To Become King

What happens when a king dies, but he doesn't leave the kingdom to an heir? He holds a tournament of course!

Grand King Leguin, the King of Riyin has recently passed away, to great sorrow of the kingdom of Riyin. With his dying wish though, he has left the kingship to, not any of his 4 children, but to the greatest contender of a tournament.

After his death, his guard force travelled across the plane and delivered messengers to nobles, aristocrats and other high ranking officials from across the world. They have been invited to bring themselves and their most trusted assistant (knight, priest, advisor or other) to Riyin and compete for the role of King (or queen) of the kingdom.

How to Enter

Create a Legendary Creature representing your contender.

Create a Legendary Creature representing your assistant. (Can be a knight, advisor, priest or other lore fitting companion)

Create an artifact representing a signet or similar object representing your faction.

Write some lore of your characters and your kingdom.

We will start with 10 players in the game. Expect to write story and make challenge cards.


  • Alright, here's my contender to the throne. I hope it's alright, enjoy :)

    Clarissa Overthrower of Varin
    Clarissa was a proud knight devoted to its king, Lucius of Varin. Despite her loyalty, the king never trusted her to a full extent. With an intricate game of deception and the help of the Witch of Many Faces (see below), Clarissa managed to gain the favor of the knights and the soldiers, slaying the "Evil King" and leaving no one as a heir to the throne, but herself. The most loyal knights to her cause became her own elìte guards.

    Bellatrix Witch of Many Faces
    Bellatrix is a doppleganger, a creature seen often as a monster, capable of becoming anyone thanks to her natural ability to shapeshift. She lived her life as an outcast, until one day she met Clarissa. With a promise of glory, power and gold, the witch was convinced to help Clarissa, "her queen", as she refers to her. 
    Now, she stands beside the queen as a counselor and overseer of the city, thanks to her masks, which act as "spy drones" for them to gather intel and new ways to keep the order in the city.

    Royal Amulet of Varis
    The Amulet of Varin (I had a brain fart, it's VariN, not VariS as i wrote on the card name) is an ancient artifact. The kings of Varin kept this amulet on their deathbed, so that the magic artifact could store their magic inside it. The last king, Lucius, was no exception: the dead king was ruined from its former glory, but the amulet was kept on his neck until he died. After which, Clarissa took it as a trophy (and a sign of her newfound power).

    Now, about Varin itself. It's the capital of a relatively small kingdom, situated on the North-East side of the plane. The kingdom itself is covered by a thick forest on the southern region, and is surrounded by the sea on the east. 
    Varin is an absolute monarchy. Until Clarissa overthrew the power, the kingdom was divided in many fractions ruled by vassals., altough thanks to her plots and deceptions, she managed to converge the absolute power of the kingdom in her own hands.
  • @Scaccogaming Very nice, usurpers are always fun
  • Here's my entry:
    Abdiel is a mystic from the Arid Desert. He is greatly familiar with the genies from the area, and can actually conjure them. He is also the Sultan of a small city-state, and is being encouraged by Tebdul to take the crown and expand his state.
    Tebdul is a Djinn who Abdiel once summoned and was soon elected Vizier. As mentioned before, he is the one pressuring Abdiel to seize the crown.
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  • I present to you my representatives, hailing from a nefarious coven of witches, warlocks, and cultists...

    Contender: Enlow, Bearer of the Unseen

    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Occupation: Coven Leader
    Age: 46
    Skills: Transmutation, reanimation, rituals
    Weaknesses: Over-confident, too reliant on magic, somewhat delusional, desensitized
    Traits: Proud, calm and collected, kind to his peers
    Alignment: True Evil

    Enlow is the leader of a coven known simply as "The String", which is believed to be "manipulating society". Not much is known about them, not even their leaders or actual members, so to the Kingdom of Riyin, Enlow was just like any other noble. He plans to take the throne in hopes of having a more direct impact on society, manipulating the kingdom to The String's will.

    Assistant: Vencha, Warping Savant

    Vencha is suspected to be the leader of a cult, though authorities have been unable to take her to trial for charges of witchcraft. In reality, she's the right hand to Enlow, normally aiding him with his rituals and performing most of the "busy-work" within the Coven. They are great allies, though both of them refuse to form a relationship, for fear that their minds may be clouded by sentiment.

    Artifact: Eye of Yl'nellfez

    The Eye of Yl'nellfez is a mysterious artifact as old as the plane itself, said to contain the slumbering spirit of an ancient deity. While none have been able to unravel its timeless riddles, there's no denying the power it has granted the Coven. However, this power has always come at a cost...
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    @pjbear2005 Thanks, I opted for a contender with a Mordred-like backstory, and I think it went well, after all.
    Also, is this contest going to be like a saga? I mean, how will the tournament's matches work?
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    @Scaccogaming It's more of one similar to @HeroKP 's Colonizers Series or @Jonteman93 and @Aggroman15 's Planeswalkers journey. You'll be given challenges and occasionally someone will be eliminated.
  • @pjbear2005

    Thank you for validating my existence by acknowledging it. I might join this soon.
  • Working on cooking up summat to go here. Yarr!
  • Here's my contender:
      Zairi Duchess of Haret
    Zairi is the ruler of the duchy of Haret. Although she is first and foremost a noble and understands her responsibilities, she also studies magic in order to help her people and her duchy. She sees the invitation to the tournament as a way to better the entire country.

