Text size on the cards.

Hey, sorry if this has been posted before.

Why is the text on the generated cards smaller than the genuine ones? Everything else feels very close to the real cards.

Thanks for your work, it's fun playing around and creating cards :)


  • I think it's because we tend to want more space in a limited amount of space, so a smaller text will accommodate that
  • Thank you for your input. Is that really the reason, though?

    I'm not positive the text is actually smaller, but I know for a fact that it's been vertically "crushed". The cards would look more genuine with a 0.5pt font size decrease and a removal of this vertical distortion, still allowing for more text content.

    My opinion, of course!
  • Text size on actual cards varies widely based on set and amount of text to fit on the card. The initial development of the M15 card engine was designed to find a mid-range place that would cover most custom card designs (tested with real card text to fit). There have been requests for options to adjust the size, but since this affects so much of the spacing and mana symbols, its a significant amount of work for a relatively small feature. (In the backlog)

    Hope this explains it!
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