Let's bake a color pie! (Closed)

Hello everybody, you can probably guess what this post is about. I'm gonna skip the intro, and get to how we're going to do this together.
1.Choose colors(This should be short, it's just what colors we're using, not any mechanics or philosophy)
2.Give each color a philosophy
3.Bring up "Challenges" such as "There is a big guy on the enemies field. What ya color gonna do?"
4. Choose creature types(Black-Zombie Red-Goblin White-Soldier)
5. Make keywords( Blue-flying Black-Deathtouch White-Lifelink)
6. Who knows
So, first up, I want you guys to submit a color and it's philosophy(No mechanics), and then we'll go from there.
Good luck cardsmiths! 


  • By the way, like the real color pie there will be 5 colors, allies and enemies.
  • Black - Sacrificing anything for your own advance. (Ambition)
  • I should probably rephrase this, but it's a new color and a new philosophy.

  • Ah, ok.
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    Dark blue (Depression) - Making things feel useless.
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    Color number 1!
    Dark blue-Depression at worst, and focused and realistic at best.

    I believe that everyone should see who they truly are, and to not dream, but think of what is truly possible. This is the way to happiness. Not to search for it, but to live the happiness given too you.

    Just my interpretation. @The-DM

  • @LordTachanka123

    Purple - Delirium at worst, and imagination at best.

    I believe that everyone should experiment with all thoughtscapes and every state of mind, not to stay locked inside one viewpoint, to not be content with your lot, to always find ways to invent new things.

  • I love it! I knew someone was going to suggest purple @HeroKP!
  • Dark blue - Depression/fiction at worst, Concentration/reality at best.
  • Does my interpretation stand up @The-DM?
  • Oh, and I must ask if you guys think it's okay if I make a color?
  • Yes and yes.

    Your interpretation with a little bit of mine in it (edited, of course).
  • Yellow-Opportunistic at best, aggressively competitive at worst.

    I believe that you should jump at every opportunity you get, and don't think twice about you actions. If someone has something you need, take it. I believe that survival is the most important thing.  
  • I'm guessing that this color would use deserts.
  • 3 colors, just need 2 more.
  • Grey, poetic and tranquil at best, lazy and ignorant at worst.
    Is this good?
  • Oh, and when challenges roll around to how the colors work mechanically, if we want to make mock ups, here's the corresponding colors:
    Navy/Dark blue-Blue
  • Sounds like a MtG Electric Boogaloo edition.
  • You sound just like my cousin @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos

  • This is quite frustrating...So close...
  • Pink, generous at best, strict and forceful at worst.
  • So kind of like screwed up white?
  • Unless anyone can make any sort of argument against our colors, these are the ones we are using. Feel free to represent any color you want.
  • First up challenge for our colors:
    You find yourself in a game with @Corwinnn. @Corwinnn has just cast at least 6 squirrels in the last turn somehow. What does your color do?
  • Grey-Poetic and tranquil, to lazy and ignorant.
    Pink-Generous and giving, to strict and forceful
    Yellow-Opportunistic to aggressively competitive
    Navy-Realistic and focused to depressing
    Purple - Delirium at worst, and imagination at best.
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