Planar Bang

Have you ever wanted to make a plane and a set for that plane?

I know I have, and this will be something similar.

This will work in stages, each stage will have it's own winners and the number of winners can vary from stage to stage and even be different depending on how the individual stages develope.

Each stage will help build a different part of the world, and we'll be building it from the ground up, from it's inception and basic rules, to it's land, and all the intelligent species living in it.
We wont build a fully functional set, but we will build our own plane and many cards for it.

Each stage will ask you to make cards representing this things, some stages will have the winners be the ones who's cards will be the only ones that become "Cannon" for the plane (such as the one for making the factions), some will still have winners but will include more cards that become "Cannon" than those that win, those cards that dont win a stage but are considered cannon will get Honorable Mentions, in addition I may give Honorable Mentions in stages were only the winners are cannon, if that's the case I'll specify it once I announce the Winners of the stage.

As for how the stages will work: I'll be givving you all some base ideas and a challenge, and from those ideas you will make cards, add whatever you want as long as it's based round those ideas and doesnt contradict things that came in prior stages.

All stages will care greatly about flavor, but some will have more enphasis on other things such as mechanical coherence and balance. Some stages might take longer than others to complete and if someone asks for me to extend the deadline of a stage I'll likelly do so as long as it's just one or two days.

This will not be an elimination contest, anyone can submit entries for any stage, even if they didnt for some previous one; and each stage's winners will be rewarded in the same way I'll specify below.

The Rules:
  1. Any number of entries for all stages.
  2. Any cards are allowed as long as they dont contradict previous stages.
  3. The use of art not use in official cards is not nessesary but apreciated, and gramatical errors are not a problem unless there are major ones or too many of them.
  4. The overall design of the cards will be considered when judging them, but mainly how they fit the specific stage's challenge; and thus what the focus is can vary from stage to stage.
  5. If a stage asks for a specific number of winning entries and specific types of cards to fill those roles, and there are cards missing to fill them (such as missing color combinations for the factions stage) by the time of the deadline it will be announced and an extended time will be added for anyone that wishes to fill that; in addition to updates before the deadline saying what roles would be missing.
  6. Each stage has it's own winners, a person can win in different stages and even have more than one of their entries be winning entries in the same stage or be the sole winner of it.
The Prices:
  • Winners: A person gets five favorites of their choice for each winning entry they have, they can ask for those favorites as soon as their win is announced or once all of the stages are finally over. Their desition.
  • Honorable Mentions: Honorable mentions get one favorite of their choice. They can ask for that favorite same as the winners.
In addition each entry made in MTGcardsmith will get a favorite from me and the Winners of each stage will get a Trophy! And their names mentioned in the Hall Of Fame!

The first stage will be announced shortly in the comments here, have fun ;P


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    Stage One - The Big Bang

    Lets begin with the namesake of this contest: The origin of the plane itself!

    How did this plane begin? Was it random happenstance like most planes? Was it created by a ridiculously powerful being that existed outside of it? Is it the product of two planes somehow crashing into eachother?

    That is the origin of the plane to us outsiders, but what is it to those within it?

    What is the nature of the plane past it's inception and what kind of origin myths could sprout from it? Are there gods that exist within the plane? If so, what is their origin? Did they spawn from the raw essence of a forming plane? Or did they come to being after the plane was already fully formed?

    Those are the challenges of this stage:

    Make cards that depict the origin of this plane and/or cards that depict the natural laws and(or powers that may rule over this plane.
    (Something like Pyruela being a natural dyson sphere also counts for the latter)

    The deadline is April 1st, number of winners may vary.

    Deadline may be moved if more people wanna enter or not enough entries are made.
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    Welcome to the Parallel World of La'ay, created by La'ayiv as a place to experiment. Birds fly over majestic rainforests, nomads troop across barren deserts, spiders crawl through deep
    caverns, and kobolds and goblinoids carve out homes on the sides of sheer cliffs.
    Can I use an old card?
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    you can @KorandAngels
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    @KorandAngels That sounds like an usual fantasy world RPG tbh.

