COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)




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  • Leader:
    Tetravain God of Deviation
    Tetravain is a rare breed among Gods. Most Gods can't do much that falls outside of their governance (what they rule/embody). However Tetravain, as his title suggests, doesn't really care for that rule and has deviated from it. You would think he would be a God of foresight, intelligence, strategy, or any number of other things but he's not. He is the God of Deviation and, contrary to popular belief, his plans are so well put together that he rarely needs to deviate from them because everything just falls into place exactly as he planned. But all things said and done, he is not an evil God. He's not a good one but he isn't evil either. He is the very definition of True Neutral. He cares for those who follow him but due to his extremely apathetic, calculative, and admittedly manipulative personality, very few know this fact about him.

    Rymane Fallen Warlord
    Rymane has worked with Tetravain for a long time and will always serve him to the best of her abilities. When she first started serving him, she believed that he saw her as little more than a piece on a board but served him all the same, not knowing just how wrong she actually was. Overtime, she began to see that he cares for his followers and is one of the few who know this about him.

    Predicted Intervention
    Tetravain and his faction use magic in a variety of ways but it is most commonly seen as counter magic and magic destruction. He has preprepared protections against the infinite number of possibilities as well as back ups and back ups for his back ups.

    Exploratory Wisp
    For the most part, Tetravain uses these small wisps as his scouts. They are small spirits so they are much less likely to be spotted and they can travel unimpeded without worrying about getting tired.

    Mireta Soul Collector
    Mireta is treasured by Tetravain due to her unique role of being the only way to bring one of his followers back from death.

    Grandich Demonic Paladin
    Grandich is an Archdemon in service to Tetravain. His primary purpose is eliminating those who are obstacles to Tetravain's plans but he is used for other purposes as well.

    Shiil Revenant Lord
    High ranking spirits have governances just like the gods, the difference being that they serves the gods. Shi'il is a spirit of isolation and domination in service to Tetravain. Due to his governance of isolation, he tends to spend much of his time alone doing various things to assist Tetravain. As such, not many know of his existence beyond what is whispered behind closed doors. While his existence isn't a secret in the strictest sense, very few know that the rumors and myths they hear are actually true. 

    Jikta Conflict Regulator
    Jikta is a demon of unknown origin but he is highly respected among Tetravain's inner circle. He has a way of disrupting the control someone has over their people that is both respected and feared.

    Inaramis the Inevitable
    Inaramis is a high ranking spirit of subjugation and fallacies. He serves in Tetravain's inner circle as an advisor of sorts and is also used as an envoy at times. His nature as a spirit of fallacies allows him to know when he is being lied to and he is very adept at learning the truth.
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    Yeah, it quite does!
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    Bells chime and a soft, peaceful glow fills the air as a cluster of angels descend on the plane of Skyfaoll. Some would call it a miracle; others, hope; and others still, a holier-than-thou nuisance.

    That's right, angels are making their way to Skyfaoll, ready to bring their light to a new plane. In about 2 to 5 business days, that is, because you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find good, not-overly-generic angel artwork (especially male angels because all of them look like they'd murder everyone on sight).
  • I'm having a similar problem trying to find faries that wear a reasonable amount of clothing.
  • Why bother?  I don't think anyone will be offended if they aren't completely modest, as that is a common issue with fantasy art.
  • I'm not worried about offending people per se, but that art doesn't reflect what I have in mind for the faction. It would bother me to present those characters in such a fashion, since they are meant to be a powerful, clever force capable of out thinking the wiliest of opponents. 

    In short I wouldn't really be able to take them very seriously if I used such art, and I wouldn't really expect others too either. 
  • Odd.
    Sorry, but I usually think that that sort of attention would be advantageous in duping foes.
    Maybe that is just me though.  
  • @SammySammyson can you still compete? I thought winners couldn’t participate anymore.
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    @DrakeGladis If you need to distract somebody, sure, otherwise...

    It just pigeonholes the entire race in a way I'm not trying to reflect. 
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    @SammySammyson, in the world of M:tG all angles are female, so finding male angels isn't all that necessary.

    I know their are a few exceptions, Gabriel Angelfire, Melesse, and Malach. Gabriel and Melesse are actually agendered, and Malach is from an alternate reality...
  • @SammySammyson @Derain2

    Yes. I am sorry, but it has long been a rule that winners cannot participate in future installments of the series. This is done to increase dramatic tension. 

