Legendary Walls!

Legendary Creatures. Everyone loves them, especially if you play a lot
of Commander.

Walls. Fairly good blockers that sometimes have special abilities.

Now combine the two together. How many Legendary Walls has
wizards of the coast made? Precisely 1!!!!!

So, after finding this out, I obviously needed to make a Contest about it.

1. Make a legendary wall
2. Put a little description of your wall's story.
3. Submit!
1. No old cards!
2. Limit of 3 cards!


  • Here's an existing card I made...I will see if I can think of anything else.

    (Not a legal entry)
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    (Card coming soon)

    Here's my entry. Hope you like it!
  • @Lastjustice, I remember your Gate, still one of my favorite cards you've made...

    @MEGAElixer, your Gozdegek is not useful the way it is written. Why untap them, they enter the battlefield untapped already. Giving them haste and the damage clause is useless since all walls have defender and can't attack in the first place. You would need to reword the card like High Alert or Arcades.
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    ooh I missed this contest, I'm in.


    "The City-State of Crirael is a shell of what it used to be. After delving too deep into the power of Black Mana, catastrophe struck when a portal was opened to a plane of horrors. Unable to stem the tide, the High Council used its remaining resources to build the Colossus. The waves of creatures continually break against it, and its magics are only making it stronger over time. What fuels the Colossus' power, and what dark cost will it have on the people? Maybe Crirael hasn't yet learned its lesson..."

    Edit: fixed the border, @ArchieTaylor 's made me realize I forgot haha. thanks!
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    @spookoops I think you read my card wrong lol. The walls become green and black elemental creatures. I made them untap because I didn't care enough to search up whether any walls enter the battlefield tapped.
  • @MEGAElixer, I read the card just fine, even if they become G/B elemental creatures, they still have their original abilities, one of which is defender.
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  • @spookoops Oh, you're right lol. My bad. I'll fix that up at some point.
  • Entry numero dos:

  • @ArchieTaylor You've forgotten to put a clause on Stairway to Heaven saying what you've got to do with the permanents you search up.
  • I am providing two cards, though only one of them is for this contest and is legendary (the other I just thought you'd like to see).

    First, for this contest, is a new card featuring 300 Spartans working to defend freedom from tyranny (or so the legend behind this legendary goes). This is the story of 300 Spartan's who held the "Hot Gates" at the battle of Thermopylae to hold back the Persian Empire. According to legend, they only lost due to betrayal, so I made it indestructible, but vulnerable to exile and sacrifice. Further, if you have the mana to pump it and actually get to 300 soldiers, you cannot lose the game (though if you fall below 300, or the wall is destroyed, that's that).


    Second is a wall I made a while ago for a prior contest that would work great here, but it's older and isn't legendary, so... The story here comes from a plane with five races all in a permanent state of cold war with one another and their leaders potential to make covert alliances with each other. The wall is a defensive bulwark against the foes of man, and jus tgets stronger over generations of use and improvement.

  • image

    If a creature is strong or fast enough to get through the swamp, they can still hit you in the face. It's more a deterrent than a barrier
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  • bumping these un-judged contests (while I'm stuck home and bored :D )
  • First of all, i do realize that it doesn't have defender.
    I definitely meant to do that. 
    Anyways, the name of the wall translates from Tamil(I'm indian.) to
    Sword of death.

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