    Tehanu Lifeseeker
    Tehanu is Zairi's most trusted adviser and accomplice. Despite their difference in methods and magic, they always have each other's backs. Tehanu is less trusting of the other contenders, and often keeps tabs on them with the creatures she is friends with.

    Cube of Haret
    The Cube of Haret is a mystical artifact passed down through the royal line of Haret. It exudes magic, and is part of why Zairi pursues the study of magic in the present day. She always carries it with her, even though its theft could possibly end her royal line.

    Haret itself is a relatively unobtrusive kingdom in Riyin's western territories. Zairi's magic has helped it grow as an economic powerhouse, and Tehanu has allowed nature within it to grow alongside. 
  • More Story Coming soon, feel free to make relations with other contestants, be it friend or enemy
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    Alright, here is a weird one...

    Harveth is the head figure of an abandoned farming town, most of it's inhabitants are dead, the rest being possessed scarecrows. He insists on harvesting the fields and selling the goods, despite the residents not actually needing food. He is one of the two who speak English, or at all for that matter.

    This is Harveth's assistant and the town's medic. After being banished from almost every town for witchcraft, until he found the ruins of Blackleth, he has remained there while honing his wizardry. When he and Harveth went to apply for the contest, the king assumed he was entering, but when he found out it was the scarecrow, he almost laughed them out of the courtroom. But since Harveth (technically) counted as royalty (of some description), he allowed him to enter, plus, he thought they would be a good laugh for the crowds.

    And finally, Harveth's scythe. It has seen war, famine, bountiful harvests, and a scarecrow uprising. It is what he uses to tend the fields, and to "Take care of Business".

  • Adamant Jacks is countless centuries old. Having traveled the plane with his wise advisor, Fentezi, he has become herald to all the denizens without a voice of their own. 

  • I will post more lore soon. I just wanted to get myself in here before I forget.
  • "Sirs and Ma'ams, the first contestants are starting to arrive" Said a fancily dressed dressed butler, bowing as he entered the room.

    "Thank you, sir. Tell them to prepare for our entrance." Commanded a young man. "Yes sir." The butler said, bowing again before exiting. 
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    Janti is the youngest ever king of the Azuma Alliance, a string of tribes loosely connected.He has always done his best to spread kindness, and has entered the tournament to do just that.
    But, kind does not mean fragile.
    Jazmyn helped lead a revolt against a corrupt noble, but was caught and tortured.When she escaped, she ran off to the Azumas and befriended a local fox she met in town.Little did she know that the fox was the Prince Janti, who then announced her his adviser when he became king.She has always fought for the people, and is a legend through out city slums.

    The gifting sword is given to the king of the Alliance, but must never be unsheathed.The sword subtly helps the owner if they share.

    The Azuma Alliance is on the south of any map of this world, if it even manages to show up.They are made up of humans, kitsune, loxodon, and tabaxi. They do their best to stay neutral in wars, but will fight against any thing they deem unjust. There are almost no thieves, as no one is in desperate need of help. Of course, they do still have spies and assassins.
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    Here's my contender:

    Tress is the young ruler of an area called Rysin. His father died and left him the throne 2 years ago, when he was only 14. At first, many of his advisers attempted to rule through him, to influence his desicions. But it soon became apparent that Tress could rule on his own, having a knack for navigating both battles and politics. However, his social skills were... less than optimal. He began to find that he had become disconnected from those he ruled, not knowing how they felt and what they wanted. So he hired a noble to be his "in" with the people.

    Joseph goes to all the parties and gatherings with the people, and reports back how they're feeling about things and what they want to Tress. A secondary part of his job, and why it's imperative that nobody knows he works for Tress, is dispelling negative rumors and spreading positive information about the boy ruler, true or not.

    The artifact I made is a sword that's been passed down through Tress's family through generations. (It's not the one he's holding in his artwork because he keeps it safely locked away unless he needs to use it.) The sword is called Lightcutter, and it has several magical abilities to help the wielder in combat.

  • (one more day and I should be done.
  • Janti needs a friend!
    Join Janti!
    Janti chooses you!

  • Do you enjoy foxes with swords?
    Then Join Janti!
    Janti Today!
    Janti for President!
  • Do you dislike Janti?
    Then your a monster!
  • Ermmm... last time i checked, were running for king/queen... not president.
  • Well Janti would make the government into a democracy, with him being the only canidate.
  • I probably spelled candidate wrong.
  • So Janti for president!
    Except he's actually the king!
  • So communism?
  • Actually, he would just be a nice dictator.
  • Most of the time.
  • Janti wants you for a friend!
    That's right!
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