    I will soon be hosting another, slightly weirder saga contest alongside COLONISERS, so you are more than welcome to participate there. Would you like me to ping you when it goes up?
  • Yeah, no worries, I know I can't participate, (as much as I want to) I just check in on colonizers from time to time, and I couldn't help but commiserate with not being able to find the sort of art you want. 
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    I, Griffith, King of Falun, hereby declare that our most glorious kingdom shall undertake in the harrowing journey to find new land to call ours.  We will crush anyone who stands in our way, for the might and unity of Falun is rivaled by none.  Further information shall be broadcasted at a later time.  For now, loyal subjects, continue on with your work as we strive towards the betterment of our kingdom.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002...

    It is official, this is COLONISERS 2 Part 2
  • I'm just waiting to see how much chaos I can cause to all the factions built on "Unity" and "Routine". Nothing is more shattering than a raid on multiple soft targets at the same time, causing multiple large cities to not have the resources they need and therefor crippling the faction's morale.
  • *laughs in chaos*

  • The weave of magic in Skyfaoll has been disturbed by these new arrivals.  What was once a calm sheet has become a swirling, flowing mess.  And in one swamp, these eddies and currents have formed a new creation.  A naiad crawls onto shore, confused as to why she exists.  And later, while gusting around a forest, the wind itself becomes trapped and forced into physical form.  Horrified and bewildered, it runs away as fast as it can, trying to leave its body behind, but to no avail.
    All over, these creatures are being created, and the weave reflects this strain.  But not for long, as a call comes out from over the weave, demanding they congregate to revoke these threats.  None can resist its persuasive movements.
  • @HeroKP
    Spy faction, anyone?
  • I would be interested to see that
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    We interrupt your daily programming with this announcement.  Fellow citizens, we are proud to announce Project:  Eden.  We shall transport our entire kingdom to the realm of Skyfaoll and embark on our journey to claim our rightful land.  None shall oppose us, for our strength is u̸̳̍̿n̴͎͋̈͑m̶̠̙͍͈̼̈́̂̐͌̌a̶̯̿͗̀t̷̖͚͓̠̏ͅç̸̺͙̥̬͌͌̃̓h̷̡͓̎̎̂̓e̷͎͙͕͗̉͗̑͌d̸̮̜̬̊̿̇͝͝ ̷̨̣̐͊b̶̧̡̞̻͝y̵̤͛ ̴̝̼͎͗̒̂͋ả̸̛̩̖̩͓͎̹̔l̵̢̪̝͒͆͑̐̏ḽ̴̡͋͑͛...

    Yeah right, our country could barely stand a simple siege, let alone an entire invasion from another kingdom in its sorry state.  It's up to us to make sure Falun gets through this plane unscathed.

    Welcome to the Blackbird Syndicate!  I'm Florence, the leader of this here humble organization.  Many would call us a gang of thieves, but I like to think of us more as an unofficial organization focusing on espionage.  While we don't work for the king, we do have their best intentions in mind.

    Ruthas here is our top spy, and my closest colleague.  I entrust him with the most dangerous missions, along with many pieces information that would be kept confidential to everyone else.  He makes sure we always have the scoop on whatever secret organization is trying to undermine the kingdom of Falun.

    Oh yeah, and to those who may or may not be a part of a secret organization, we know where you are, and we know what you are trying to do.  It won't work of course, we've already taken measures to sabotage your plans, but good luck trying.

    Although Falun has been making attempts to explore the plane itself, we've decided to send our own members to search for anything intriguing.  Many of those who join our group are researchers at heart who were never given the freedom to pursue new discoveries by our kingdom.  With a new realm to discover, they'll gladly risk their lives to give us the knowledge on this plane needed to survive.

    It is the Blackbird Syndicate's job to make sure Falun does not crumble from the inside out.  This project: Eden may be key to our city's survival, but it is flawed.  Left unchecked, it will reign devastation on our kingdom and leave us with no home.  We cannot let that happen, for that means the death of our operations as well.

    And... Now you can return to your daily programming ; )


    And now for some bonus cards!
    (This will be updated over time)

  • @MonkeyPirate2002

    So you are submitting.... a faction...... inside another faction?

    Universe brain.
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    Gotta get back to those Grixis roots

    Just a note:  Any card posted with the context of being Falun itself is for story purposes only.

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