    "And then there are magic and medieval-age humans too but there is some evil dude who is wanting to rule the world by making a pact with an elder demon lord, but then the heroes from another worlds are also coming too to save the day because 'planeswalking' is cool yadda yadda..."
  • image Aetheres ("skies" in Latin) is full of kingdoms on clouds and all manner of flying fauna AND flora. Its citizens know only life above the Veil, a layer of clouds far below that is dark and full of lightning and dangers, hiding secrets beneath it that are all but out of reach. (Think Skyloft/Skyward Sword, Baten Kaitos, or those weird 90's toys/show "Dragon Flyz" haha)
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    It's La'ayiv who is interesting, not the world. And there aren't any demons or anything, and most of the humans are members of the Nomadic tribes or allies of the spiders.
  • The setting is a plane that has just come into existence as a result of another plane's implosion. As a result, it is still tiny. Perhaps, even small enough to be represented by just one legendary land.

    However, the plane is expanding by the powers of some elemental clerics.

    The Shaper's ultimate power is harnessing the energy left behind from the dying plane to create life.

    A new plane needs a leader, and who better than the soul of the supernova incarnate. She has one goal: to spread the chaos of her new domain until all is cloaked in entropy.

    This is not my creation, @Bremtreaty designed these cards, and I am posting on his behalf.
  • ooooh, very nice concepts so far
  • In the beginning, there were two planes: The celestial plane, and Kithidrantil. In Kithidrantil was only dirt, but in the celestial plane were massive beings of pure magic energy. Both planes were close enough to where the celestials could pass through and manifest themselves onto Kithidrantil, but they didn't bother to do so for millennia. That was, until a young celestial with an increased curiosity made the decision to manifest itself. On Kithidrantil, it became a goddess named Yola.

    Yola would use her immense magic power to give life to the dirt of Kithidrantil, and began creating grass, flowers, trees, and soon animals. The other celestials could've witnessed the action happening, but yet again, they didn't bother.

    One day, Yola became overambitious. She attempted to create life larger than her own, and the stress of using so much magic power ripped open a rift on the plane. Yola and her immediate surroundings were sucked into the rift, which closed shortly after. Yola was never heard of again.

    Thousands of years passed. A new species called Human now ruled the plane. On the night of autumn, something crash landed onto the plane. After thousands of year, finally another celestial manifested itself onto Kithidrantil. Another goddess. Her name was Malfax. Malfax was twisted, with a twisted form of purity. She proclaimed herself the God-Queen of the plane, to which no one took seriously. That was, until she began her first massacre. In the first show of power, she murdered over three hundred defenseless humans, stripped the flesh off their bodies, harvested their souls, and turned their souls into loyal spirits that bent to her every will. With the skeletons, she used her magic to turn them into her army. She began ravaging the plane of Kithidrantil, ripping the flesh off of all who opposed her. Her reign would last thirty years.

    The remaining humans were helpless against the undead threat, and stayed hidden within deep burrows. After countless numbers of survivors begged for saving, the clouds started to part. From the sky descended another manifested celestial. A god this time, named Ghaldan. Ghaldan believed in strength in numbers, and inspired the survivors to band together and help him fight against the God-Queen. He soon became the savior of humanity.

    Victories after victories against hordes of skeletons, Ghaldan and his army reached the God-Queen's capital. In the brutal battle that occurred, Malfax shot a dark energy blast towards Ghaldan, who was able to deflect it upwards. Without knowing, the blast he deflected began its way towards the sun, and once it hit the sun it shattered into four shards. The explosion in the sky was enough to stop the fighting temporarily for almost an entire minute, as spirits on either side, humans, and skeletons looked in terror as fire filled the sky. In the end, The darkness that was brought with the absence of the sun forced Ghaldan to retreat.

    After the sun shattered, the celestials' attentions finally were brought upon Kithidrantil. Four celestials were bothered enough to quickly absorb the energy from the shards. They manifested themselves onto Kithidrantil with their power, and four new gods were born.

    The first god was Domotra. Domotra entered Kithidrantil with a fire fist, and immediately began smashing everything in his path. After he calmed down, he began starting his own country different to Ghaldan's or Malfax's. He gathered nomadic tribes of humans and started a nomadic nation. He would travel with his followers around the plane to help get away from the war, and he was soon known as the Lord of Horsemen. Soon, Domotra grew egotistical, believing he was the superior god over the others. Even though he owned the smallest country, he owned the largest ego.

    The second goddess was Han Gorush. She manifested on the side of a water fall, to which she began studying the life within and around the river. She compiled her studies into books, and with the help of some independent humans, she constructed her very own library. Soon, she started selling her knowledge to anyone who needed it, and in some cases she even bought (or stole) some knowledge herself.

