COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)



  • Tomorrow we shall know who enters!
  • I really hope I make it, but just in case, I have a pretty cool way to get rid of my guys, since they started here.
  • same, I really like the faction I made

    also urs is pretty cool
  • 24 HOURS LEFT!

    Me and @EnvyReaper have composed a final list, so this is the last swing day where bonus cards can be submitted, last changes will be made, and maybe, just maybe, a last-minute faction will show up and turn everything on it head.
  • No one expects the Spanish Inquisition
  • Hmmm....
    Maybe next time?
  • I call dibs on the ishpan inquisition!
  • Hah
    We are the Brazilian Inqisition!
    Who knows the anime that is from?
  • Just a simple Spanish Inquisition, nothing to see here...
  • Bet it is a rick roll!
  • oooh, a spanish inquisition faction would be hilarious lmao
  • And i called dibs on it!
  • dammit

  • Less than 24 hours left!
  • Post the stuff!!!!
  • the stuff!!!!
  • I
  • W̸̩̙̓́̀̈Ḙ̷͙̙͂͑ ̵͎̖̒͋́̿A̷̜͌̎̉̕R̶̢͎̻̎E̵̘̽͌͊́ ̴͔̯̭̖̀̾͝Ş̶̛͌͛͊Ǒ̸̘̹͇͒R̸̨̰̻̰̉̄̀R̴̨̡̔̆̏̚Y̸̻͍͍̾̄.̵͖͆̚
  • We really wanted to take as many as possible, but we figured, the more people we take, the more demeaning it will be to the people we DON'T.

    And taking everyone would mean 15 players to deal with, which just does not fit into the story we had planned.

    So, in the end, we settled on a number which is higher than average, but was done before.


    12 is the number of people who make it in.
  • *proceeds to be nervous*
  • Welp, I'm not in. I barely posted any extra cards, my faction is just a r/g faction that has an overarching theme, and no "big gimic" like what everyone else has. I can already see it now.
    Or maybe my bad thoughts are getting to me and I'm actually going in! A simple faction does not mean a bad one, and it has enough plot ideas to be taken in most directions!

  • The sands of Skyfaoll rumble. It is time. Ancient monuments are buried and rise again from the moving dunes.

    You thought the roil on Zendikar was bad? Hah! You have seen nothing yet, child!

    Civilisations long have tried to tame these changing lands. Civilisation after civilisation. Thousands of years of progress. Gone.
    The wurm awoke before. It does not slumber eternally. No culture was able to handle that dread period, where the ground beneath your feet stops being a certainty.
    What makes you think you can be better than them?

    To be honest, your technologies are impressive. And your magic elevated. And your culture sophisticated...
    You have been trained by the multiverse. You are ready. You have been picked by the Hero. The Hero of the Capes.

    What makes you think you are better than them?

    It is because you are.
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    And finally, you get to hear who goes!

    ....riiiiiiight after I get a few hours of sleep! Call me selfish, but I prefer:

    A. -> To settle on important decisions only when well rested.

    B. -> To let people stew in their excitement for as long as possible.

  • Oh dear.  I don't have computer time after 8:30 pm eastern time.
  • The anticipation is killing me!
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    oooooh, cant wait to see who got in!

    also the setting seems pretty interesting
  • Krall breathes slowly, the ground rumbling and growing. Unknown territory to those outside, and territory all to well known to those trapped. A small set of Humans had been “kidnapped” by the forest. Instead of absorbing them, it decided to study them. They now wish for escape, but they know it won’t come. They know they must endure more torment, trapped. They are fed pure energy, a concept and feeling beforehand unknown to them. They are changed. They are becoming more like the forest. When they became fully Krall, it would be a great victory. No more would the rest of forest simply me mindless. They would have brains and souls, yet still bow to Krall. It would be brilliant.
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