COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)



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    No words are needed, their roles are known, as soon as they step into the land they move.

    The Cult of The Wheel proceeds forward, as they set camp and take control of an area their seers guide them through the treatcherous land, avoiding any dangers as their Thrull soldiers and other monstrous servants aid them in their exploration, saving any natives and exploring any reuins they might find, everyone is wellcomed into their circle after all.

    With the guide of their master's plan the cult makes it safely to where their search would benefit them most, and with no lack of muscle to fight off any threats the wheel might bring upon them.

  • A small blue bird lands on the branch of all tall tree, all around it a thick underbursh of Skyfaoll's jungles. The bird takes flight again soaring through the dense branches until finally landing on the outskirts of a hidden village. Tree houses made of clothe and wood blend into the surrounding area while rope bridges connect them. All around hunters and workers begin preperation to move the village deeper into the jungle, Kane and Bora direct the process.

    "The scouts haven't found very many beasts of interest out here" Kane speaks to the lizardfolk "Hopefully we will find something powerful deeper into the jungle, have you seen anything yet?". The blind seer turned her eyes to the sky,

    "Not yet, my senses have been weakened by the new surroundings but they will adapt." Bora continued "But I do sense their are others here, many have arrived on Skyfaoll just as the cloaked figure said they would."

    "I'm not worried about them just yet," At this point the two had arrived at the shrine to Seresi, "Once we find great hunting grounds then we can begin to explore the rest of Skyfaoll."

    The enclave sends out groups of hunters deeper into the jungle in order to find a place to hunt:

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    Lore coming soon.


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    The sentience of the Humans had spread through Krall. The Beasts began to slowly somewhat think. And though they had this sentience, they still would never betray the Forest. The Forest protected them, fed them, and healed them. The eternal intelligence of the Forest was beginning to become boundless. The only flaw the sentience brought was an internal dialogue, and doubt. Not in the animals, but Krall itself. It wondered if it was in the wrong, kidnapping and draining. But it knew that the knowledge it gained would cause other to flourish, and that was a price it was willing to pay... right?

    The newly sentient animals decided they would scope the territory that had found themselves in. There were Forests, life, and growth. This land would be ideal. The plane attracted endless interest from the Beasts, as their new, though limited, sentience was still dedicated to the expansion of the Forest. Thus, a new inner faction in the Forest was created. “The Witnesses”, dedicated to scoping the plane and expanding their land.
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    The wurm is sensing intruders. And BOY is it not happy! As its mood worsens, so does the weather...

    So, for next thursday, please make me a card depicting your empire adapting to this harsher climate. This is our first ELIMINATION challenge, so whoever proves the least adapted will be BLASTED AWAY!

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  • Greetings, fellow citizens, it is I, Grand Consul Jerolf VI, with an important message.  With the rise of the great wurm coming earlier than expected, we shall experience upcoming tempests that will attempt to fell our great country.  But fear not! No storm shall knock our walls down, for we are the Grand Kingdom of Falun!  Our might unrivaled; our will unmatched!  What does a puny worm think it can do to our lands!  We shall laugh at its insolence and resume Project: Eden!  

    (story card if you couldn't tell)
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  • Its spires pass through you like rusted nails, pinning you to your bed, as its energy seeps into your body, like smoke bellowing beneath a door. It holds you, trapped within its dimension, just beyond your dreams, not quite asleep, but not quite real. You fight to breath, to free your spirit from its rage. Gasping with terror filled lungs, to find the portal back to home. To wake and banish this demon from your brain. You scream a silent spell into its ear, and feel its stranglehold dissolve, as your sight returns to the bedroom's night. Horrified to close your eyes once more. Days have passed since it's ravaged your dreams. And, as the hour grows late, fear the creature will find you again. Pray to the gods to keep you safe...

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    The weather is different for all, but equally destructive everywhere.
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    Lore coming soon!
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    Krall knew of vengeant weather from its old location. Crashing rifts and waves, horrible bolts of lightning, but it had adjusted. At the sides and top of the forest there were numerous massive trees and dense leaves, blocking any damage. However, there was also magic involved. In each web of wood and leaves there would be a segment of Krall’s power, laced to give it many types of strength. And not only did the borders protect it from storms of many kinds, but creatures also would have a difficult time breaching it. And from the captives, Krall has heard rumors of this “worm”. It knows it is not yet ready for it, but that it soon shall be.
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    “You can’t be serious!” Daunwick exclaimed as Jerolf stood up from the table tiredly.  Tapestries filled the war room, depicting various battles and the victories that came with it.  Each tapestry showed Falun as a beautiful kingdom, a shining beacon of hope to everyone who saw it.  They were the last remnants of what Falun once was, a far cry from the crumbling vestiges in the present day now laid bare for everyone to see.

    “A storm is brewing like no other and you tell the people to ignore it!?  We will be doomed if we do not take any sort of action!”

