COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)



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    Two misc. cards for The Witnesses! Took me quite some time, since my brain is fried.

    Just Your Imagination

    The Witnesses wouldn't of been able to survive for as long as they have without their illusory techniques. They can create all sorts of illusions, from simple ones such as altering their appearance, to major ones that can be felt, such as summoning a hole in a mountain. This card represents their illusions in combat; they can conjure magic constructs of themselves or their allies to fight for them, or even dispel an opponent. They can even create body doubles in the same moment that they sneakily disappear...

    Den of the Genzi

    As old as the plane itself, the Den of the Genzi has been in use for tens of thousands of generations by the Genzi. While The Last Genzian may be the only remaining member of his species, this den still sees use by The Witnesses, who use it as their base. As vast and mysterious as it is ancient, it sits where all ten of Ignisps' primary leylines converge, making it home to vast reserves of interplanar power. This, however, has led to several attacks by the warring factions on the plane, especially since rumors have spread of an ancient artifact within...
  • Not to insult the very honourable combatants of seasons past, but Skyfaoll has the highest quality per average card so far, in my opinion.
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    Well, I just realized I forgot to give Bonded Wolf a power/toughness. I'll get around to fixing it on the actual card soon, but for now could you just count it as a 3/2 for judging purposes?

    Edit: @HeroKP Not sure if you saw this before, but Bonded Wolf has now been actually fixed to have a power/toughness and artist credit.
  • If we make do season 7, can that one be easier?
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    @KorandAngels It all depends on who enters.  Hero's got no control on the quality of people's cards.
  • well we all aspire to be better than our past!

  • 5 days left until the button is pushed!
  • *awaits the inevitable*
  • Hey, so I just realized that my commander has the wrong kind of card frame. Should I go back and fix it? Does this sort of thing affect my chances?
  • @MiloMindbender

    Formatting is our go-to tiebreaker, so your chances will increase if you correct it.
  • Alright, I've edited my submission so that Skor has the legendary card frame.
  • Soooo soon...

  • 48 Hours!

    The Hero and the Reaper meet under moonlight. Who comes? Who stays?
  • Why moonlight tho? Sunlight has important-
    I'll stop now to increase my chances
  • @Bowler218

    The Hero of the Capes appreciates free thought.

    The answer is simple, my dear elf! Moonlight is COOLER!
  • and more ominous
  • And colder.
  • and thus more beautiful
  • under the light of the milky moon
  • Hero x Reaper fanfic, anyone?
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    Slow done there, please.
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    "The moon's beautiful tonight"

  • *slow clap*
  • As the two met under the moon's light to discuss who would be allowed to fight over this new world, they felt something, but it was probably just the wind...
  • Is hoping that we start ahead of time...
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    : 3
  • Don't tell us the moon is shining; show us the glint of light on broken glass. (Or perhaps, soon to be broken dreams.)
  • Dreams of love~

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