A Fresh New Pie(Challenge)

Hello everybody, and welcome to another epi-
No, stop!This isn't youtube! 
All jokes aside, hello everybodhi, and welcome to another po-
No! Stop!
I was going to say post...geez...

Anyways, what I was trying to say, welcome to a new post. I had the idea a while ago, when I asked you to help bake a color pie. Now that that discussion is dead as a doorknob, I decided to take it and turn it into something. What you may be asking?
Well, you probably aren't, but here goes anyways.
My goal was to make a color pie, for anyone to use, that is in similar fashion to our existing one. I am not asking you guys to make the colors themselves, but you should feel free to make cards of the colors that you think represent them well. I will make up the philosophies. You guys can make them tick in game. Now, yes, some of these colors are based off of my old color pie, but that's okay in my opinion!
Anyways, I'll start by posting each color in a comment.

Edit:Welp, now this is a challenge. I'll judge every week, as long as we get 3 participants.
1st:5 faves or follow
2nd:3 faves or follow
3rd:1 fave

Side note:This is in a whole new universe, where the current color pie doesn't exist. But, feel free to do things like "[color]+red!". What I'm saying is, some things in here probably wouldn't exist in real magic.


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    I am yellow, and I will do anything that it takes to survive. At best, I am opportunistic, and will not let the moment pass. At worst, I am cruel and competitive, with no sense of moral. 
    You see, out in the desert we must do what it takes to survive. I am not antisocial, as we work together to survive, but they are my group, my people, and my friends. If there was one last piece of food in the world, I would not give it to a stranger. It is mine, and I will survive.

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    Enemies:Yellow, brown

    I am purple, and I will live life how I want to. At best, I am creative and carefree. At worst, I am frivolous and ignorant.
    You see, in the savanna everything is given to us. We can talk to our neighbors, and have time to play. I am not idiotic, as we have to learn lots, but, these are such things like poetry and philosophy. If I could go my entire life without having to use my wits, I would gladly. I will live life, and I will enjoy it.
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    I am pink, and I will make myself whatever I need to be. At best, I am imaginative and prophetic. At worst, I am disconnected and lazy.
    You see, in the caves we can make our voice heard. We can become bigger, just from the echoes. We do have to start out in a physical essence, but then it takes its own form, echoing away. If I could be the king of the world, I would take it without a second thought. I will become better, and I will imagine my way there.
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    @LordTachanka123 ;

    Hold on a second.

    - 'Yellow' sounds like black because thay would exactly Liliana do (a selfish but still somewhat moralistic person).
    - 'Purple' sounds like a blue-red oriented person, such as anyone from Izzet league, really.
    - 'Pink'. You just described a white-blue-black oriented person. It is just how a true esperite should be: To make yourself better using your knowledge and imagination (a.k.a. to be a magical immortal cyborg).

    Verdict: *Sighing out loud* ok whatever. I'm just pointing out stuffs anyway.
  • as far as I know, deserts are usually White/black lands or cards, possibly with a bit of green, while savannas... I see them mostly as white basic lands.
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    I could see this one coming.

    Yellow sounds like Liliana more than black, but the big difference is that black is the "Me!" color, while yellow can be in groups or alone. Also, yellow is not selfish, just will do what it takes to survive.
    Purple is very Izzety, but have you ever heard an Izzet poem?Or some quote such as "To be, or not to be"?Purple is more carefree and creative, whilst Izzet cares abouts science and the likes. Purple does things that aren't scientific in the slightest.
    Well, here's the thing, my goal was to have pink do something, and then "echo" those results. Pink doesn't actually care for knowledge. It's can use it, but knowledge doesn't really enter the equation. Pink also doesn't care for the group much, or the self.

    I actually believe deserts are colorless, but thats why I put the side note. I think that savannas could have been white, but plains are more of white than anything.
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    @LordTachanka123 Good luck forcing people to remember those things then. People know Magic and their color foundations because it has been there since 1993 (27 years), in addition with multiple amounts of blogs, novels, and wikipedia that immensely enhance the players' knowledge about Magic's color pie and what they are actually about today.
  • Yes, and that is something I know will be hard to do. But, you gotta remember, 27 years ago, in 1993, the same issues happening then will be what happens now. This is an evolving color pie, and so it will be immensely hard to get each color in peoples heads.
    Anyways, I will keep trying.

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    Enemies:Pink, purple

    I am brown, and I will do what is possible to do. I am realistic and constructive at best, and pessimistic and defiant.
    You see, in the jungles we know that every moment very well might be our last. We have to be real, and stay in the moment. We do enjoy the good moments in life, but always knowing it might be our last. If I could rule these lands, I would make sure to root out the weak, for our survival.I will be realistic, and I will make others understand.
  • Orange
    Enemies:Pink, Yellow

    Orange is the color that cares for stability, and persistence. It will go through any trials, endure any suffering, and eat any cake.
    Sorry, it late and i not think corrctly
  • Challenge:Make a card with at least one of these colors
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  • I like this, but frankly it's hard to come up with ideas for. Terribly sorry.
  • I agree @KorandAngels. It took me forever to make a purple card, and that was only inspired by something.
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    Here's an attempt. I had the thought of using the idea of the Feywild and Shadowfell from Dungeons and Dragons for inspiration. For example:
    Everything in the Feywild, compared to the normal world, is pushed to its extreme. Vibrant colors, lush wild growth, plentyiful gemtones the size of mountains, etc.
    While everything in the Shadowfell is muted and dull, if not completely reversed.

    Edit: Here's the Dark version-

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