How Devoted Are You?



  • Cool! not trying to seem pushy :)
  • Everyone staying inside for the coronavirius should spawn a lot of new cards!
  • The forgotten challenge 
  • I didnt forget. I've been busy and this is a new format I have to learn it over again. Sorry about the delay.
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    Finally, the results of this contest. I am truly sorry for taking as long as I did to post the results. In light of everything going on not just with the coronavirus, but my everyday life and the changes on our very own mtgcs forums and the maintenance of the site, I had to delay putting the results up. Without further ado, here is the long awaited results!

    Honorable mention goes to

    @Temurzoa with 

    Porcelain Champion

    3rd place goes to

    @MemoryHead with

    Mercyque Dreaming Duality

    2nd place goes to

    @MagicalMagic with 

    Malicious Tutor

    1st place goes to

    @Temurzoa with

    Consortium of Ambition

    Winners and honorable mention, please pm me for your favorites! Give me some time to figure out the posting on Hall of fame, I am still learning the new forum set up. I don't own my own pc so I can't use the features as they are designed for.

    Congratulations to everyone, and thank you all for your entries. I had a blast watching these cards drop, and saw some amazing entries. If your entry didn't make it to the finals here, it doesn't mean they aren't good, I went with the most balanced and most believable cards that I felt could potentially be an actual mtg card. Wording, balance, grammar, artist credit, all of these things went into effect for the judging.

    Thank you for participating! See you guys on the "It isn't easy, being green..." contest!

    -sj :wink:
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    @sorinjace Since you haven't written 1st, 2nd and 3rd next to any of them, would I be correct in thinking that Mercyque, Dreaming Duality is third, Malicious Tutor is second and Consortium of Ambition has won?

    Whatever it is, congratulations to all of the other winners!

    I might as well just say here that I'll take my favorites on whatever you like from among what I've made.
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    Thanks a lot! I'm not sure what place is which, but can you just favorite some of @Faiths_Guide's cards for me?

    -tz  ;) ;) B) :blush: :*
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    Well, I owe you one. Thanks!

    Congrats to you and other @Winners & @Mentionables on whatever places you got  :D
  • congrats to the winners!
  • I put it in but the code didn't pick it up I guess. Sorry about that! The forums are a pain to use on mobile now and it's harder to put codes in for me now. I did make a trophy card if you see the trophy account the card is there it'll tell you who got what place as I can't remember off the top of my head right now and I don't dare navigate this thing while being mobile anymore like I used to. It's harder to use now it's not the same as on pc or (I'm guessing) laptop.
  • @sorinjace - Thanks for the heads up on the mobile issue!
  • @Corwinnn no worries. I'm just getting old man lol. Just gotta get used to the way the site is run. I'll learn it as much as I can. Can you please close this contest? Thanks!

    Everyone if I owe you faves hit me up and let me know via pm. I'll try to get your faves done asap. Hope y'all are healthy and safe out there.
  • @Temurzoa I'll fave faiths guides cards the faves I owe you. No prob!
  • @MemoryHead you are correct in the placing. I'll favorite what I owe you in your cards as well.

    Also, I think I fixed the issue? I saw that in each line I accidentally had two @ symbols next to each other I think it might have had something to do with why the places wasn't coming up, idk. It should show them now.
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