    The third god was Truflien. They were neither man nor woman. they manifested inside of a forest, and began a life with nature. After observing the fertile nature of the animals around them, Truflien began birthing animals themselves. It wasn't a physical birth, but rather a creation through Truflien's hands. Truflien continued their peaceful fertile nature for many years.

    The final god was the most powerful of the four. His name was Solarim, and he manifested with a fiery burst so bright that many people on the ground confused him as the return of the sun.

    Once Solarim manifested, he brought himself toward Ghaldan's palace. No guard attempted to stop him, as they were afraid of the energy emitted off of him. Solarim vowed to help Ghaldan in the war against the God-Queen, and Ghaldan accepted. During Solarim's first battle, he threw shards of energy towards the enemies and blinded them with pure light, but it wasn't enough. The endless night gave Malfax and her armies an advantage, and Solarim knew what he had to do. He gave Ghaldan a final goodbye, and shot himself up into the sky, through space, then released all his energy, killing himself in the process. With the release of the energy, it compacted itself and, after one good explosion, a new sun was formed. With the light that came with it, Ghaldan began pushing forward with his armies on dazed undead trying to adjust to the light. Malfax fled for the first time, abandoning her throne in shame, and going into hiding. The war against the once God-Queen was over at last.

    Two months after the war, Domotra's ego became dangerous. He led his nomadic followers in a rebellion against Ghaldan's rule. To this day, the two factions skirmish every now and then, making no significant change.

    Twenty years after the war. Ghaldan rules over the largest country on Kithidrantil. Han Gorush opened her own academy and is currently training young wizards in the art of manipulation. Malfax is nowhere to be found. Domotra is still raiding Ghaldan's borders, and Truflien is the known protector of nature.
  • oooooooh, very nice
  • I am amazed.
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    Dawn Obelisk Pearl Obelisk Dusk Obelisk Iron Obelisk Bent Obelisk

     The plane of Tavelia, according to the people who live there, came to being between the great obelisks set at what many believe to be the edge of the world. As natural focal points for mana, they aided in the new plane's growth. Eventually, the first being, Ibin the Creator, woke from their slumber. They rose from the earth below a pale sky, looked around, and understood what needed to be done. For untold years, they shaped the world with magical constructs. Then, one day, Ibin vanished, leaving behind their aides and a towering reminder of their presence.

       Forgotten Empyrean Statue of Ibin

     Between the time of Ibin's disappearance and the rise of Tavelian civilizations, strange and wondrous avatars of strange forces became the dominant forces of the young plane, acting as petty warlords whose actions would act as predictions for the world to come. In modern times, this is called the Age of Avatars or the Age of the Proto-Gods.

       The Spelljammer The Tuori Bloom Witchs Harbinger Distant Wanderer

     How the Age of Avatars ended is shrouded in as much mystery as the identity of Ibin. Still, its end allowed for the rise of humanoid civilizations...
  • ooooh, very interesting, I like how the ship shares a name with dnd's interplanar ships haha
    wonder why there's so much green on em
  • idk why there's so much green. maybe because they're natural manifestations of stuff or something like that.
    yeah I actually stole the Spelljammer's name from D&D
  • Gonna give this a shot. I've been brewing a plane of my own.
  • oka

    and that's good, lets see what ideas of yours make it into this one haha
  • Can I post multiple planes in the first contest? I want to try something that is more interesting and gimmicky.
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    The plane of Jeht-Usk is a world, like many others, ruled by huge elemental beings. But unlike many planes, these Great Kami do not interfere with the mortal civilisation of the plane. The plane itself is an incredibly large cone-like shape, with a circular base gradually mounting into a narrow spire that seems to go on forever. Many expiditions have been sent towards the centre, but none have made it to the top of the cone. The Great Kami seem to be continually walking towards the centre. ancient writings claim that when the Kami reach the impossible top, they will battle among themselves, and in the process throw themselves back to the edges of the world.
    Each of the titanic beings are aligned with different elements and concepts.

