COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)



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  • The hero looks from his high tower. Skyfaoll, you're in for a treat. He overlooks the shifting landscape. Soon, he shall leave this place, to be the puppetmaster from the aether, and twelve empires from distant lands shall come in his place. In his hand, a list. It contains the names of those who make it through.
  • Okay, time to spill the intergalactic beans!

    Again, on a better day, every single faction that was entered would have been accepted, but this season, the competition is tough, so the lucky twelve will be:

    @IzItTru with the Seresi Enclave!

    @pjbear2005 with the Disciples of Corvid-19!

    @ThatOneCat with the Banewood!

    @Stryk3r with the Phyrexian Invaders!

    @Tommia with the Witnesses!

    @Bowler218 with Gerilla Savasi!

    @Daedalus_The_All_Father with Tetravain's Followers!

    @MonkeyPirate2002 with the Blackbird Syndicate! ...Or Falun, I guess?

    @TezzeretofCarmot21 with the Blackfair Accord!

    @Xero0 with Death Metal Tangerine, Dynamite with a Laser Beam the Cult of the Wheel!

    @Aggroman15 with the Wildbonded!

    @spookoops with...

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    Wait a second! Spookoops only submitted one card, that's not a legal faction! And, wait a second, why aren't they on the map? Well, we and they have worked out a ...special arrangement. It is only after a while that the truth of their faction will be revealed.
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  • This first challenge will be familiar to all who have followed the series. As tradition wills, the first task will be pure, unadulterated EXPLORATION!!!

    For the 27 of May, a fine Wednesday, make us a card which symbolises you venturing out into the plane's heart, trying to bypass the difficult terrain, and at every corner finding signs of the failings of civilisations past.
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    Just gonna throw a bit of exposition here. I'll do the actual exploring when it's not 1:00 in the morning and I'm awake enough to make good cards.

    The Wildbonded populace steps out from the planeswalking portal to see an enormous expanse of untainted wilderness. They stand there on the plateau they arrived on, shocked. Never had any of them seen such amounts of untamed nature. Shalann steps out in front and adresses the crowd. "My friends! As you can see, we have reached our new paradise. No longer will our wild lands be enclosed in magic spheres. We can run free, no artifice and industry in sight!" The crowd cheers louder than Shalann had ever heard them cheer before. "However," Shalann continued, "we are not the only ones here. Others will be looking to take our wilderness from us. So we must remain vigilant! For the wilds!" "For the wilds!" the crowd responds excitedly. The people disperse, as there is much to prepare. Shalann and Radhan go to set up the chief's tent. A more permanent housing situation will need to be figured out, but the huge tent will do for now. "Well, Radhan, we finally made it." Shalann says tiredly. "It took us a while, but we're here." Radhan roars triumphantly. Shalann knows what he's saying. "Yup. It is going to be great." She responds. "And the best part? Not a single magical dome in sight." Radhan growls in agreement. The Wildbonded had finally found a new home.
  • The sky is drenched in darkness
    and the ground is hard as stone
    A red-eyed hound howls
    As you venture into the unknown

    Silent death fills the air
    As you roam the decaying land
    A nightmare creature awaits
    In the shadows, where you stand

    A scream of horror shatters the silence
    As the demon dog begins to shriek
    A haunting lullaby rings in the air
    Opening the Nightmare Realm with a creek

    More innocent minds enter through
    Not knowing what lays ahead
    The nightmares, lurking nearby
    seeking a liquid, crimson red

    The dark sky rains blood
    And the wind starts to yowl
    The red-eyed hound howls
    As evil takes it's bow...

  • Spookoops makes a spooky doge. Critics baffled.
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  • Story will come soon

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  • Made it in! Heck yeah. I’m already brewing up some story for the scouting part. Expect me to be done today or tomorrow. 
    ...and a hidden nightmare faction? Sounds very interesting. 
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    I never was a story person, especially not in the first round.

  • I should have expected the Spanish I-don't-get-in-quisition.
  • Tetravain and his followers search the surrounding lands but decide it would be best to learn what those who came before learned as well. Some of his followers raised the spirits of the long dead to learn just this.
    Beseech the Fallen
    Most were angry at having been raised from their slumber but not all. Some even sympathized with his methods. But in the end, all gave what information they had.

    A select few realized they had a unique opportunity to try again and decided to join Tetravain in his mission. Without Mireta there, they couldn't be fully resurrected but they did not mind being spirits as there bodies had long since withered away.
    Aberon Awakened Soul
  • As soon as the Phyrexians set foot on the land, they start their conquest like a well-oiled machine. The bulk of the force creates the beginnings of their settlement while the blightmages expand outward, claiming their territory with their powers over the oil. And as they do, the oilbearers take their charges far and wide, and with them, the compleated beings sent to surveil the land.
  • @IzItTru @pjbear2005 @ThatOneCat @Tommia @TezzeretofCarmot21 @Xero0 @Aggroman15 ;


    Please note that if you ever skip a challenge, you can always catch up at any time, but this is highly unrecommended because:

    A. If you miss an elimination challenge, it will probably be your neck on the guillotine, and you CAN'T CATCH UP ONCE YOU'RE ELIMINATED

    B. You risk losing track of what challenges you've done and what challenges you haven't

    C. It makes our jobs harder. (o-o)/ \[p-q]
  • The Blackfair populace took the transition to a new world surprisingly well. There was a small amount of disorder, but the Federation managed to secure and distribute resources to the citizens. Anderus delivered a rousing speech, galvanizing the populace. 

