The Good/Bad Cardsmith: Contest

Join the Chaos!
I know what your thinking, there's been a lot of Cardsmith contests out already.(That's because they're awesome)
I am trying to go for something a little different here.
For this contest each card must be based on a Cardsmith.(naturally)
I want you to make two versions of each Cardsmith you make. One "a good guy"(Typical colors are White/Green/Blue) and the other "a bad guy" (Typical colors are Black/Red/Blue)
Each set of a bad and a good version of a Cardsmith counts as 1 entry.
image image

<1: Up to 6 entries.
<2: New cards only. cards made on or after Jan 29 are considered new.
<3: No funny cards.
<4: No MTG art.
<5: Tag the Cardsmith you are basing your cards on.
<6: Ends March 1 2020.
<7: Rules subject to change.

Each honorable mention gets 1 fav of their choice.
Third place gets 3 favorites of their choice and a follow.
Second place gets 4 favorites of their choice and a follow.
First place gets 5 favorites of their choice and a follow.



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