly egregious offenses will be penalized.

So what do you win?

First place: 5 favorites
Second place: 3 favorites
Third place: 2 favorites
Up to 3 honorable mentions (at my discretion): 1 favorite

And some additional prizes (at my discretion):

Best flavor overall: 1 favorite
Most well balanced: 1 favorite
Most Creative: 1 favorite
Chaos pick (a randomly chosen entry): 1 favorite (pray to the RNG gods)

List of acceptable Elder/Primeval Dragons:

Arcades Sabboth
Vaevictus Asmadi


  • This looked cool, but I couldn't decide which dragon to use.
  • I will be entering. Deciding on which lovely elder dragon to use. I would love to do Bolas, but he's already been done a lot, and he's not an option. Thinking...
  • @KorandAngels, theres no entry limit, so feel free to enter as many as you want, but keep it to a reasonable number please. One person adding 10 or 15 would be ridiculous.
  • @Revan, Good luck deciding, and bolas and ugin have been done so many times already officially, the challenge is to imagine the other elder dragons or primevals as planeswalker cards lol
  • @zephyr6066 I know, makes it better.
  • Also, @KorandAngels, please note rule 4 above:

    4. You must use the tri colors associated with that elder or primeval dragon in the mana cost for the card (ie. a silumgar planeswalker should have blue, green, and black mana in the mana cost).

    I like the card, but dromoka should have the abzan colors (green, white, black) in her casting cost.

    I'll let it slide this time, but for future entries, please read the rules more carefully. thanks, and happy crafting!
  • edited December 2019
    Her card isn't black though, see:
  • For what it's worth, when the dragons took over the clans, a color got dropped. Sultai's BGU became Silumgar's UB. Abzan's WBG became Dromoka's GW. Point being, Tarkir's elder dragons are two-colored, so rule 4 doesn't make sense for them.
  • @KorandAngels, Yes, but he's associated with the abzan tribe which is green, white, black.

    @TheWanderer, I know the tarkir dragons dropped a color, but I wanted the challenge to be 3 color dragon planeswalkers, so the rule is 3 color dragon planeswalkers.
  • @zephyr6066
    I wouldn’t say any of the Tarkir dragons are associated with the tribes so much as intent on eating them hahahaha

    But I think the problem goes to the fact that even before the dragon lords ruled over humans on Tarkir (fate reforged) the elder dragons were two colors. And none of them nor their broodS have showcased other colors. It’s kinda like if Jace had to be designed simic even though he’s not really simic
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