The Cards I make in real life

This is just where I post cards I made in real life where they can be stored/critiqued.


  • Blitz Rush  2r
    Target creature gets +3/-1 and haste until end of turn.
    rrr:Erupt(Cast this spell from your graveyard, then change all numbers on it to 1. Exile this spell)

    Fire Elementalist 4rr
    When {FE} enters the battlefield, make 2 3/1 fire elemental tokens.
    Discard a card:Erupt.

    Nova Blast    Xrr

    Deal X damage to all creatures. Whenever you erupt a card, you may erupt {NB}.
  • Plan Ahead       4u
    Scry 4, then draw 2 cards.
    Wave(You may return a creature you control to your hand when you cast this spell. If you do, increase all numbers by 1.)

    Negative Charge  1uu
    Only cast {NC} after you've lost life.
    Return up to 2 permanents to their owner's hand.

    Ocean Tides    5uuu

    Sacrifice {OT}:Return up to 6 creatures to their owner's hands.

  • Define "Made in real life".
  • @Ranshi
    Wrote down on a notebook.
  • Ah. I have... many of those, just waiting for the right moment, and the right art.
  • Yeah, I'm quite lazy so once I make a card, even if it's pen and paper, I almost NEVER remake it @Ranshi.
  • Backstab     2rr
    Target creature you don't control fights target creature you don't control.

    A different take on Red's "changes of heart"
  • edited May 21
    Corgon, Master Thinkinr     3 u/r u/r
    Leg Creature-Beast Wizard

    t: Target player Bumps(Put the bottom card of your library onto the top of your library).
    Whenever a player bumps, they lose 2 life and draw a card.

    a follow and a like to the first person who tells me who I named this guy after.
  • Corwinn?

  • Athe Owl 2u
    Whenever AO attacks, it's power and toughness switch.

  • Athe Owl     {2}{u}

    Creature - Bird


    Whenever Athe Owl
    attacks, you may switch
    it's power and toughness.

  • No, it has to always switch p/t so that you occasionally get a 1/3 attacker.
  • Ah, ok. Then, 
    Switch AO's power and toughness.
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