The Planar Gauntlet

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to my newest idea for a saga that will hopefully go better than my previous attempts, THE PLANAR GAUNTLET!


Every 10 years, a tournament is held. Participants from all over the multiverse vie for the ultimate prize: A captured Planeswalker Spark, giving the winner the ability to travel between planes at will. The competition is tough; Each participant must overcome challenges on many different planes, not to mention possible interferance from other competitiors. And in the end, there can be only one winner. A simple difference of 1 point can be the difference between being free and staying trapped on only one plane. For many, the risks do not outweigh the rewards. But not for you. The planar portals have opened up. Step through, and find your chance at glory.

Entering the Challenge:

Alright, now let's talk about how you join this thing. To begin, you need:

~ A legendary creature with CMC no greater than 4 and with up to 3 colors. 
~ A brief description of your character, including some backstory, strengths, weaknesses, and anything else I should know. Your character can be from any plane, official or custom. If you come from a custom plane, give a brief description of it.

Well, that was pretty simple. You can include some extra lore cards if you want, but those aren't mandatory.

How the Gauntlet Works:

Once the challenge starts, you will be given weekly challenges. You will make cards depicting how you deal with these challenges. Every few weeks, you will all be transported to another plane, with a new set of challenges.

Your responses will be graded on a 1-10 scale, and you will be given points accordingly. Once the challenge ends, the player with the most points will win and recieve a Planeswalker Spark. There will be NO ELIMINATIONS. Even if you have 0 points, you will be allowed to stay through to the very last challenge.

Card Rules

~ Cards cannot be a color that your character is not.
~ Old cards are not allowed.
~ Cards can be changed until the next challenge, at which point they are set in stone.
~ If you make a story or lore card, you may disregard all card rules but you must signify that it is a story or lore card.

Submissions will be allowed until Saturday, June 6.

Now, without any further ado, Good Luck, Have Fun, and Happy Cardsmithing!


  • I’ll join when I’m back on computer
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    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Vagabond
    Home Plane: ?????
    Age: 14
    Skills: Riding his seagull (Natt), improving his own skills.
    Weaknesses: Temperamental and independent seagull.
  • I'm joining, either later today or in the morning
  • I might join, though I am working on a set with someone...
  • So this is basically a mix of Tournament of Champions and Planeswalker's Journey with higher stakes and more seagulls?

    Count me in.
  • I will join, when I have my laptop back.

  • Gender:Male, but female on Tuesdays
    Occupation:What do you think?A doctor?Just kidding, he's a general
    Home plane:Torrelia
    Skills:Biochemical warfare, screaming, intimidation, love skills
    Weaknesses:Short, has random outbursts of screaming, randomly flirts with the opposite gender at any time

    On Torrelia, goblins are made when a child is born with too many germs on them. Durm was made with the newest germ, kovyd, and became a general of other goblins. Sieging other cities was fun, but he wanted MORE!So he learned how to harness his germ powers, and became king, general, and head shaman of Maka Maka, a kingdom of Torrelia
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    Saine is a sixteen year old agent from Ravnica, she belonged to the Orzhov for a while, but then was kicked out because of some trouble and started considering joining the Dimir. She posseses a strange kind of magic in the form of her daggers, that can allow her to turn into the people she killed. She stole them from an Orzhov ghost that was experimenting with this kind of magic.
    She is quite a skilled thief and occasionally an assasin. Her weakness though is strenght and following orders. She just wants to do things on her own and by her own ways. She is really stubborn and sometimes too self-consious.
  • @LordTachanka123

    Why is he a female on Tuesdays?
  • Tuesday is Ladies night at the saloon
  • @LordTachanka123 Kovyd? Is it kovyd number 19?
  • @LordTachanka123 I can't see your card.
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    Xan Wandering Swordsman

    By his own account, Xan was the last creation of Corin the Great before another one of Corin's creations went rogue, killing the artificer and destroying most of his work. Now Xan travels his home plane of Keras Ikel.

