Which Sleeves?

In your opinion which type of sleeves are the best? Cause I don’t know which kind to get...


  • Dragonshield matte is my go-to. They're consistent, durable, and pleasurable for my hands.
  • Yeah, my cousins use those...pretty nice.
  • Clear sleeves - I prefer ultra-pro, for the cards
    Decks go in colored sleves or artwork sleeves and then into deck boxes - this will help when you play against other people, in case one of your cards end up in their graveyard, or gets shuffled into their deck on the rematch (think enchantments)
  • And make sure they're Magic Sleeves and not Yu-Gi-Oh Sleeves
  • My top 3 choices are:

    1. Dragon shield. (I prefer the gloss but matte works as well)

    2. Clear Penny Sleeves

    3. Ultra Pro Matte (I have had these split and corners bend on them more than penny sleeves for some reason...)
  • Right.
  • Dragon Shield is also acceptable

  • I’ve had the problem with the Ultra pro sleeves where they tear one the edges. But maybe that’s because of the way I sometimes shuffle.
  • You do the side mash... I shuffle with the 10 pile method after a very gentle side mash
  • @Corwinnn aaahhh... haven’t tried that.
  • if you do the 10 pile, always reset your deck before you move to the next player... after a while you develop land pockets. by reset, I mean pile all the land together and your other cards separate before you start to "shuffle"
  • Dragonshield all the way. I've tried out a lot of different kinds of sleeves, and Dragonshield is by far the highest quality out of all of them. 
  • Ok, I think dragon shield has been top voted!
  • Im fairly certain the professor did a video on the best brands for different styles of sleeves
  • Haven’t seen that.
  • Here is the link to it if you want to see it.
  • I don't sleave my cards, and playmats are an excuse to not wipe tables.
  • @KorandAngels either way you’re probably going to want to wipe the table anyway. So that the bottom of the Playmat doesn’t get dirty.
  • I go dragonshield matte almost every time. Unlike ultra pro or other brands it's harder for dragonshield to break or be pulled apart, and I go with matte constantly because it makes side mash shuffle a bit less awkward. (Also less top half of your deck sliding off.)
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    @Lujikul I remember this one time when I was playing magic, and the top half of my deck just slid off. I restarted the game.

    Your information is very helpful!!
  • @shadow123 that’s happened to me once.  :D
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    If you find Dragonshield too expensive, I like to buy buy BCW black glossy sleeves. The problem with UltraPro is they're too low-end on the spectrum, and break often. The problem with Dragonshield is they're awesome but they're also kinda expensive... I think BCW hits the sweet spot!

    Also, the glossy part's optional, but I much prefer the feel of it over matte.
  • @Alextorrez6 I do think their expensive.
    but I also think it would be worth it.
  • Really depends where you get them. At my lgs, its about $10 for 100. But I have seen convenience stores sell them for $20 
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