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Heya everybody!

Even though I've been playing magic for like six years now, I'm constantly amazed when I find new cool cards that I've never seen before. It seriously sparks my interest to just craft as many cool decks as I can. So today, I'm making a thread for people to share

1. Their favorite unknown or rarely used magic cards (i.e. cards you never see people play)
2. Those random cool cards that you just found for the first time

This is a thread for actual magic card sharing and discussion, so please don't post your custom cards.

Here are two cards that I'm loving from Beyond Theros that I have literally never seen in another deck:

Just a reminder: Be civil and nice to each other. Just because you've known of a card forever, doesn't mean someone hasn't just found it for the first time. So share in the excitement and rush of finding a cool card and have fun!



  • I'm personally a fan of myr propagator and bubble matrix, they make a good pairing.
  • I'll do a pair of "forgotten"/underrated cards for each recent set with a significant volume of non-reprinted cards in it
    Theros: Beyond Death
    Commander 2019
    Core Set 2020
    Modern Horizons
    War of the Spark
    Ravnica Allegiance
    Guilds of Ravnica
  • As for more obscure stuff I value in my decks
  • I have no clue what people play... so I don’t know what’s obscure. (No, I don’t get out much.)
  • @Ranshi
    That's why there's option #2. It doesn't have to be obscure to the whole community, it could just be a card you recently discovered for the first time and fell in love with
  • @Arceus8523
    I'm so happy to see Rienne get some love!

    Also, traverse the outlands reminded me of this card that I used to love in bfz but was rarely ever used:

    maybe not as good, but the 7 life gain is just huge sometimes in addition to the lands
  • I would say MotB is one of my favorite sleeper cards from War of the Spark (definitely not biased lol). I play it in Reaper King (along with Scarecrone) and Rona. It’s a really good artifact payoff.

    I’d definitely say I rarely see Vona ( and Tishana (, which is kinda sad. Ixalan’s probably my favorite set, and these cards could make interesting commanders or roleplaying cards, even though they don’t really jive with the Ixalan tribal theme. Also, Vona’s actually a payoff for lifegain, so she’s worth a run in Ayli and such.
  • Right now I'm brewing Enigmatic Incarnation in Modern with Utopia Sprawl, Abundant Growth, and Spreading Algae alongside a toolbox of 2cmc creatures. Right now I'm trying out the Devoted Vizier combo alongside Duskwatch Recruiter, but I'm trying to figure out a faster combo that doesn't require so many turns to fetch all the pieces. Any ideas?

    Another route is just to beat down with Renegade Rallier + Omen of the Sea. I'm also considering Renegade Rallier + Porphyry Nodes

  • @Temurzoa
    I'm afraid I can't be of much help, sorry. Modern is a very confusing world for me as poor edh player hahahahaha
  • I'm mentioning this card, because I ended up pulling either 5 or 6 of it. The sheer number makes me want to make an Escape Standard & Scavenge Modern deck.
  • Unnoticed cards that I think are pretty good and I use (Untamed Kavu and Elfhame Druid as a combo in my mono-green ramp deck. It is soooo good.)

    image image image image
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