    Keras Ikel is a world of strange creatures, stranger magic, and champions on both sides of the moral spectrum. Xan aligns himself with the Court of Stars, a guild where such champions can gather in relative peace.

    Xan's strengths lie in his skill with blades, his artificial nature, and his desire to better himself. However, he's also relentless in the pursuit of his goals, and can be over-proud of his own abilities.
  • Can I give something that was submitted for different challenge that then got dropped?
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  • Ah to heck with it. @Aggroman15, I need to know if I am allowed to edit a card for a challange that fell through to count as my contestant?
  • @DrakeGladis Yeah that's fine
  • OK, so, I still want to do this, but I feel like we don't have enough people with only 5. Is anyone still interested in joining this?

  • An orphan from a big city, the tenders at the orphanage didn't have a lot of time to work with the kids, trying to make sure everything ran smoothly.  Renatin was a prodigy and quite interested in magic, and so got permission to go to the nearest library and study from the old tomes there.  
    These weren't quality books of magic to learn from, but Renatin struggled through them, and eventually began trying to cast simple spells.  The theories spouted by the books however were outdated, and so he eventually ended up making a mess.  When dragged before a court, the entire story came out, and Renatin was offered a pardon if he would work for Queen Sora as one of her many agents in an ongoing war.  Training came with the position too.  
    He accepted the offer, and was known as quite the effective operative.
    Name: Renatin
    Age: 17
    Race: Wolfkin
    Occupation: Royal Agent, Wizard
    Home Plane: Custom.  A relatively small plane, it has many small, warring kingdoms.  Think about the size of Europe, with three main landmasses and about 27 different countries.  Animal kin aren't uncommon, but they are far from the main race either.
    Skills: Evocation, Conjuration, Enchanting, Enhancing, Divination, and pretty much every other form of magic.
    Weaknesses: Is under the legal age to do a lot of things, is untrained in most forms of physical combat (knows: spear, sword, and unarmed), and that which he knows he isn't too great in.  Social interaction.  Can be overconfident...
    Fun fact:  The title of "Sigil of the Future" is a reference to a prophecy that "There would come a being of might, and he will be your Sigil of the Future.  He shall teach you new things, and shall fix the errors of your ancestors."  He was presented with it when he pointed out a couple of flaws in a commonly used theorem by Queen Sora as a bit of a joke and a reminder to be humble, but its starting to look more and more accurate.
  • @DrakeGladis Renatin is awesome! Not only is he Izzet, my favorite color combination, but he has a cool ability and a cooler backstory! I am definitely bookmarking this contest to see how he deals with the gauntlet. If only the Q of Queen Sora in the flavor text brushing the mythic rare symbol didn't trigger me that much  :D
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    I hope it's not to late to join...

    Age: 34

    Race: Read the Card

    Name: Read the Card

    Occupation: General of a lot of Naya army

    Homeplane: Shards of Alara

    Strength: Extremely powerful with soldiers to command.

    Weakness: Not very powerful by himself, will do anything to protect those under his command, under confident in his own abilities, claustrophobia.

    Backstory: Being born to a duke, and his natural physical strength and inspiring speech, Entur had his life cut out for him. By age ten he was training with a master swordsman, and by age fifteen he was commanding soldiers twice his age. At age twenty, Entur took out five bandit camps with just his wit and a group of thirty men. After that, he was given an audience with Marisi. By that time, though, tragedy struck. Marisi wanted Entur on his side, so Marisi had an assassin hired to kill Entur's father, so Entur would serve Marisi. But, Entur discovered Marisi was the one who hired the assassin, after investigating the scene. Even though Entur was a great general, just him and his father's one thousand men could not take on the force of an empire. Entur fled, learning about this contest, and seeing it as a way to avenge his father's death, for if Entur became a Planeswalker, he could easily get past Marisi's guards.
  • @Aggroman15 Is this still happening?
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