    “I know,” Jerolf sighed, “Yet that fool of a king does not believe that is the case, and has denied any and all attempts to establish any sort of contingency in case the storm breaks our defenses.  Were his father still king, we would not need to make this gamble in the first place!”  Jerolf slammed the table, shifting the pieces representing various factions on the map.  Most of the pieces representing whatever army Falun had were knocked off, leaving Griffith’s piece to stand alone amongst the many adversaries present among the plane.  Daunwick jumped in surprise, before resuming his grim facade.

    “...The loss of King Vayne has taken a great toll on us all,” Daunwick said solemnly.  “His death came when we were least prepared.  My agents are certain our beloved king was assassinated.  By whom, though, they have no clue.  When we find the perpetrator we will bring them to justice…

    “For now, we must push forward, lest our kingdom collapses from this daunting task.”

    “Do you not think I have been trying to get our Kingdom to take action?!”  Jerolf yelled.

    “I do believe you are being sincere in your attempts, but sincerity is not enough,” Daunwick unflinchingly stated, rising from his seat and walking to the grand doors that enclosed the room from the rest of the castle.  “Perhaps…you should take a different perspective on the situation at hand.  Maybe you’ll find we have a better chance to weather the storm that way.” And with that, he left, leaving the Grand Consul to sit alone amidst his own hurricane of thoughts.

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    For many days now, the Wildbonded had been devastated by intense blizzards caused by the Great Wurm's awakening. The intense cold and large amounts of snow had come suddenly. They had not been prepared, and suffered more losses from the cold than they would like to admit. So far, all they can do is to attempt to wait out the storm, but by now it seems likely the storm will never end if they don't do something about it. However, a member of Shalann's Council of Sages, a man named Ilton and his partner, an eagle named Lanton, have a plan to fight the storm.


    "So. I heard that you have a plan. Care to share it?" Ilton was sitting across the table from Shalann in the Chief's lodgings. She had been reluctant about interfering with nature at first, but her mind had been changed when the blizzard didn't stop after a few days. If they didn't do something about the storm, the Wildbonded were in serious trouble.

    Ilton began to speak. "Ok. So, my plan may sound a bit crazy at first, but hear me out. I've thought through the details of this. You know how the snow falls from clouds, right?"

    Shalann nodded. "Obviously."

    "So, I started thinking," Ilton continued, "What if we were able to get rid of the clouds? The snow would, of course, go away as well! However, you're probably thinking, 'Well how does he expect to get rid of the clouds?' Well, that part's actually pretty simple. We have a Bonded Strength spell put on everyone paired with any kind of bird, multiplying the bird's strength to a point where they can generate powerful gusts of wind with their wings. Then, we put them all into groups, and have them go around blowing away the clouds with wind from their wings. With any luck, the clouds should dissapate or at least go far away from here. 

    Radhan let out a low growl. Shalann interpreted. "He's wondering how the birds are going to survive flying out in the blizzard. With this strength increase you're talking about, they shouldn't need to worry about the wind, but what about the cold? They'll all freeze to death."

    Lanton cawed. Ilton explained, "This was Lanton's first concern with the plan as well. I personally went to our mages and had them prepare a spell that uses a pair's body heat to warm both individuals. That should take care of the cold. And we can even use it to warm the populace as we're clearing out the blizzard!"

    The room fell silent, with Shalann and Radhan deep in thought. Finally, Shalann spoke. "You're right. Your plan does sound crazy. But as much as I don't like sending my people into the heart of the storm, it may be our only option if we don't want the weather to be like this forever. We'll try it. Send out the signal to all those paired with birds. We'll attempt this thing on a less windy day. And remember, if we lose anyone, I'm holding you accountable."

    And with that, preparations were set in place for the day they went to war against the storm.


    (TBH, as I was writing the plan down here, I started to think "Is this plan actually insane? Would this work even with magically boosted strength?" But it's the only plan I have, so I'm sticking with it. It's a very original plan, if nothing else.)

    (Also, you'll notice a distinct lack of clouds or snow on the art for Gale Force Wings. That's simply because this was the art that served my purposes the best, and if I continued looking until I found the perfect piece of art I'd be looking forever.)
  • *Lore*
    Paranin Specter of Deluge
    Paranin is a high ranking spirit of judgement and storms. He serves Tetravain in many ways but he is best known for passing a sentence unto those who attempt to cross Tetravain. He tends to work with Grandich due to their similar goals but the way they go about doing their jobs are vastly different. While Grandich prefers fighting each and every opponent, Paranin prefers to just wipe them all from existence then move on.

    Paranins Device
    Paranin is a bit of an experimenter too. He created a device that can be used to shield entire worlds from outside interference. As such, shielding a country or two will be no challenge. It can be used to shield against weather, magic, explosions, armies, or even another planet crashing down upon it without affecting anything inside.
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    Elard had seen the storm coming, he knew that the open field they had started in wasn't going to be protected from the harsh winds that were blowing in. He ordered everyone to move into the surrounding forest so that the trees would protect against the winds.
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