    Now, the first order of business, as decided by the Senate, is to scout their surroundings. After much deliberation, Ilyan, the Sarkhov representative to the council, has proposed a plan…

    “After some deliberation, we at the Federation have drawn up an idea for scouting. The land in the center of this island seems fairly hostile. We’ve heard rumors of unthinkable horrors and other massive armies. Sending dozens of troops on foot would be risky and unfeasible. I move we immediately train and dispatch as many experienced falconers as we can muster to cover as much ground as possible. That way, we’ll be able to discover new lands easily...”

    However, Cyndi, the Senate representative, proposes another plan for transport. The council listens raptly… 

    “The mages of the Senate have recently developed portal technology. This technology can allow for our people to reach new lands quicker, they have defensive and tactical uses, and they have potential offensive uses against our opponents. I move we immediately deploy portals to help us make advances on the front...”

    The council has come to an agreement, and they decide to enact elements of both scouting plans. Suddenly, Xander, the quiet representative of the League, offers a word. 

    “If we want to survive in this land, friends, it is imperative we form as many alliances as possible. One way to do that is by finding routes through this land and establishing trades with potential allies. I can dispatch some of the League’s rogues to undergo this task. I move we send these rogues quickly, and have them chart routes as fast as possible. It’ll be worth the price...”

    (Sorry for submitting three cards instead of one, I’ve been bored lately and figured why not.)

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    Once a small settlement had been constructed, Shalann decided it was time to find out a bit more about their new home, starting with exploring the land. Birds from blue jays to eagles took to the skies, scouting out the terrain from above. Non-flying animals such as leopards, bears, and wolves searched the ground, finding out more specific details. Their humanoid partners also helped with the exploration, and reported back what they and their animal partners saw.

    While this was going on, the "Naturebonded," a group of druids who have no partners (Usually because their partner died, or because the bonding fruit they ate didn't work) and specialize in communing with the nature had a different mission: To learn about the land from the land itself. 

    (This one is pretty wordy, but I couldn't think of any other way to have it do what I wanted it to do) 
  • I know this might seem unprecedented, but why didn't I make it?
  • @KorandAngels Look, Hero said that picking people was particularly difficult this season, so it doesn’t mean that your cards are bad for not making it in.  All you’re doing with this whining is dissuading Hero and Envy from qualifying you for the next season and annoying the rest of the contestants.
  • @KorandAngels as @MonkeyPirate2002, your cards weren't bad at all, I actually found the Keyword counters matters quite ingenious, but we simply found the other factions more so. If you'd like a more in-depth look at what you could improve, please PM me or @EnvyReaper.
  • I didn't mean to whine, I just don't like not knowing what I'm doing wrong.
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    Despite his ancient heritage, The Last Genzian knew nothing of Skyfaoll. His allies were concerned, but he told them to rest easy. Rather than stay at the temporary shelter created in their new home territory, The Last Genzian decided he would be the leader of their expedition.

    "But Grandmaster!" The usual expedition leader, Spire, pleaded. "We're in uncharted territory! You could be kill-"
    "Hm, yes," the jackal said as he rose from his point of meditation, eyes still closed. "As I could die resting at this very point in the newfound land we have begun to call home. Or you could die the moment you leave this chamber."
    "Relax. I haven't had this kind of opportunity in tens of thousands of years! A new world full of new wonders just waiting to be explored!"
    "Wonders?! Initial reports suggest the terrain is highly dangerous! There are signs of others before us who have died. An entire civilization, even!"
    "And tell me," the jackal began as he opened his eyes and stared straight into Spire's. "How different is this from Ignisp?"

    Spire gulps. The Last Genzian isn't that wrong. When the Mending occurred, an unimaginable surge of mana burst through Ignisp from rogue leylines, leveling entire civilizations and transforming Ignisp from the great supercontinent it once was into the fractured skyland that exists now. To be blunt, Skyfaoll wasn't that different from their home at all.

    "Please, Grandmaster. If you must lead the expedition, at least allow me to-"
    "Spire. I appreciate that you want to protect your master and teacher. But... You would only hold me back."
    "What?..." Spire is confused.
    "Of course, it would be selfish for me to take in the splendor alone. Go ahead and round up the expedition team for your own scouting mission, but... I will be leaving on my own."
    "...if you insist. Just promise you'll make it back alive."
    "Trust me... I will, but will you?" the jackal challenges as he bends at the knees. "Don't just answer me yes; prove it."
    "Hey! Wait-"

    Suddenly, with a mighty leap, The Last Genzian bursts into the air and flies through a hole in the ceiling, landing on a perch. The force from the great leap is enough to push Spire back.

    "I didn't survive for as long as I have without learning some tricks, young student. Maybe one day, when your kicks can shatter mountainsides, you may be able to join me."

    Spire is awestruck by The Last Genzian's supernatural agility and speed. Normally, the ancient jackal spent his time meditating, for he had seen everything Ignisp had to offer. This was the first time she saw him in action. The jackal waves farewell as he leaves the den behind.

    "Hold on! Grandmaster!"

    The Last Genzian leaps from peak to peak with blistering speed as he leaves the mountaintop base. For the first time in forever, he gazed upon unexplored territory. New frontiers. Unseen horizons. The jackal wouldn't have it any other way than to explore every inch of this plane, from the highest peak to the lowest valley.

    About 30 minutes have passed and The Last Genzian has covered over 20 miles. The den is far behind him as he continues on, making his way to a clifftop over a clearing. As a strange scent hits his nose, however, his enthusiasm suddenly turns to caution. It's a scent he knows all too well; death. With a mighty bound, he leaps onto a nearby treetop, and gazes upon something entirely unmistakable; the remains of a civilization.

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