    (Darkest Deeps has the wrong name in it's text box.)
  • @KorandAngels you can do multiple entries yes

    different cards for the same idea are one entry, different cards for different ideas are different entries
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    @KorandAngels I like it

    but quick question, do most people live in the outside or inside of the cone?

    also what happens to those who fall off of it?

    and since it's a cone, cant people calculate how tall it is from the circumference of two different parts?
    people knew the circumference of the earth (and with it how big it was) since before the time of the greeks by just using two sticks in a plain and the sun
    if you wanted the height to be uncalculable you could make it a cylinder or a nonperfect cylinder (like it's a cylinder but some parts just stick out haha)

    and I wonder how the cone stays afloat but that can just be magic/nature of the world lmao
  • It isn't really a cone, it sort of curves inwards, like a slope infinitely getting steeper until it doubles over itself, when it stops.. Also, the cone isn't an object it is like a continent with a very tall mountain. The people live around the base and on the lowest parts of the mountain-cone, and the base of the cone is surrounded with ocean.
  • ooooh oka

    so it's like curbing in and then starts again?
  • Welcome to Ropang, a plane based on RPG video games. Heroes go through dungeons, monsters are plentiful in the wilds, and priceless treasures are guarded by what are commonly known as "bosses". 

    (As you can see by it's reference on this card, because this is a video game-based set, the Level Up mechanic will be making a return)

    Ropang was created when an immensely powerful interdimensional being made a plane to mess with the laws of nature and rules of life. This tampering resulted in many strange quirks of the plane, such as living things disappearing into thin air shortly after they are killed, sometimes dropping items or materials. There are also some people who, after dying of anything but natural causes, have an "extra life" that brings them back on the dawn of the next day at the last place they slept. 

    (I was going to make a saga, but Cardsmith can't do them and MTG.Design refuses to work. So here's a text-based card instead.)

    The Coding of Ropang                         3WBG

    Enchantment - Saga                            

    I - Creatures you control gain Respawn until end of turn. (<i>If that creature would die this turn, exile it instead. Return it to the battlefield at the beginning of your next upkeep.</i>) 

    II - Destroy target creature without Respawn or Loot Drop. 

    III - Create a 4/3 white Hero creature token. It fights up to one target non-Hero creature you don't control. 

    (Also, The Coding of Ropang doesn't look like it has a theme across it's abilities like many sagas, but each ability actually represents part of making a game. The first one is designing the game, messing around with mechanics, etc. The second ability is fixing any bugs in the game. And the third part is someone actually playing the finished product.)

    So that's the basic jist of Ropang and how it works. I may post some plane backstory later if I feel like it.
  • oooh I like it, a very interesting way to go bout it, a literal game

    wonder how the creatures that are "players" are selected, do they achieve it throught their life? does it happen randomly through their life? is it decided from birth? can non sentient creatures be "players"?
    and is there any way to detect who is an isnt other than death?

    also so far Respawn seems a bit powerful outside of givving it temporarely, like, if it's not given temporarely it's basically indestructible but better in most ways and worse in a few others
    so maybe it should give em like a death counter when activated and check that they dont have those to activate?
    up to u tbh haha
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    Since I can submit multiple entries, here's another one.

        First Sunrise

     Keras Ikel's origins are a bit of a mystery. The best any diviners can offer is that it appeared one day out of the blue, ready-made for those who would live within it. None of the current belief systems fully account for this, if they even fully understand it.

    Nenna of the First Breath Korari of the Final Bridge
    The world is kept in balance between Nenna, the goddess of life, and Korari, the god of death. Despite the thoughts of outsiders, both are morally neutral, representing all facets of their domains in order to keep balance between themselves. Various other entities have sprung up between the time of Keras Ikel's birth and where it it now, though few are helpful to mortals.

       Dustborn Archfiend Spectral Overlord Pyre Watcher Arkanach Leonine Overlord

     Only time will tell how mortals rise to the challenge in a world that is becoming more and more unbalanced...
  • ooooh very nice concept, a simple birth and a complex development
  • image The One Who Made Us emerged from the blind eternities, and created the plane of Okuna by using his celestial powers (and making it using his card's abilities) He then placed the Okuna Runestone in the exact centre of Okuna. It holds all lifeforce of the plane in it. If it is destroyed, then Okuna will wink out of existence. image
  • very simple setup, very openended for future stuff

    I like it
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    @Xero0 So, with Respawn, when it's given to a creature like in Extra Life, it's worded differently than when a creature has it naturally. On a creature, Respawn is worded like:

    Respawn (This creature enters the battlefield with a life counter on it if it was cast. When this creature dies, if it has a life counter on it, exile it instead. Return it to the battlefield at the beginning of it's next end step.)

    It's worded differently when being given because I felt like giving a life counter just to immediately take it away was kind of pointless. So when it naturally occurs on a creature, they only get to respawn once.

    As for who the "players" are, basically any humanoid can have an extra life, it's chosen at birth, and for how to tell, those who do have it have a small dark mark on the palm of their right hand which goes away when they die for the first time.
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